'05 Cavalier - Trouble starting after sitting 30 mins

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I have an 05 cavalier, base model, automatic. When cold, the car starts and idles just fine. Get it up to temp, shut it off, it'll immediately restart just fine. No issues when driving/idling at all.

After sitting for about 30 minutes, and especially in the 1-2 hour range (but still warm), if the car starts it will stall out right away. It will then keep cranking (5 plus seconds), but won't start unless I pump the gas a few times. Usually I have to pump the gas for 3-4 seconds while it's cranking and then it will fire up. Once started, it will idle and run just fine.

Not exactly sure where to start. Possible thoughts were FPR, fuel pump, or IAC valve, but I'm not having "typical" symptoms of any of them failing so that's why I'm not sure where to start. Like I said, once started cold or hot, the car runs and idles fine and doesn't have any issues when driving. Any help would be appreciated.

I forgot to mention, the check engine light is not on and does not come on during driving or cranking.


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    Pull the vacuum hose on the fuel pressure regulator. If the inside of the hose is wet or smells like fuel, the fuel pressure regulator is leaking fuel into the intake, which gives it that flooded symptom.
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