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Is This Good Deal

carguy213carguy213 Member Posts: 44
edited October 2016 in GMC
I was offered $46,571 for Acadia Limited with these packages
tech package, open package , dual sunroof 8 passenger seating . MSRP is 48570 so it comes out to discount of 1998 .

Is this a good deal this price is Costco Pricing ..


  • cliftnccliftnc Member Posts: 21
    You can do better I think. If you look hard you can find the same with special rebates around 3 to 4k. Plus you shouldn't be paying over invoice regardless. However that's just my two centa
  • carguy213carguy213 Member Posts: 44
    How much is the invoice for this model. I cannot seem to build one with the options I want ..
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited October 2016
    Invoice (with destination) for the AWD Limited is $42,583.

    I'm having trouble with your option packs. Loading one up here, I can get the MSRP up to $48,730 (invoice on that build is $46,181).

    There's currently a $500 incentive bringing the TMV down to $46,250, so pretty close to invoice. Now you just have to figure out what invoice is with your options. :'(
  • cliftnccliftnc Member Posts: 21
    This model comes pretty much standard with the stuff you listed except for dual sunroof, which is $1400. I can't find a tech package, but that's a package that was available on the 2016 Acadia SLT. Think of the 2017 Acadia Limited as an optioned out Acadia SLT-2. Standard this car should have:
    Heated seats, steering wheel, power fold mirrors, heated mirrors, lane assist, front collision alert, blind spot monitoring, navigation, SiriusXM, rear radio controls, leather.

    The only options are:
    trailer package, sunroof, DVD entertainment, cooled seats. 8-passenger seating is a no-cost option.

    Where are you located?

    You can build one here and it'll show you the MSRP, TrueMarket and the Invoice price. Another thing is, don;t be afraid to look on Autotrader within a 300 mile radius. It's worth a couple of hours to save a few thousand dollars. We just picked ours up this weekend for a few bucks over invoice plus $3k incentive. Not everyone will get this, but certainly you can get a better deal shopping around.
  • carguy213carguy213 Member Posts: 44
    I am in PA , dealer called me today and offered me $3k rebate on Acadia limited with price of $46,571 with (Heated seats, steering wheel, power fold mirrors, heated mirrors, lane assist, front collision alert, blind spot monitoring, navigation, SiriusXM, rear radio controls, leather , sunroof ) so that makes it a good deal.

    Never had GM product so don't know how is the long term reliability of this . Going to look at Pilot Touring also to see how does it drives ..

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    I was thinking you were shopping in NJ, @carguy213 (or NY?). PA prices seem to be doing better.
  • cliftnccliftnc Member Posts: 21
    3k rebate on top of the $46571? I would take that deal. Just make sure to stay away from the back office antics. Also ask for the $500 offer. I like the pilot in theory and it should be a solid vehicle. If you're not yet sold, the redesigned Mazda CX9 is also a solid vehicle for a great price. The interior on the top trim has super premium leather, real wood and aluminum trim
  • carguy213carguy213 Member Posts: 44
    edited October 2016
    Thats what they said . I am going to test drive pilot , explorer and then decide. Drove CX9 I wished it had V6.. Bascially it looks like there are certain VIN where GM allows dealer to take some amount off so in my case in middle of the month he can take of $3000 only on specific colors .
    Its like Yukon deals where thye are offering $8,000 off MSRP but its only on limited cars ..
  • cliftnccliftnc Member Posts: 21
    carguy, that's the deal I got. On the specific VIN
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