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GMC Sierra Underbody and hem flange rust

patrec906patrec906 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in GMC
Has anyone else experienced major rust issues with there truck.  I bought my truck brand new off the lot in 2010 at the dealership. I had noticed rust on the frame of every truck were the frame coating had peeled off.  So, I guess it shouldnt suprise me that I have so much rust now.  My truck was treated with a rust prevention and under coating.  My passage side door, tailgate, frame, underbody including behind the tail lights are rusted bad. Not just surface rust, but deeply embedded rust in areas were the hem flanges are ballooned out with rust.  The truck is out of warranty now like it matters much, because I have gotten the run around at the dealership about there being no holes in the sheet metal.  If anyone has experienced this major rusting, what have you done about it?
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