Lexus RX 400h Accessories and Modifications

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Talk about RX 400h accessories here!


  • chtimi59chtimi59 Member Posts: 3
    Could anybody tell me what brand of windshield sunshade fits the RX 400h the best ? Thanks in advance.
  • dmbfloridadmbflorida Member Posts: 38
    Where might I buy discounted accessories for the RX 400h such as front and rear floor mats? I prefer carpet not rubber mats.
    I need all contact info and estimated pricing. thanks.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Member Posts: 1,289
    check out

    they sell OEM lexus accessories for much lower prices than the dealer.

    Also check out
  • anabatanabat Member Posts: 3
  • anabatanabat Member Posts: 3
    Dealer tells me that the car is out of the factory and on the dock or on the boat.

    I have the temp. VIN and would like to track it if possible.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Neil
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    The only way you can track your vehicle is thru your dealer. That means you basically gotta believe what they tell you.
  • maxamigomaxamigo Member Posts: 72
    Lookng at rubber mats at autopart stores, I said the same thing until I ventured to buy Lexus rubber mats. They are made of far softer plastic. I am very pleased with them (on my 330).

    Stilll waiting for my 400h delivery. Dealer told me it's at the port... for over a week now.
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    I installed the Waag rear bumper guard on my 400h, and it fits, if you cut a slot in a plastic cover on the left underside of the car. The cover is removable, and I think it's function is actually more to fill a void for aerodynamic puposes than to cover anything. I just cut a slot with a hacksaw blade.

    I know that the Waag big brush guard won't fit, but wonder if the smaller frontrunner does. It is a more involved installation, involving the removal of the front facia and bumper. Waag doesn't know if it will fit, anyone heard of a front bumper guard, Waag or any other, that fits?
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    Anyone purchase and have the cargo net installed? I'm contemplating getting it. I loved it in my old RX and the little bins don't always fit my needs. With the extra carpet in the back they are awkward to leave open.
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    You are lucky if you get a tracking number! I have been on a waiting list at my Lexus dealer since March 2004. We started out on a list at number 26 and now have moved up to number 6. The dealer thinks it my be sometime in August before we see the car we ordered so long ago. I find it very disappointing to hear about dealers having cars just waiting for someone to come in a buy without having to wait. It's funny that there are so many extra cars to be sold in other states and you can't find or even see one in California!!!! :mad:
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    Does anyone know what blue tooth cell phones work best with the Lexus 400h? I know the web site Lexus recommends has only one service provider listed and if you know what phone works best it could help with my decision on picking the service provider. :confuse:
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    Dylan...did Waag tell you that the "big brush guard" won't fit?? My brother wants to put the WAAG center guard on his 400h.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    My brother wants to put the WAAG center guard on his 400h

    Why? Lexus says not to take the 400h off the road.
  • horns1976horns1976 Member Posts: 56
    I called WAAG. The center guard, P/N 12965, will not fit on the 400h. "Too many changes to accomodate the hybrid system" per WAAG.
    No plans to off-road...strictly for looks.
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    We were ecstatic to learn, while we were still on a 400h waiting list, that Lexus had partnered with the XM satellite people. We had been using an XM radio in another car and were expecting to transfer it over or, better still, find that the car came with it already hard-wired. Of course neither was the case. The dealer here in N.O. first said they could install it, then that they couldn't. I called some Lexus 800 number, and the Customer Service person I spoke with had to ask other people in the room whether the radio could be installed in the car. She finally came back with the news that Lexus '"can't" recommend it. I'm not sure whether there's a definitional difference in "can't", as opposed to "doesn't"!

    I thought I remembered some thread way back about this issue - does anybody have any advice? I also maybe remember seeing somewhere that "some" dealers were installing them for people. Needless to say, rabid as we are for the radio, we don't want to do anything to void any part of the warranty.

    Other than that, we're ecstatic with the car...mileage in this hellishly hot climate pretty much as reported elsewhere. Also we haven't seen another one anywhere either, which seems odd, given the manifest swellness of the car.
  • horns1976horns1976 Member Posts: 56
    I have read elsewhere that Cingular bluetooth phones typically work with no problems. Other providers' phones will work in some cases but you may encounter problems with certain functions. That's the short answer.
    Disclaimer: I do not work for any of the cellular providers and am not promoting one over the other. I am simply providing information in an attempt to be helpful.
  • markrogomarkrogo Member Posts: 50
    Bluetooth is a mess in the car. You can't make any calls when moving unless they are 1-touch numbers (18 max). You can't dial out with the phone (at least not with the Moto Razr) because of a "dark period" where both the phone and car are silent and your called party will start saying, "Hello, hello...." until you finally can speak to them.

