Lexus RX 400h Care & Maintenance

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Discuss routine RX 400h routine care and maintenance here!


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    We have never owned a Lexus before. The 400h is the first. I'm interested in opinions regarding taking the vehicle to the Lexus dealer (30 miles away) for the scheduled (every 5K) maintenance. (There's a Toyota dealer only 8 miles away.) Doesn't the Lexus dealer charge an arm and a leg for services that you can typically do yourself?? When we goes to sell the car sometime down the road, isn't the buyer going to want to see service receipts for all service that was performed? (If you DIY, you don't have service receipts.) Thanks.
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    For those who have been waiting, the RX 400h VIN numbers now work on the website owners registration. I had been trying since mid-april. Good luck.
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    Thanks, I just removed my RX300 and replaced it with my 400h.
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    Can anyone advise me where (specifically) is the PCV Valve located in my 2002 RX300 Lexus. I have a printout from Mainenance Shop, however, still having difficulty locating the valve.
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    I just bought a Lexus 330. Dealer strongly suggests I Simoniz at a cost of $500. Informs me that EPA no longer allows leaded paints and the paint on the car is much more porous than in the past allowing for damage from bird poop, acid rain and UV. Is this a scam? Anywhere less expensive to get the Simoniz if needed? TX
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    Simoniz is really just an old school reference for waxing the car. any detail shop will do it for you for half that price or less, personally i did it myself with good quality wax and a buffer.
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    Not that it matters at this time, but I am curious as to the location of the dipstick for the auto trans. fluid.Does anybody have information on this?
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    there is no trans dipstick. the dealer will open a plug on the tranny and check the fluid at 30K.
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    Is everyone getting the 5k service free at your Lexus dealer?

    or is this service free regardless of where you brought your Lexus from?

    (sort of liked a Lexus national policy for the first scheduled maintenance)
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    Yes, first service is free everywhere.
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    At the website for, they say that if you use Mobil 1 synthetic extended life oil, you can go 15,000 miles between oil changes on the RX400H. The dealers are charging quite a bit of money for this service they want to perform every 5000 miles. Who is correct? :confuse:
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    I am the first to admit lexus oil changes are not cheap, however they include tire rotation, and a load check on the traction battery. my car is also detailed, tires, wheels, windows and vacuumed inside with a normal oil change. Some people like to go to a toyota dealer who is willing and have their oil changed for less than what a quick lube will charge and that includes the toyota oil filter which is better than most. That is one less expensive option than a lexus dealer. Some dealers will let you bring your own oil especially if you have a brand preference, and you can save that way. do whatever you want, all i am saying is dont lose your warranty just because you want to go 15K between oil changes. you are in a sense comparing apples and oranges, the dealers at 5K are using conventional or synthetic blend oil. mobil is talking specifically about a full extented life synthetic only going 15K with a high quality filter.
    personally i go with a more frequent oil change with a synthetic blend.
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    Hi all,

    I have had a low tire light on for a week, even after my husband filled and measured the pressure. I called the service manager, who seemed familiar with the problem. He said it was because the spare needs to be lowered. I'll bring it in today to have this done. If the spare needs to be lowered, why don't they do it before it is sold? This seems strange to me...our vehicle is 5 months old. If anyone has had this happen, please post.. Thanks! :confuse:
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    Hey all,

    Just bought a Lexus 400h, the dealer is offering me the following packages I am thinking on adding:

    (i) Multi-shield protection package (695$). Includes: "Door Ding," "Windshield repair" and "Super polyhield". Super polyshield protects the interior and exterior.

    (ii) Lojack: $695

    (iii) Gap insurance: $685

    Any thoughts/advice/comments on the packages based on your experience?

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    Can anyone explain where the engine serial number is located and how it can be viewed. The information is required for importing the car. Fingers crossed!
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    Can anyone tell me where the oil filter is located on the 2008 RX400h?
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    On my 2006 400H it is on the front (approximately the middle) of the block, attaching horizontally toward the radiator. You have to remove the close-out panel under the radiator (10 machine and fasteners, screws and bolts). Quite accessible after the panel is removed.
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    Is the OBD II plug on the RX400H not a uniform plug. My OBD tool does not fit into the receptacle.
  • bobgailbobgail Member Posts: 12
    Is the OBD II plug in the RX400 a standard plug? I found a plug on the left side of the steering column, but the OBD II tool did not fit into it.
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    For basic oil and fluid changes and checkups you can take it to the Toyota Dealer. The Toyota dealer is almost 40% cheaper for the same oil services.

    For warranty repairs you will have to take it to the Lexus Dealer.

    Tuffy Auto has cabin air filters and air filter replacement filters.
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    The daytime running lights go on with the driver side very bright and passenger side much dimmer.These lights are part of the high beam bulbs and incorporated into the circuit. I changed the bulbs, checked the fuse, and swapped the relay with known working relay. The problem still is there. Any input regarding a solution will be considered. Thanks. :surprise:
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAMember Posts: 9,372
    So it's dimmer when you look at them? Or is it when you're looking at what they illuminate and a possible aiming problem?
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    pf flyer.

    I had the same problem with a tail light. It could be one of three things. 1) The plug

    on that side is loose. 2) There is corrosion on the male part of the plug causing a high

    resistance to full voltage. or 3)some of the wiring to that light is broken internally causing

    higher resistance. My guess is it is either corrosion or loose

    Luke :shades:
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    It is really brighter both when you look at the headlights and the wall they illuminate opposite the car in the garage

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