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Scion tC Prices Paid and Buying Experience

SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
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Share your pricing and buying experiences here!


  • samusamu Member Posts: 8
    I am looking into purchasing a new scion tc and just wanted to know what people are paying for this car. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
  • goosegoose Member Posts: 77
    Your question is pretty simple. No haggling on price. The price calculated at Scion's internet site should be the price at the dealer plus any dealer document fees and tax. The ugly part is when you have a trade in. Since Scion has no markup you must be prepared to cover your trade-in. They might be able to move up to $2,000.00 in negative equity into the Scion loan but its up to the bank. I had to cover some negative equity on my trade-in. I was able to get more for my trade-in by going to a second Toyota/Scion dealer and asking them if they would beat the other dealers trade-in amount. They initially told me it was possible to get another $500.00 for my trade but once I started the process with the second dealer they would only match the first dealers trade-in value. I held my ground and told them if they matched the first dealers price then I would buy the vehicle from the first dealer. They wanted to take the sale away from the first dealer so they finally gave me another $500.00 for my trade. Warning, they did try to get me into a corner when it came time to discuss financing. I cooled their momentum by informing them that first I would attempt to get financing through my credit union. Unfortunately, I want side air bags so I have to wait one month for my silver tC to arrive. This gives me time to secure financing through my sources. By the way, I added $3,400.00 in options. The price at the dealer was the price I saw on the internet site before doc fees and the tax adjustment. :surprise:
  • mikpowmikpow Member Posts: 1
    Edmund's lists the MSRP and an invoice price for Scion. Does the dealer bank the difference (over $1000) every time?
  • gator93gator93 Member Posts: 5
    I'm seriously considering buying this car. The 2006 model is now on the Edmunds site and is listed about $600 less on MSRP. Does anyone know if this is accurate? If so, is there any difference between the 2005 & 2006? Thanks.
  • darius2kdarius2k Member Posts: 5
    What is the 'dealer document fee' that people keep mentioning, and is it normal to have to wait a month to get the car? My car was totalled about a week and a half ago, and I've only got a few days left before the insurance company stops paying for the rental car, so I don't have that kind of time.
  • stickguystickguy Member Posts: 50,470
    the doc fee is what the dealer charges to do paperwork, etc. for you. It will normally be the same for every sale at the dealer, but different dealers charge different fees. On a tC, where it willl cost the same anywhere you buy it, you can shop the doc fee to find the lowest in your area.

    How long you have to wait largely depends on how picky you are. There should be some around (if not at the dealer, than at the port). If you have to have, say, a purple 5 speed with side bags, it might take longer than if you want an automatic, with or without SAB, in a choice of 4 colors.

    Talk to your dealer. Than can check the inventory, and tell you what they can get when. WOrst thing, you might have to rent o nyour time, or maybe you can sweet talk them into a s/t loaner.

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  • aeroluvraeroluvr Member Posts: 42
    Hey Goose, congrats on the new TC purchase. I would LOVE to hear what options you chose and why and then after you've had some time to drive it what you experience is with each. I posted under accessories/mods the ones I am considering and am hoping to get further explanation of what each is exactly and if those that get them for 2006 are glad they did. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • 06tcer06tcer Member Posts: 2
    with my sweet new little azure pearl '06 tC. It arrived about a week ago. I've since had the windows tinted pure black limo and it looks even hotter (a must in the Arizona sun). Here's pics.

    You'll notice I got all the extras i.e. ground effects kit, spoiler, fog lights,18" wheels, etc. Its just the hottest little car around & everyone asks "Wow, what's that?" With the extras it hardly even looks like a tC.