    You can receive calls very well, however.

    Lexus is looking into the problem.

    As for XM, I'm hoping the Coastaletech people's Prius mod works and allows for on-screen XM use. Otherwise, forget that too.

    The electronics are hugely disappointing on a $50,000 car.
  • queenbqueenb Member Posts: 1
    I bought a Motorola Razr for specifically for use with my new car. It works well as far as the interface goes, but I agree with the comment that bluetooth is a mess in this car! My callers can't hear me well and consistently complain that it sounds like I'm in a barrel. The speakers are voice activated, so you have to wait until you're sure the caller is finished speaking to say anything, or they can't hear you...much like a walkie talkie. Also, you're supposed to be able to pick up the handset and have the call transfer so your passengers can't hear the call, and that doesn't work either. I'm totally frustrated with the whole mess, and have disconnected the feature until I can go back to the dealership and have them make it better, if possible. :mad: :cry: :sick:
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    The electronics are hugely disappointing on a $50,000 car.

    You have a right to be upset. I just bought a new GMC Sierra hybrid PU for $24k and it has both Onstar and XM. The Onstar I could care less about. I did not think I would want XM until having it. WOW, I like it and am hooked. For Lexus not to make that a standard option in a high end vehicle is a big mistake. Much more important than some goofy NAV system. Never been lost driving in 48 years. I hear the NAV is not as good as the one Honda uses anyway.
  • anabatanabat Member Posts: 3
    Has anybody put a simple receiver type trailer hitch on an RX-400h?
    what I want is only to use my bike rack that plugs into the receiver hitch. The sales mgr. at the dealer recommended that I use a 3rd. party hitch as the Lexus towing package is $800.

    Would a non-Lexus hitch bolted onto the car void the warranty?
  • horns1976horns1976 Member Posts: 56
    anabat...I have been looking into this. So far, no luck with aftermarket hitch but I'm not giving up.
    Regarding dealer-installed hitches, I seem to recall reading a post somewhere that a couple of owners have installed RX330 hitches on the 400h. If I recall correctly, one owner did it himself and the other had the dealer do it. As you said, the cost of the Lexus hitch is prohibitive.
    There is a federal law prohibiting an auto manufacturer from voiding your warranty unless they can prove that what you did "damaged" the vehicle. This has been discussed at length on the web.
    When my brother bought his 400h, he asked the dealer about a trailer hitch. The salesman told him to go elsewhere because the Lexus hitch is too expensive...$900.
  • 400h4me400h4me Member Posts: 4
    Disclaimer: I don't work for Cingular also so I can say it Sucks big time! I have two sons that signed up for Cingular and have been sorry ever since. Very poor service in any area but around major shopping centers or freeways. Both sons can't receive service in their houses. They have to go outside and down to the corner to receive any signal. When they come to my house they don't get any service. My Verizon phone has 3 bars! Go figure. So why would I want a phone that works in my car as long as I'm close to a freeway and not in my house? Maybe Verizon has crippled their Blue tooth phones, but at less I get a cell everywhere. I can still use this phone in the car, but just can't export the address book. It's much more important to me to have good cells everywhere than trying to figure out how to make the phone work with my Lexus!! ;)
  • mirexmirex Member Posts: 68
    My salesman threw the cargo net for free. It fits fine and works the same as the one in my RX300. If you want to open the storage bins under the carpet, however, you need to unhook the cargo net before the bins will open.
  • lexrexbluelexrexblue Member Posts: 38
    Thanks. I plan to order one tomorrow.
  • lexi2lexi2 Member Posts: 1
    We have the flint 400h levinsoned, sweet. Has anyone added Jaos skid bars front and rear? Any modifications?

