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Air suspension

linc1fllinc1fl Member Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in Lincoln
Hi, I am new to this forum even though I have owned a few Lincolns over the years, both Continentals and Town cars. I purchased this car on a gamble. The lady that owned it moved next door to me and had it bought over on a roll back. Said the suspension went bad a couple of years ago and she and her x were having problems so she parked it . After that he tried to sabotage the car. When she got it back the headlights were out and in the trunk, battery bad and no key so you couldn't even try to start it. Had a key made and put a battery in and it runs great. The air ride does have a problem, he had put the wrong compressor in, it has 3 lines instead of one but it does work. He must have just been putting parts on hoping to make it work. After getting the car I found the relay was bad. Put one on and the car came right up, then overnight it went down. Due to health I can't get around so I had my mechanic go over all the lines and he can't find a leak anywhere. Yesterday I drove it 4 times, each time with in 45 minutes of cutting it off it had lost all air. Last night picked a friend up out of town and today at 3pm it had not lost any air. Went up the street at 4 pm and it has not lost any air this time either after 2 hours. I am thinking I don't have a leak but an electrical problem . If it was a leak it should go down every time but then again an electrical problem shouldn't show up with the ignition off. Does anyone on her have any ideas they could help me with. Thanks, Jerry
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