    I had to wait about 30 days to get it once ordered. It was painful but the dealership said it was the best looking tC they'd sold yet. Even with all the extras including side airbags and the iPod (which is awesome) I am happy with the price which exactly what they said it would be at the Scion website. Its those taxes & licensing that getcha. Gotta put in a plug for Scott Toyota in Scottsdale - they were a pleasure to work with. We didn't notice one of the wheels was gouged at delivery until we washed it the next day. They ordered us a new one no questions asked. The guy detailing it for delivery was so stoked about the car - it was adorable - he's like "Man, is this YOUR car?" He said where do you want the hotchkis sticker on the car and I'm like "Nah, I don't need the sticker" he's like "Oh man, you gotta put it on there so people know what's inside" so we did - ha.
  • got_vtecgot_vtec Member Posts: 22
    They're pulling a Saturn, or is it just because the car is in short supply? This doesn't sound like a good feature, but at least the negotiation should be real easy. :P
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    congrats on your tC. The ground effects kit looks great, too. I like the Azure Pearl color as well. You can change your stereo controls right from your steering wheel with these 2006 Scion tC's, huh? Very cool, indeed. Does the stereo cover bother you, too? I don't think it would bother me at all, but I'd have to see it to be able to really tell.

    Enjoy that car-it is very nice looking and you have a rig that not everybody has, obviously its still unique. It certainly blows away all of the ugly looking hopped-up Civics and Neons and all of the other modified rigs you see in those magazines and it's straight from the factory. Pretty cool, huh?

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  • lin3lin3 Member Posts: 1
    Congratulations for getting such a good car, man.

    Actually, this afternoon I just put an order for an Azure tc, too!
    However, when asked to tint the windows for me, my dealer said I need to have a doctor to say that I have some visual problems to get the windows tinted, otherwise it would be illegal. Does anyone know whether it is true or not? (I am in Michigan)
  • aeroluvraeroluvr Member Posts: 42
    Thanks for posting the pics! Very nice! Since my first choice color is no more for 2006, I am considering this one as well. So...about the ground effects...do you know...is it more cosmetic or protective..the intent of it anyway?

    One thing the TC is missing is some sort of door guard or at least raised "line" along the body that would add to it a bit and help protect car dings. Yes in many states the very dark tinting is illegal.

    I've heard the 18" wheels makes for a rough ride so keep us posted on that. As I understand it...STANDARD is the port to plug in ANY music player, but the upgrade is the iPOD controls within the stereo so you can do playlists, etc right?

    I had a general question..MOST autos the options come from the manufacturer..or more of them..with Scion they are all dealer installed except the airbags...so...how does that affect the warranty of those items...anyone know? Just curious.

    Thanks to everyone for posting about your new 06's...keep it coming!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    A comment about the door mouldings and ding issue. I drive a 2001 Kia Sportage 4x4 and before that was my first Kia, a 1999 Kia Sephia. Neither rig had door moulding, so I went to my dealer and they had some for the Sephia in Violet Mist color that matched perfectly. I put in on myself and it went well putting it on.

    With my Sportage 4x4 I went online and ordered some off the net. It was black in color, about 3/4" wide and I put it on the small SUV. It goes well because the door handles are black on my Pepper Red Sportage.

    Here's where I'm leading with this: on a car like a tC you would probably not want to bother the side with door moulding. You will have the same door swinging issues with inconsiderate people and shopping cart issues, etc. So it's up to you but everyone is sort of of the opinion that door moulding doesn't work on a coupe like the Scion tC, because it looks so hokey. Do keep us informed what you decide on this, though, OK?

    I sure do like that Azure Pearl. I saw a tC at a dealership in Jefferson City, MO, that was that color and it looked fantastic on this little coupe. Now I'm thinking tC again, along with xA RS 2.0 and new world order Kia Sportage for the future. The tC just looks so awesome! :D

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  • aeroluvraeroluvr Member Posts: 42
    I'm wondering if the Azure Pearl would show dings less maybe? And dirt less?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    Azure Pearl would hide dirt better than some available colors but show dings just as well as many of the others. You can't have it all...or can you? :blush:

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  • nascar9900nascar9900 Member Posts: 48
    I saw an Azure Pearl this weekend, and it does hide dirt/dust better than the darker colors. Unfortunately, the dark glass moonroof showed the dirt just as well as the BCP or Black body. My thinking is that you'll be washing the tC just as often no matter what the color.
  • ange24fordange24ford Member Posts: 4
    I know what you mean about the waiting period. My dealer is ordering mine today from Japan... it's going to take about 5 weeks. If I were in a hurry, I don't think I could be as picky as I am. I guess flint mica is pretty popular especially getting it as an automatic. The dealer told me they sell 10 standards per every 2 automatic. I was suprised, but I considered my daily commute and stuck with automatic, even though I do like standards better. I get stuck in so much traffic, it probably wouldn't be worth it. Anyone else have to wait 5 weeks to get their when ordered?
  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    I don't know how it is in other areas, but here in the NY region in Buffalo, NY, on tC's, 5-8 weeks is about average.

    Hope this helps.

  • ange24fordange24ford Member Posts: 4
    Thank you, I was curious about that. I'm in Mass. Wow, I'm glad I won't have to wait THAT long. You know that new car feeling. When you want a new car, you want it right away. I'm trying to keep patient. It'll be close to the end of summer by the time I finally get a chance to enjoy it.

    I'm really hoping it handles well in the snow for when the time comes!

    Thanks again Ken! :D
  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    You're welcome. BTW, with the stock tires, they're more for handling than snow traction, so you might want to consider a set of snows for the winter and switch back for the summer. Just a suggestion.

  • ange24fordange24ford Member Posts: 4
    Oooh right, I'm going to look into that later. I know these cars aren't very old, so I wasn't sure if many people had experiences with them in the winter...
  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    Being here in Buffalo, we had a bit of experience, so I thought I would mention it. Enjoy the new car!

  • nascar9900nascar9900 Member Posts: 48
    I ordered a 2006 Flint Mica 5 sp with side air bags less than 2 weeks ago. The Salesman called yesterday to say it is on the transporter to the dealership.

    Now the problem - I want to upgrade to the iPod stereo. (Long story, but the Scion Help Desk originally told me the iPod "mounts in the cup holder" and "the steering wheel controls are not valid for the iPod mini" - so I went with the stock unit. After I ordered, they corrected themselves saying the mini will work and is stored in the glove box, so I now think the iPod is the way to go.)

    Salesman tells me this is a big deal. He wants me to pay $600+ for the whole unit instead of the $260 differential.

    I don't see why this is a big deal. I thought the business model for Scion was to have the dealers do the customization? Can any dealers clarify this?
  • jgrimmjgrimm Member Posts: 1
    Just wanted to post here -

    Yesterday, I drove off the lot in a brand new '06 Azure Pearl TC; minimal extras - I much prefer the basic lines and equipment package on the car, but I did upgrade to the iPod/MP3/WMA radio.

    The buying experience was flat-out fantastic. The no-haggle pricing takes a lot of the pressure off and lets the salespeople be a bit more honest than usual (being a former salesman myself) about the pluses and minuses of the car. My guy - John in Chattanooga from Capital Scion - was fantastic. He took me through the tC and was very honest about his compeditors.

    The no-haggle price may seem a bit iffy; in my case, I think it only hurt me on my trade-in. The no-haggle thing is across the board - they tell you the price first, then tell you what you're getting for it. Check out the website - you'll see the philosophy there, too. They start by telling you the price.. then you dig into the car. Everything is up front - either pay it or don't, your choice.

    Interestingly, according to my dealer, the prices quoted on the website are the same whether you get the work done before you buy the car or after you drive it off the lot. If I want foglamps or the XM Radio upgrade, I just take the car in, pay the price plus tax, and it's done. Period.

    (To the poster talking about the radio - the dealership is sorta screwin' ya there. Or so it feels to me.)

    Even in the finance process, everything was straightforward and well-explained. I'd shop from these guys again in a heartbeat.

    As for the car itself... wow. It drives exceptionally well and is as quiet inside as a high-end lexus. It /wants/ to do 80, and it'll happily cruise along faster than that. The transmission (I've a stick) feels very solid and the car is exceedingly responsive and stable. The whole thing just feels.. polished. People take notice, too - perhaps it's the Azure Pearl, but more people look at this car when it goes by...

