Swapped engine now yukon won't start

all5baltsall5balts Member Posts: 1
edited September 2016 in GMC
We swapped the engine of our 2004 yukon and when we turn the key to start the vehicle, the radio comes on, lights on dash light up, headlights work, blinkers and wipers work, but the car won't start. It is like it's totally dead. We've tried jump starting it and have also tried the security reset and it's still the same thing.

A few other things since the swap:

While doing the security reset, the security light on the dash would come on, and the fuel gauge would go down, the light would go off and the gas gauge would go back up,

The blinker on the driver's side mirror blinks faintly for some reason.

The back wiper turns on even though the knob is in the off position.

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. This has begun to cost a small fortune.

Thank you for your time.
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