    They are great on our LX470, very solid.
  • oiseauxnooiseauxno Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the advice; I will check into the forum you suggested. We had the external thing mounted in an ML 320 (in fact it's still there) and it worked OK until I accidentally whacked it once, breaking the little piece of plastic that the radio fits into. Since that unhappy moment, it has spent the past 6 months "rubber-banded" together, which is marginal at best, and, shall we say, not terribly stylish. We may try literally wiring it together - but what a pain. Unfortunately, once you get used to XM, you don't want to do without it. I was so looking forward to an integral setup, and it absolutely sounded like that's what Lexus was going to do. You almost wonder if they don't deliberately hold back certain amenities, so they'll have something "new" for each succeeding model year, since that's what the American consumer expects - so silly. Alas.
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    Hitch is the same as for the RX 330. Available on commercial websites (e.g. for about $135, without wiring harness. I'm told you can also order it from the dealer and install it yourself, for $260. Dealer installed mine for $615 including wiring harness (plug-in jack making it easy to plug in trailer lights). Higher cost due to Lexus markup to their dealers. It's a 2" hitch, which works with most bike racks.
  • hawaiiquaylehawaiiquayle Member Posts: 5
    has any looked into installing an aftermarked nav system. I live in hawaii and Lexus will not ship, even if special oreded, a RX with a nay system here. I know Pioneer makes a pretty good systme but not sure on where or how to have it installed. :confuse:
  • gunnergunner Member Posts: 10
    I put an Echard trailer hitch on my Lexus 400H. I cost $325.00 I purchased the electrical wiring harness at lexus for $45.00. Keys Lexus wanted $600.00.
  • gunnergunner Member Posts: 10
    For get it. I was told by Vista Lexus and Keyes Lexus that the radio was a direct feed. That means that you install an XM module and the XM radio stations can be seen on the radios lcd screen. After I purchased my 400H :lemon: I put the screws to the service manager and got the answer that I've stated above. NO NO NO NO. I have a 5 year contract with XM. & no use of it. Great lexus engineering. I've found many other issues that should not be on an expensive auto. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • suzyussuzyus Member Posts: 3
    My (speciality) shop which installs all kinds of electronics, installed an XM unit and note that is was put in to the rooftop (eyeglass) swinging unit so that it is out of sight; a beautiful installation without a hitch of problem and works beautifully.
    They used a smaller radio unit that has all of the bells and whistles but has a smaller handprint for the location chosen.
  • suzyussuzyus Member Posts: 3
    Has anyone successfully used either of the two Verizon bluetooth units successfully in the 400h?
  • hendjazhendjaz Member Posts: 155
    Yes, the Motorola V710 pairs and works fine. I would expect the E815 to work just the same.
  • maxamigomaxamigo Member Posts: 72
    I used an outside system Garmin 2610, about $500-$600 but it is far better than the Lexus installed system with far more detail and higher definition screen. It has an included mount-bag with sits very well on the dash, stable.
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    How does the Garmin compare to the Alpine used by Honda?
  • maxamigomaxamigo Member Posts: 72
    I have never used Alpine, but I did look into that brand about 1yr ago. Over all, Garmin gave me the best value (low price vs. feature) compared to all OEM systems (over $2,000 at the time). Secondly, OEM system fits nicely into cars,nicer form, has larger screen but the worst detail and features. Thirdly, I like to portability of the Garmin (move it to another car easily).

    The Garmin 2610 accepts a compact flash card which you can use the included program on your computer (a very nice mapping program) to download necessary maps. I have a 1gig CF card which holds the eastern half of the USA and Canada. it has a smaller screen but significantly higher definition. There is a remote control with it, which turned out very handy.

    The navigation system on my 400h is a far inferior system compared to the $600 Garmin, functionality wise. The only thing the 400h Nav has over the Garmin, is the ability to display your movement even when you're in a tunnel (no GPS satellite signals). And there isn't that many tunnels in Florida... LOL, or in most cities for that matter. Otherwise, the 400h Nav is far less flexible, less informative, less features, and most important: far more costly to update ($500 vs $150) with new maps. With new housing boom, new map updates can be quite important.

    After using the Garmin for almost a year, i feel the 400h Nav is so "handicapped", lethargic for a luxury car and luxury pricing. When travelling in unfamiliar territories, I'd take the Garmin with me.

    But then, I've been known to be a GPS geek...
  • gagricegagrice Pahrump, NevadaMember Posts: 31,450
    Thank you the Garmin does sound like the way to go.
  • wantsrx400hwantsrx400h Member Posts: 7
    Does anyone have a recommendation for seat covers for the RX 400? They need to be sturdy for a dog.

