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Hi, I recently bought a BMW X3 and they have recently discontinued the BMW assist feature for older models. I was wondering what would be the best options I may have to have vehicle recovery system in case my vehicle got stolen. Lojack systems are expensive and is there any alternative? Thank you. Marc


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    What year X-3 do you have ?.............. where do you live.

    Lo-Jack Coverage may have been upgraded last time I checked

    LoJack is not a universal system in the sense..... not all police departments are LoJack detection capable. Go to the LoJack website and see a listing with the coverage they provide. I was shocked 4 years ago at the big holes (lack of coverage) that you will find.

    I recommend the higher end Viper alarm systems . In addition a steering wheel lock , brake pedal lock, engine / gas cut off kill switch. A crook needs a lot of time to rob any car with mentioned deterrents. Higher end Viper car alarms have GPS, have a back up battery for extra security

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