Toyota Avalon and Mazda 5

dukesofhdukesofh Member Posts: 1
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we are currently looking to buy 2 cars:
Toyota Avalon 2001 with 138k miles
mazda 5 Grand Touring with 108k miles

We were wondering if you might tell us three things:
are they reliable?
is a warranty worth it at 700 for 2 years?
what price should we look to pay?


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    You can appraise them at this link.

    The trick with older cars seems to be how they were maintained, so if you can see the maintenance records, that would be a plus. And it's cheap insurance to get a pre-purchase inspection done.

    An extended warranty may or may not pay off - there's probably a lot of exclusions and deductibles that may not make one worthwhile.
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