New Tires for 2014 XLE AWD Sienna

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I am looking to replace all four tires on my Sienna after ~ 40k miles. Any recommendations for good all year round tires?

Thank You!


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    I just got a set of new tires last month for my Grand Caravan. Two or three posters recommended the Continental TrueContacts. I never seem to get the same brand twice in a row and went with Conti's this time. Too soon to tell too much - they seem a bit quieter than the Michelins were (but they were worn) and I actually got to do some Interstate driving on them today in the rain with three passengers and a load in the back, and they feel solid.

    All that new tread has zapped my highway miles by 3 mpg. :)

    When I was in Michigan I ran Nokian WR-G3s on my last van and they worked well, especially in the wet. They are a bit spendy and can be hard to find though.

    Check TireRack or Discount Tire online for lots of reviews (I like to find the ones where the owners have a year of driving on them).
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    But if he goes that way, he has to be comfortable without a spare (or one in the cargo area) because the AWD Sienna is built around no flat tires as I understand it?
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    Good point. Same recommendation about checking the online tire reviews though.
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    Agree with above recommendations for online research first! The OEM run-flats are horrible. we had a 2011, now a 2015 AWD Ltd; as soon as the OEM tires were worn out, we got regular tires. The Pirelli Scorpion Verdes (for the 2011) were okay; I felt the Michelin Latitude Tour (put on the 2015) were slightly better.
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