    Incidentally, my Nokia 6620 and my husband's Treo 650, both through Cingular, work beautifully with the Bluetooth in the car. We couldn't be happier with the car in general and the phone feature in particular.
  • katzjamrkatzjamr Member Posts: 146
    I also have a dog who is used to going everywhere with me, at work and at home. He traveled freely in my old explorer, and in my other delivery vans. With the leather seats in the 400h he has been staying behind or traveling in a kennel that hes not crazy about. He is a 40lb springer spaniel. I had a lady who sews slipcovers make removable, washable seat covers out of bed sheet material so the dog can travel on the seats and i can wash the covers easily.
  • oiseauxnooiseauxno Member Posts: 4
    I indeed managed to get exactly the same thing done at the dealership in Shreveport, LA; they acted as if nothing could be more routine, whereas the dealership in New Orleans wouldn't touch it. The system is so cleverly installed and unobtrusive you'd almost think it was from the factory. Thanks!
  • eabueabu Member Posts: 2
    What is the current navigation DVD version? I have version 4.2 and we bought our car in August 2005. We live in an area with new developments and the dvd info is almost useless here.
  • nighnigh Member Posts: 16
    I have a Verizon V710. I cannot download my contacts to the 400h. Were you able to do that and how did you do it?
  • hendjazhendjaz Member Posts: 155
    I actually haven't tried to since my wife is the primary driver. I doubt that it will though as it can't be done on my 05 Acura RL which otherwise is paired to the v710. With the Acura I had to manually input the names/numbers I most frequently call and I suspect the same will be the case with the Lexus. Data transfers via bluetooth on the VZW phones are intentionally limited by VZW I believe.
  • navguy1navguy1 Member Posts: 181
    I can't argue with the portability but the navigation system included with the 400h is clearly superior to the Garmin navigation device.

    One the key benefits of the navigation system is the large touch screen. The 6.5" touch screen is easy to see and easy to use in comparison to the 3" display provided by the Garmin. The display on the Garmin is a bit small to safely drive your vehicle and interpret the information provided.

    Another great safety feature is the included hands-free system. You can pair a Bluetooth cellphone to the vehicle to make and accept telephone calls hands free. Via the navigation system you can make and receive telephone calls even if your cell phone is buried in your gym bag, purse or pocket. The Garmin doesn't incorporate Bluetooth :-(.

    Their is a tremendous difference in the database included with the Lexus RX 400h. Not only can you route to several million POIs via the category or the name search, you can route to a destination with a business telephone number too! Garmin doesn't come close in that aspect - the DVD in the 400h holds 4.7Gigs or 4 times as much data in comparison to the Garmin. Oh... the DVD updates only cost $249.99 from your local dealership.... it tad bit more expensive but far superior in the terms of detail and coverage.

    The integrated navigation system also mutes the stereo when it provides turn-by-turn directions. When driving the system automatically mutes the front left speaker so that you can clearly hear the voice prompts. If you use a portable system you must manually turn the volume down on the stereo so that you can hear the guidance from the Garmin.... by that time the voice prompts have ended.

    Another important feature missing from the Garmin is the vehicle signal inputs. If you loose GPS signal from the Garmin you are dead in the water; it will not know if you are moving or sitting still. Whether the signal is blocked by a tunnel, trees. parking structure or tall buildings (ie - urban jungle) the Lexus factory navigation system still knows where you are! The Lexus system utilizes three other sensors, in addition to GPS, to determine the position of the vehicle - 4 total. The system verifies the speed, which way you are turning and map positioning to verify your location! The technology is so advanced it could be used by airplane pilots to navigate to any destination in the US.

    Lastly, the factory navigation system is covered under your standard insurance policy where as portable navigation devices are not. In the past radar detectors used to be the hot item to steal.... now thieves have portable navigation units to pilferage. If you must file a claim it will be a huge financial loss since the window, the portable navigation unit and your time are all lost. The factory systems are much less likely to be stolen since they arn't easily removed.

    There is no argument that the Garmin is an inexpensive navigation device that offers less features and is simply a cheaper device. However, the integrated navigation system in the 400h is far more advanced and user friendly in comparison to any portable navigation system available. In essence, you get what you pay for! ;)
  • ltcproltcpro Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me if this phone is compatible with the 400H and how to install it.
  • maxamigomaxamigo Member Posts: 72
    When a system meets your need and you are willing to pay more for it, then there is no worthwhile argument against it. The thing is that everyone's need is likely to differ than another.

