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2009 Hyundai Tiburon



  • ednardesednardes Posts: 5
    Hyundai sure has the looks down, but they just don't seem to get the fact that they could have their "Z-car/iconic sports car" just by giving the rear wheels power and 40 more hp... I admit the 05+ do look stunning... to a zenith that makes any more cosmetic tweaks useless without added powertrain substance.

    The crossover Talus concept just signs Hyundais disintreast in their sports coupe, by letting the designers have abit of fun that could never-ever come to fruition.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630

    Looks like an old Mitsu Eclipse to my untrained eye.....gag.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    I think it looks the same to me. Hard to tell really what it looks like from the photos. No fins -- why no gills.
  • we won't see the all new faster stronger version until 2008 or 2009
  • aneeshaneesh Posts: 43
    Are u sure those for next generation, cos it just luks like the current one.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    I never said anything about next generation...actually I didn't say anything other than posting a few shots :)

    To answer your question, yes, this is the upcoming a facelift...or, a mule for the next gen , you will find out soon which :)
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    Well a nice tweak for the current rendition may be in the transmissions, to gain a couple to three MPG. The 3.3 engine would be good too. One or both, as long as it improves gas mileage for the GT. Overall, it is a pretty good package as is. There simply is no other car like it. Gone is the Celica, the Prelude, and many dealerships of Mitsubishi, so I would not jump in on an Eclipse. That said the Eclipse is kinda interesting looking, though it seems to look like it is gaining weight. I guess I have too with age. I think all the older models looked trimmer. Even the new Mustang is bigger. I test drove one and was not too impressed. Don't need the speedometer off my old '65 Mustang anyway ( what's up with that? ) The '60s where good times, as were some of the '70's but that was then and this is now. If I want true retro and nice '68 or '69 Stang or a Camaro or Malibu SS would do the trick.

    I liked my Miata, but sold it last year. They are a wee bit too small. Will consider the Tib, or even a Sonata V6. Maybe they will make a coupe version some day? Wonder if we do see the larger sports car from Hyundai in 2007? Some list it as a possible for 2007 model year, as in coming out this year. I doubt that.
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Nice observations there. Eventually the 3.3L and/or 3.8L V6s would be dropped into the car, the question is when (most likely debuting with the next-gen). Imagine, even with the lower 3.3L V6, it would be a nice power upgrade; given the weight of the Tibby, 240+ hp easy!!
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    The GTB , no not the MG GTB, the......
    Gran Tiburón Blanco, or GTB ? The Great White Shark.
    One mean fish there!
  • wylldsharkwylldshark Posts: 34
    Wicked name dude, GTB...but on another note, it is official: the 2007 Tiburon will be RWD with a HUGE [non-permissible content removed] engine, about 350HP+. How do I know? I work at a Hyundai dealership and I had to find out, cuz the Tibby is my fave car ever! I'm living a fanboy's dream, being around my fave cars all the time!!! :O D

    But yeah, '07 will be the year of the killer shark, Hyundai's keeping it very hush-hush and under wraps so they can surprise everyone with the new halo car!
  • joe97joe97 Posts: 2,248
    Where are you located? The reason why I ask for your location is because I've been told there would be a facelift first (at least for the US market), and then (the much-touted RWD) next-gen Tibby comes on the market.
  • wylldsharkwylldshark Posts: 34
    Ok, here's the beef...we got back from a Hyundai Ride & Drive event for the new Santa Fe, Accent and Entourage, and I gotta lil more info on the new Tib! The next-gen Tib was supposed to debut in November this year at the Paris Auto Show, but strikes in Korea has delayed that debut until sometime around December. Production begins in January '07,should be in lots by Feb. The presentation said "Redesign and RWD" and HP is def 300, with a bigger 350HP as an option.
  • A next generation Tiburon debuting at any month this year is highly questionable. I for one completely disagree.

    It would be a huge waste of money to redesign both front and back lights, side garnish, offer two different alloy wheel designs, revised exhaust, front and back bumpers. The debut would be much too early and would cause customers to wait and not purchase the just refreshed Tiburon.

