Is Good Deal For 17 Armada Platinum

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MSRP $61,875
Invoice $57,913
Sale Price $56,913 plus tax and tags.


Sale Price $56,913
Tax (7%) $3,983.91
Tags/Fees $658

Total out the Door $61,554,91 Dont know why tags is so high ..


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    TMV for a random zip code is running about $400 below MSRP and $3,300 above invoice.

    So $1,000 below invoice looks good.

    I guess the high fees are where the dealer is making their profit; wouldn't hurt to ask what makes up that $658.
  • carguy213carguy213 Member Posts: 44
    I will ask not sure if I can do better than $1000 below invoice or wait few months as this is brand new car only out month..
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    You have a couple of things working in your favor - one, the pool of buyers with that much earning power to afford this model is relatively small and two, car sales across the board are easing.

    Please keep us posted.
  • carguy213carguy213 Member Posts: 44
    Is it worth getting extended warranty fpr this . i was quoted $2171 plus tax for 7year/100,000 offered by warranty group ..
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Lots of different opinions - I don't think they are worth it. You have a 3/36 basic warranty and a 5/60 drivetrain warranty. So you're paying a lot of money for 2 years of coverage on the engine/transmission and 4 years for those expensive electronics.

    Seems better just to earmark those funds for repairs and hope you don't need them. If you have reliability issues as you drive the car, you can decide then whether to extend the warranty.

    This is an older post but I think the points are still valid. And if you do decide to get one, negotiate the price on that too.
  • carguy213carguy213 Member Posts: 44
    Also looking at Yukon in addition to Armada . Any suggestions what makes them better at what they do .
    Looking for comfortable , safe and comfortable third row family vehicle ..
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