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I found a dealership that has the exact car I want but it's a demo car driven by manager at dealership. Initially I was not interested so I did not even ask for mileage. It's a 2017 Santa Fe Limited Ultimate. Is there a general rule to calculate how much discount I should ask for a demo car? Some places say 2-3k off and somewhere else said $0.20/ mile off. Thoughts? Thanks


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    My rule of thumb is .50 cents a mile off. Demos are usually over-priced by that benchmark and dealers never seem anxious to deal much on demos for some reason. I think they get sweet deals on them and figure they don't have to give them away.

    It looks like new ones are running about $1,000 more than invoice going by the True Market Value average. So if this one has 4,000 miles, then you'd whack $2k off the TMV.

    Since it's the perfect model, you may want to aim for $1,000 less than invoice, and then come up to invoice (depending on how many miles it has).
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