    Surprisingly, there's a lot of room front and back. At 6'3", I can fit in the front seat.. and climb in the back seat behind my set up driver's seat and still have plenty enough leg room. Trunk storage is the only trade-off, but the rear seats fold to level with the rear cargo deck to give more room.

    Suspension-wise, the ride is similar to much heavier and more expensive cars. Having driven a Jaguar XJ12 for quite a while, despite the weight differences, I can honestly say the ride over rough pavement is comparable.

    Honestly - I'm as enthused about this car now as I was driving it off the lot. Vive Scion!
  • ange24fordange24ford Member Posts: 4
    My dealer just told me that as of 5 o'clock yesterday, they're not taking any more orders for the Scion tC (this is only the dealership near me as far as I know). This is a new place that just went up, but they're overwhelmed with the amount of people who are buying these cars, so they need to stop taking orders. I'm so glad I ordered mine when I did, but it's the waiting period that's killing me! I'm hoping they can find one locally for me so I won't have to wait for it to come from Japan.. although then I would know it hasn't been touched. My corolla is on it's last leg... so keep your fingers crossed for me please! ;)
  • lil_kittenlil_kitten Member Posts: 3
    I just purchased a Scion tc 3 weeks ago from Right Toyota in Scottsdale Arizona. I got the car, a couple days ago and absolutely love it. I wish, however I could say the same for my experience with this car dealer. It was horrific!!!! From beginning to end. The only reason I went through with the deal there is because of time restraint. My parents were here visiting, and I needed a new car. They have done nothing but lie, make excuses for themselves, and lie some more! I strongly advise against buying from this dealer, but at the same time I strongly reccomend the Tc. Very fun!!!!!
  • aeroluvraeroluvr Member Posts: 42
    I'm so sorry you went through this! That is why I am hoping to hear from others here who have GOOD dealer recommendations for Orange County CA before I set out to do my test drives, etc.

    I would have flat out REFUSED to drive the red auto 2005 and asked to speak to the sales manager at that time or just went and found the sales manager.

    Sure am glad you wrote the letter at least...but am sorry it made you end up buying another vehicle. I wish you would have tried a few other dealers..if there are any around that is.
  • mike84mike84 Member Posts: 4
    My wife and I went into Riverside Scion in Tulsa, OK to by a TC. After the
    experience we had we bought a Civic EX sport instead, our first non-Toyota in 20
    years and I've come to the conclusion that Toyota customer Service is dead.
    Here's a copy of the Email I sent to Riverside and to Scion.com. Their reaction
    was basically thanks we'll look into it, nothing from either for 2 weeks

    To Sales Manager or whom it may concern,
    My wife and I came onto your lot on 11th St. this morning to look at a new Scion
    TC for my wife. The salesperson who came to help us proceeded to ignore my wife even though she spoke to him first until I told him that he needed to talk to her as it was to be her car and her decision. He asked the reasonable question of when we were thinking of buying, she replied that we would be buying within the next week but would most likely have to order because she wants the Azure pearl color with several body accessories and a 5 speed stick. After that the entire experience went downhill, he kept pushing her toward the red 2005 even after being told several times she didn't like the
    color, did not want an automatic, and wanted a 2006. He finally went in to get
    the keys so she could test drive the 2006 manual Black Cherry Pearl but he came
    back with the keys to the 2005 red auto. She was upset but went ahead and drove
    it to feel out the ride and how the AC worked etc. During the test drive (I was
    in the back seat) he kept looking at his watch, tried to dissuade her from
    getting on the highway and after about 5 minutes just started guiding her back
    to the dealership. All during this drive he kept pressuring about this car, he
    seemed incredulous to the point of insult that she would want a stick and stated
    at least twice that color wasn't an important criteria. We both found his
    attitude to be derogatory and rude. All in all it was one of the worst
    experiences we have had at a dealer and we will be buying a Scion but it won't
    be from Riverside and you can thank (BLANK)for that.

