Prius 2 Eco Buying Price

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Hello, I just did a deal today which is the last day of the month 9/30/16. I feel I did pretty good but would like to see what you Pros think. Maybe I will find out I was had like the last time I went car shopping. Here are the details.

2016 Prius 2 Eco
Blizzard Pearl + $395
Carpet floor matts- $225

State- PA
APR- 0%
Months- 72
$0 down
$330 per month

MSRP- $26,155

Cash delivered price of vehicle - $22689.61
incentives - $500
Balance due - $22189.61
Sales Tax - $1331.38
Pa tire tax - $5
Doc fee - $135
Online title fee - $15.15
Title,Trans, Encumberence fee - $84
Total cash due - $23760.14

Deferred payment price $24260 - Not sure what this is?

I did have a 2014 camry lease that did have 2 payments left at $228 each that they ended up paying those for me to get me out of the lease early but they did not buy the camry because it was not above the residual.

Let me know how I did.



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    NEPA? Is that like Scranton? I just finally got used to NOVA. :)

    Invoice with destination is $24,545, MSRP is $26,155 and the True Market Value average price paid for 18505 is $24,786.

    So $22,189 is $2,356 below invoice. Pretty good with the "free" money.

    If you had forgone the 0%, there's a $2,000 cash incentive that would have put TMV down to $22,786 so maybe a cash price would be doable for $20,189. Hard to say, since dealers make money putting financing together.

    That 0% is good for out to 5 years. Pretty amazing.

    Congrats! Perfect color too.
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    Yes Scranton is in northeast Pa. Thank you for the insite! My wife did most of the wheeling and dealing haha
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