    The larger touch screen is great for the Lexus, but my complaint is that it does not display enough details for me. You'd have to go to a scale of "700ft" or lower to see smaller streets detail, otherwise you'd just see the main street. To some people, that's fine. The existence of smaller roads, if displayed in larger scale, tells me whether a general neighbor/area is well populated or not, with just a glance. This helps when I visit new areas. However, the smaller Garmin screen is tough on older eyes.

    One Garmin feature that is useful to me is that it displays the name of the NEXT cross street prior to getting there, so I know what street is coming up with just a glance. This is useful when the area is unfamiliar. Lexus system only displays the name of the road you are on, which is redundant when you are already on it and already know its name, whereas the cross street name is sometimes displayed and sometimes not.

    The Garmin remote control is usefully fit in my hand, so I don't have to reach for the touch screen, at any times. It would be great if Lexus has one, particularly when you pay more for it. I doubt they would have it in the next version because they don't want to take the liability of you messing around while driving.

    Lexus is an integrated system and it is a factory system. That means it incorporates telephone into the speakers and controls radio volume levels, and harder to steal. That's all positives that Garmin, being an aftermarket system, can not compete with. My complaint is that when I am driving and a call comes in, I want to be able to touch the "answer" button and take the call on speakers. By the time the Bluetooth system recognizes incoming call to answer, my Nextel would stop ringing and I lost the call. In those situations, it is utterly useless.

    The maps for the entire US & Canada with points of interest is only 1.4G of memory. I use the 1.0G memory card on the Garmin and loaded more than half of the available maps on it. You can always reload it with different maps. I can get a 2.0G card to have the whole database on it. But why? Extra memory is not all that useful, after about 1.0G.

    For situations where you may lose GPS signals, Garmin does have a higher model that has "dead recon." to take care of that, but it needs to be installed by a pro connecting speedometer input into the GPS. Lexus has the advantage by having it integrated.

    Other "geeky" info that the Garmin provides but the Lexus does not, are:
    -Altitude/elevation: nice when you are in hilly/mountainous area
    -SunRise/sunset time: nice when travel because you can time your stops
    -Fishing/Tide times: for timing your recreation activities
    -Distance from present location to each waypoint: ex. you can click on Home waypoint and see how far away it is.
    -Displaying only nearest waypoints, for simplicity: can turn this on/off
    -Displaying accuracy of present position: sometimes 12ft & sometimes 100ft but it gives you a clue.
    -Rename your waypoints.
    -Shows present position and signal from each available satellite overhead: very very greeky...
    -Set a waypoint where you DON'T want to be near and sounds alarm when you get close: you input allowable distance from waypoint. (Court Restraint orders ??)
    -Record track of your travel, where you've been with time and speed and location (may save a few hundred bucks to show that you did not speed...) Tracking your kids??? Alibi?? Upload it to a map on your PC.

    In fact, I was disappointed that Lexus didn't have these. For a $2.5k system, you should.

    I understand that Garmin is intro new models this Xmas season (check their website). One has a very large display (seems tacky in a car), includes XM-radio, XM traffic info, plays music you upload like Ipod. For me, the XM radio would be most useful. Some have a high precision compass, barometric pressure plot over time. Some new units are only about $250.

    The bottomline is, if a system meets your need and your price point, then it's the system for you. I just show you what's available, here.
  • adp33adp33 Member Posts: 10
    does the stereo in the 400H have an ipod input?
  • bob259bob259 Member Posts: 280
    gunner, Check out this web site. I would think the XM set up for the Highlander Hybrid would be the same as in the Lexus.

    They are great guys to ask, they responded to my questions right away.
  • paulblue02paulblue02 Member Posts: 9
    no, that feature is available on the 2006 Lexus IS250/350 models.... but, one can use a cassette adapter since the 400h with NAV still is shipped with a cassette tape input..... also can be used with an XM Roady XT, which happens to have a classy brushed metal finish similar to the the 400h dash
  • craigwblakecraigwblake Member Posts: 2
    The IceLink module for the RX330 supposedly works with the 400h as well... picked one up at Best Buy for $200 and am planning on having it installed by the dealer when I get the hitch installed (it was comped). Not sure if it will work, but if not it's a short trip to return it. Will update when I know for sure.
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