    So mad after 2 weeks bought Civic Instead.
  • dahldahl Member Posts: 4
    On the Scion website, you read the following about the "pure pricing" concept: "Pure Price means that the price you see posted – whether on a windshield, in an ad, or on a menu display in the dealership – is the price you will pay. This includes vehicles, accessories, and even finance and insurance products. All our prices are clearly posted."

    Now, here's the trouble - as I learned today at the Walnut Creek, CA Toyota/Scion:
    This is not true; the prices you see on the website are not guaranteed, and the dealers can - and will - charge ABOVE the "the price you see posted".

    Today I went in to buy a Scion and began asking for the accessories I wanted. They were charging HORRIBLY above the website prices. Here's one example:
    LED Light Enhancements: website - $250, Walnut Creek - $299
    (for those doing the math at home - approx 20% markup above MSRP on the accessory)

    I sat there furious as the dealer/salesman explained to us that "Pure Pricing" does NOT mean all dealers charge the same price! Instead, you negotiate on the accessories/add-ons that make the car! So what you have to do is go to all of the various dealer-websites and look to ENSURE they will sell you your car at the website price!

    I'm infuriated, because there's nothing "pure price" about this - I'm now treating the purchase as a typical car purchase, and now haggling with a few dealers to knock the prices down on those accessories. I found two that will charge MSRP as the max, and found that many of the other dealers in my area (SF Bay Area) just charge above MSRP and rely on the false claim of "pure pricing" to mislead consumers into thinking the price they get at ANY single dealer is the same at any OTHER dealer!
    I just can't wait to hear about the first class action false advertising claim on this one!!!

    On another note, I've been trying to buy a Scion TC for weeks.
    The first dealer lied and told me he had every color in stock (I wanted to see the colors on the car before making up my mind), and when I got there, he had only silver (Magnussen Toyota);
    The second dealer lied and told me that black cherry is a discontinued color, so I should come on down NOW and buy the flint-black one he was going to sell me, but it was ready to head out the door so I had to make it in FAST (Burlingame Toyota);
    and the third was Walnut Creek, where I showed up, looked at the car, was prepared to take it, and learned of this dealer-by-dealer markup after I was halfway through the financing application.

    So my advice to folks is this: CHECK THE DEALER WEBSITE BEFORE YOU GO TO THE DEALER. Because not all dealers charge the same. And if you don't believe me, compare the following four bay area dealers:
    Magnussen Scion (Palo Alto, CA) (charges msrp)
    Walnut Creek Scion (Walnut Creek, CA) (charges above msrp on many options)
    Fairfax Scion (Fairfax, CA) (charges above msrp)
    Also, many dealers CANNOT give you the options you want - the Walnut Creek guy had no idea what the "ipod compatible" feature was, and gave me the price of $395 (the website cites $260 as the MSRP on this feature).

    To say I feel misled is about half of the story - I feel downright lied to by the Scion hype.
  • dahldahl Member Posts: 4
    No, not really.

    I learned today that the "pure pricing" does NOT include accessories when the dealer I visited wanted to charge me almost $200 above the MSRP on the accessories I wanted for the car. The accessories differ from dealer to dealer.

    So yes, there is haggle room indeed.
  • dahldahl Member Posts: 4
    I'm having the same experience; it's been 2 weeks of me trying to find a dealer I can stomach doing business with.

    They lie about the inventory in stock, and I've been lied to about the colors' availability (at the Burlingame, California Scion dealer I was told black cherry is discontinued for 2006. I explained that I'd seen the website, and he flat-out told me I was wrong and needed to come down and just buy the other color he had on-site). Either that, or they're utterly indifferent and downright rude.

    I suspect there's such low-profit here that only the lowest level of care is paid to you. Which is incredible; I'm making a $20k purchase!