    I think it will still be a while before Hyundai will create a worthy RWD Tiburon. And for the above post, the 2007 is only a facelift. The 2006 is a carryover and the current spy pics would suggest that the 2008 will be the soonest a new generation Tiburon will arrive.
  • wylldsharkwylldshark Posts: 34
    More info.... the new Tib coming out next year will also be the basis for a sport sedan along the same vein of the Talus concept earlier this year. That car should be out by '08, '09 at the latest and will be in competition with the Bimmer 760. There aren't any spy pics of the new Tib available anywhere yet, and the vehicle has been in development since the HCD8 concept debuted in '05. The Tiburon is 10 years old, it's time to unveil a real killer shark! It's late, and I have work Hyundai! Goodnite.
  • diemusikdiemusik Posts: 12
    The photos are from a autoshow in China. I forgot the name. :confuse:



  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Nice photos of the mild facelift for the '07 model.

    I think that if THIS is supposed to be the 300+ hp RWD performance coupe long rumored, the crowds would be more than zero deep......
  • wylldsharkwylldshark Posts: 34
    Diemusik, thank you for those pics man! THIS IS the "NEW" TIB. YES it is 300HP RWD. Pretty slick isn't it? We are also awaiting a 4dr sedan with 330HP, it's slated for next year, also based off this styling as I previously noted. Man I get giddy thinking about coming off the line in this baby!
  • diemusikdiemusik Posts: 12
    I guess all of you are not sure and still debating whether the car in the pics is the new TB. The pics, I got them off from a Korean newspaper, said 2007 "Tuscani (Korean nanem for TB) F/L". So, chances are that this is just a facelift for not the "NEW" TIB. :blush: Check it out. It's in Korean, but you can't miss "F/L2". Ciao~ :) - - -

  • diemusikdiemusik Posts: 12
    Some interesting pics of customized TBs. Maybe not for the purists~ :blush:

  • As I've said before this is Tiburon is NOT anywhere near 300 hp or even 200 hp for the matter. It is only facelifted. The auto show itself even tells us of the transmissions available, 2.0L four or 2.7 six.

    Select "International"

    The first news line you will see will be on the left, with Tiburon revealed at the Guangzhou Motor show.

    It doesn't matter if you work at Hyundai, unless you are in charge of development or global marketing you don't have ANYTHING to share with anyone besides common knowledge. Thank you.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "Diemusik, thank you for those pics man! THIS IS the "NEW" TIB. YES it is 300HP RWD."


    No no no no NO! Those are pictures of the MILDLY facelifted '07 Tiburon. With UNCHANGED running gear.
  • diemusikdiemusik Posts: 12
    No no no no NO! Those are pictures of the MILDLY facelifted '07 Tiburon. With UNCHANGED running gear.

    Yes, yes, yes, and YES.
  • metalgatemetalgate Posts: 5
    This is a facelift. That is it. The 07 is designed to buy time for development of the next gen Tib. Whoever told you this Tib is RWD, has 300 hp is full of it. If you truly believe them you too, are crazy.
  • flatibbyflatibby Posts: 28
    I can tell you from the vantage point... the car's rear tire are too narrow to support a 300 hp engine. Most of the car's body itself are pretty much a carry over which means the chassis remain unchanged. If there was a significant boost in the vehicle's engine component, all sort of transmission, chassis, and suspension must change. Plus increase in body torsion and rigidity (which always requires a redesign exterior body overall)are needed in order handle such component.

    I did read from somewhere, this model will be dropped sometime mid-2008 whereas Hyundai will be introducing a more powerful Coupe for the 2009 model year... "Poor man's Bimmer". Now if Hyundai were to come close to the fit and finish of a BMW, then I'll be in line waiting for one.
  • mike_belknapmike_belknap Posts: 378
    This is a mildly facelifted 2007 Hyundai Coupe (Tiburon/Tuscani). It is FWD and there were no major alterations to the powertrain or interior.

    It's basically just a "Band-Aid" of sorts, meant to freshen the car slightly while they work on either a redesign (FWD; sold alongside the RWD halo car) or a "replacement" (RWD halo car) -- something they're in the midst of deciding right now. "The time is right for us to do a halo car," remarked John Krafcik, Hyundai Motor America vice president for product development and strategic planning, in a recent interview. "This will validate the engineering proficiency of Hyundai," he said. "It's a sure sign we've arrived." He added that whatever they end up deciding, "We could do a convertible based on either."

