fan motor blower not working at all ideas

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I have a 99 e.b. expedition 5.4l triton 4wd with Automatic Climate control (which I love). I have lost all air movement in the front suddenly, heat and a/c. It would turn on and off intermittently when I would hit a bump for a few weeks, then stopped completely. I do have air movement with the back controls. I also do have cool air trying to go through vents, just not being pushed by fan.

-I have replaced the blower motor.. it tests good when attached to battery.

-I have tried to check all relevant fuses, swapped the 40a with another under the hood. replaced regular fuses related to it.

-I do have power coming through the line that plugs into the motor... it goes from i believe 8v to 12v when adjusting the fan from low to high.

-I am losing my mind trying to make sure me and my 4 kids have heat this winter!

Thanks for any ideas and help possible. I did order the repair manual because I'm at such a loss ..

Does anyone know which relay it is? Thats my only idea left...
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