    Toyota/Scion should cut their marketing-spending and give more dealer-incentives. I've had such frustration myself trying to buy a TC these past few weeks that I'm about to pick out another car from a dealer who can at least fake wanting to do business with me.
  • aeroluvraeroluvr Member Posts: 42

    Yep...it's certainly NOT as they would have you believe huh? Here is the page from the main site with the "disclaimers" that say basically dealers can set whatever prices they want to BUT the customer still can't haggle...
  • toyotakentoyotaken Member Posts: 897
    First, let me say that I am not a Scion representative at our dealership. From my understanding, the individual dealer does not HAVE to have the same pricing that Scion does on their website, however, the Dealer must have THEIR prices posted both in the showroom and on their individual website for vehicles, parts, accessories, rates, etc. So what may save you all some time is to check out the individual dealer's web site to get their pricing.

    Hope this helps.

  • dahldahl Member Posts: 4
    But that's my point - what value is "pure price" to me as a consumer? What I'm hearing is that I'm utterly unable to negotiate options that should be negotiable, and that in some instances the dealer can and will charge more. This isn't the Saturn model, and I suspect that part of the poor performance I'm experiencing from Scion salesmen has to do with working next to their Toyota peers - peers who likely have a higher profit-margin/sales "take" than their Scion peers. On the Saturn lot, everyone gets the same amount, and dealers on those Saturn lots give a very different experience than the reluctant Scion dealers on the Toyota lots.
  • lil_kittenlil_kitten Member Posts: 3
    This has been the most difficult $22,000 I have ever spent. It is extremely frustrating that these dealers think they can get away with murder, and bold face lie to us. I also bought a Toyota Scion Tc and have encountered nothing but lies and deceit since day one. I am a 24 year old girl, luckily I had my father who can see right through the BS these car dealers like to dish out. I can only imagine what they would've tried to tell me, had I gone in by myself! I do agree that the incentives must be made better for the salesmen, though sad as it is thats the only way we as consumers will get better customer service. My dealer even told me he only makes a certain amount on scions and was hardly worth his effort. No wonder its been problem after problem, and lie after lie. Its the first Toyota I have ever bought, and this dealer has left such a bad taste in my mouth I will reconsider ever buying another one. The excitement of a new car was completely taken from me by this car dealer. If anyone lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and is looking for a Toyota dealer, DON'T go to Right Toyota!!!! I hope Toyota as a whole takes a step back and re-evaluates the way they train their salesmen to sell, or not sell, Scions. Its a great car overshadowed by the supposed " Haggle-Free" hassle of buying. :mad:
  • jesusfreakjesusfreak Member Posts: 2
    Just received my new tc yesterday!!! 2006 superwhite with side airbags. I have been visiting this forum since March and all your comments have been very helpful (stickguy, tonylexus, etc). My tc was supposed to get here in 20 - 25 days but one became available in 10 days. Once I was told they had a tc for me, making the final decision to buy was a bit scary, especially when reading the last few posts on this website. But I looked at the overall experiences all of you have had and the info I read from other tc forums. Overall what I heard was that owners love their tcs. Driving it for the first time yesterday, I can see why. As an older person, I don't look at the same features my 16 year old son does. The ride was smooth, quiet, very roomy inside despite its size from the outside, and a very secure feeling in the driver's seat. Much more secure than my Toyota Corolla feels to me. Will keep you informed on how it continues to do. 34 miles on it so far.

    As for my buying experience...FANTASTIC! Dick Poe Toyota/Scion in El Paso gave me wonderful service, quick and friendly. The salesperson and I kept in touch through e-mails since March. Visited another Scion dealer who wanted $500 down to order, but this one asked for no money down. No pressure either. Even the finance part was surprising. I spent no more than 30 minutes in finance and they gave me several options for financing and I decided which one to take. I was more than pleased with the results. And, no pressure again.