    As flatibby stated above, we likely will not see the fruits of such decision until the 2009 model year.

  • I'm pretty excited about the new Tibi, I just hope the power isn't as disappointing as the the previous generations. Any word on the FX trim with supercharger?

    Also, check out the photo comparison of the current generation and new Tiburon I did on my site. Here is the link:

    Old vs new Tiburon Comparison
  • image
    Hyundai’s coupe gets a facelift, upgraded interiors, and sportier pretensions.
    BY BARRY WINFIELD, November 2006

    Most mid-life model face-lifts are just that; exterior styling detail changes with maybe some extra equipment thrown in for good measure. It's a strategy that helps move the product in the latter half of its shelf life, and all of the above applies to Hyundai's 2007 Tiburon. The company has changed the looks of the car's front end from a kind of mini-Ferrari 456 to a Porsche-like appearance, and added styling flourishes including a side crease and accent strake, a rear under-bumper valence resembling a racing diffuser, a fairly prominent rear wing on SE models, and new split-spoke alloy wheels.

    The updates are more than skin-deep.
    All 2007 Tiburons have upgraded interiors too, with blue backlit instrumentation and revised analog gauges. But more important than the updated appearance is the fact that some serious engineering work was done on the chassis, particularly to the flagship SE model. The SE's spring rates were increased (by 13-percent in front, and 10-percent at the rear) for a firmer ride, along with larger anti-roll bar diameters for better roll control, and shocks that were re-valved for firmer compression and rebound performance.

    While all 2007 models come with standard ABS and four-wheel discs, the SE model also features stability control and a beefed-up braking package with 12-inch cross-drilled front rotors acted on by red-painted aluminum calipers

    Same powertrain options remain.
    Two engines power the Tiburon range. There's a 138-horsepower 2.0-liter inline four for base GS models, and a 2.7-liter, 172-horsepower V-6 in the GT, SE and GT Limited. All are comprehensively equipped with the usual power gadgets, air-conditioning and stereo systems, not to mention a full complement of airbags and standard tire-pressure-monitoring systems. Equipment levels are, after all, where the Korean manufacturer enjoys an advantage over its Japanese rivals

    All models except the SE have a choice of four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmissions, while the SE is equipped with a six-speed ZF gearbox to further accentuate its sporting pretensions. It's a nice touch, but we have to observe that there are some inherent contradictions in the car's persona. With a 2.7-liter V-6 tuned for mid-range torque, a six-speed transmission with closer-gapped ratios seems somewhat unnecessary, particularly since the SE's engine gets distinctly soft at the top end of its range. Okay, you can use the plentiful supply of cogs to keep the engine in the meaty part of its torque curve, but it just isn't a high-strung powertrain, and you soon revert to a lazier, short-shifting driving style.

    Push too hard and you'll end up in understeer city.
    Being a front driver, the SE doesn't want lots of full-throttle exercise anyway. That just amplifies the small amount of torque steer and pollutes the fairly benign steering. The chassis upgrades have certainly pulled the Tiburon SE together, losing much of the non-integrated, somewhat nebulous control sense of earlier models, but it still isn't exactly electrifying to drivers wanting a responsive dance partner. The SE carves canyons accurately enough even for fast drivers, but it needs to be leaned on hard before becoming really communicative. By then you're into quite a lot of understeer anyway. So the SE isn't a high-intensity experience. So what? Who gets the opportunity to drive like that much in this grid-locked world anyway?

    The Tiburon SE should start in the low- to mid-$20,000 range, and as a real-world, moderately high-performance, 137-mph coupe, it has the presence, the equipment levels and the price/value relationship to attract a realistic following. Still, we can't help feeling that the four-cylinder GS is the real deal here, out the door at about $17,000, or $1,500 cheaper than a comparably equipped Scion tC. Whatever you think of the new-look models, Hyundai clearly put a lot of effort into this midlife makeover. Enough-we think-to warrant a closer look.
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