    Today begins Day 2 with my tc. Incidently, I looked at the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, CRV, Sonata, Toyota Corolla & Camry and some of the Nissan cars. For the money and all it comes with (ABS, sunroof, comfort, etc.) this is the one I liked best. By the way, I hadn't even heard of the tc and wasn't even interested in it, but my son kept telling me that he wanted one someday and so we test drove it one Saturday... (just for the fun of it). And now you know the rest of the story.
  • yguy74yguy74 Member Posts: 1
    Hello, I haven't seen a midwest post yet so here I go. I went shopping for the tc in mid june. The first dealership I went to Grossinger Scion in Lincolnwood, Il didn;t even have a tc to look at and just expected to be to buy one without even test driving it. So I then went to Evanston Scion and they did have one to drive, but it was automatic (I wanted a stick to try out) but at least I knew what it was like to drive one. So I ordered one in 5 speed blue with the air bags. They said it would take a few months to develiver and now it is almost august and the order isn't even filled yet. I that normal at this point?
  • jerchajercha Member Posts: 4
    This car is just too popular. Hard to even find a tC to testdrive but Koons Tysons had a flint mica available from a buyer that changed his mind. I think the frenzy is causing some Scion dealers to resort to old dealer tricks.

    Well its still better than buyin a similar popular car the Ford Mustang. That coupe is selling for at least $4k over MSRP in my area. Same availability No Mustang coupes in the lot in Sterling. The salesman was jus salivating over me. At Acura, they tried to upsell me a TL then made me wait while another manager showed up with the Shark smile from Finding Nemo that scared me all the way to Scion and Carmax.

    That post who bought a Civic instead is bound to find a nice dealer because the Civic is old news. I bet that dealer even had a lot of Civics in stock.

    My car won't be ready for 2 weeks at which time I will find out if fangs come out of the dealer. Thanks to all your advice because I will walk out if he tries any shenanigans.

    Up till now they have been so nice. The rep even let me do figure-8s and hard breaking on my test. My search is over...that car is fast yet solid for under 20k. They did ask for a refundable $500 deposit. To my understanding the accessory price is the internet price.

    i will post again when my tC arrives :blush::blush:
  • srn3srn3 Member Posts: 20
    Went to a dealer in Clifton Park, NY today to check out the TC, and it was not a pleasant experience at all :mad:

    Had to stand at the Entrance for 10 minutes before someone even bothered to ask me whether I need any help, and eventually I had to go and get help on my own. When someone did get the time to speak to me, he was pretty rude and cold. I wonder how they can expect someone to spend $ 20K when they treat someone the way they did.

    To top things off, there was not a single car he had to show me. I am surprised how someone can expect me to spend $ 20K without even having a look or test drive the car.

    I had heard that Customer Service and Toyota Dealers don't go hand in hand, and I guess I got to experience it for myself today.

    M dropping my plans of buying any Toyota Product because I guess I deserve to be treated better when I am going to spend $ 20 K.

    On the way back, stopped at a Volvo Dealer to check out the S 40. Inspite of the dealership being on the verge of closing (the salesman was literally locking the doors), he showed me around the car. Guess Toyota's loss is Volvo's Gain :)
  • srn3srn3 Member Posts: 20
    Well I happened to go to another Toyota Dealer in the Capital Region today. Was a completely different experience and couldn't have asked for more. As a matter of fact ended up buying an 06 Azure Pearl. The car drives like a dream and the dealership was outstanding. And oh yea.. I did get a 400 rebate coz I graduated from Grad School. :D
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    enjoy your 2006 Scion tC in Azure Pearl...automatic or manual transmission?

    They are super nice looking cars and it should hold up fine mechanically and hold it's value as well. Read up on the few complaints on the car if you haven't yet. They seem petty yet really bug some tC owners, you be the judge of your own tC ownership experience, obviously, and do chime back in on how your tC and Scion are treating you, OK?

    Enjoy it! :D

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

  • srn3srn3 Member Posts: 20
    Thanks.. and its a manual. Been driving an auto for the past two years and it can get pretty boring.

    Just can't wait till 6pm tomorrow to pick it up. Guess I was lucky to get one delivered in just 2 days. :)

    Will keep you posted on how the car treats me.
  • cullenscullens Member Posts: 9
    I bought a 2005 tc (flint mica/auto trans) from McGeorge Scion in Richmond, VA in January. Pricing was exactly what the website promised, the salesman was super-informed, and delivery came in a couple weeks ahead of when promised because another car came free. I couldn't have been happier and the next six months only confirmed me in my initial impression that it was a great, fun, comfortable car.

    Unfortunately, I got in a wreck last week. Thank you Toyota for the great safety features that left everyone shaken but unhurt. The car, though, was totaled. (This was in part because even though the repair costs were not huge, the 75% of fmv threshold before State Farm would total the car, was pretty easy to reach.)

    I was so happy with my first Scion that I right away ordered a new one. The salesman at McGeorge was, again, great. I ordered it with the same specs as the first one, but got a 2006 and side airbags (once bitten...). The Richmond dealership was able to get this one from a Virginia Beach dealership, the car came a day later, and just yesterday I picked it up, only nine days after the accident that totaled the 2005. I made an appointment Friday afternoon to pick the car up yesterday at 10:30. The salesman was ready for me when I got there, had all the paperwork filled out and ready to go, and the car was washed and gassed up. After test-driving and signing, I drove out of the dealership at 11:20.

    After driving a Taurus-ified Volvo rental for a week, I couldn't have been happier to get back behind the wheel of my tc. Plus, the 2006 radio is 100% better than the old one and I noticed the annoying radio cover now opens and shuts smoothly. I also really like the steering wheel mounted radio controls. I won't belabor this point, but the Volvo I rented sells for, literally, almost double what I paid for the tc. While the Volvo's seats were very comfortable, I honestly cannot tell why anyone would spend $15,000 to $18,000 for leather seats.

    Anyway, to each his own. My experience, though, with Scion, my tc, and McGeorge Toyota-Scion in Richmond has been outstanding. I'd recommed all of the above to anyone.
  • gator93gator93 Member Posts: 5
    I’ve been following this board pretty closely while planning my buy. It finally came through today so I thought I’d relay my experience in return. Ordered a 2006, naval blue, manual transmission with ipod stereo with upgraded door speakers, and tinted windows. Expected delivery to take about six weeks, but it only took two and a half. Would have been thrilled, but the salesman didn’t understand the difference between delivery at the port and delivery at the dealer, so he had me on pins and needles by declaring the delivery date a week earlier than the actual date (today). No haggle pricing was great and the dealer followed the online pricing, but when it came to financing, they really tried to make up for it with all sorts of built in fees. I avoided these by getting my own financing. I highly recommend having alternate financing available. Also, the purchase would have set a new record for brevity but for the “financial” guys hard sell of Toyota’s extended warranties which more than doubled the purchase time. Overall, the experience was better than those in the past, and if the Toyota dealers ever get the idea behind “no haggle,” it will only get better. I’ll relay my experience with the car itself once I’ve had more time with it. I can already say, the 2006 blue seems a bit darker than the 2005's I’ve seen around town.
  • venkvenk Member Posts: 1
    I am looking for a 06 tC. I went to a bay area dealership and he quoted me all the prices exactly like on the web site. I have a few questions.

    1. He is charging $1200 for leather package. Is this a good priice?
    2. Financing Question. I have a pre approved Capital One check. He says I have to sign up a backup loan agreement is this normal?
    3. Because the car I want is not in stock, he has to order one and he says I have to put up a deposit of $500 for this. Is this normal?
    4. He says he can order the exact car I want and get it in 2-4 wks. Is he correct?

  • srn3srn3 Member Posts: 20
    The leather package is somethign which is not offerred by Scion directly, so I guess he is free to charge what he wants. The deposit is reasonable. I paid 500 for mine too, but I was lucky to find the exact same color I wanted off the dealer lot, so maybe he took the deposit to reserve the car for me.
  • ponytrekkerponytrekker Member Posts: 310
    You get what you pay for i.e., part of what you get when you pay for a luxury car.

    Well worth it, in my opinion.

    I sat for 4 hours being ripped off by a Subaru stealer having the brakes replaced. They won't give you a loaner. Wait on a gubment cheese line to get service. BMW dealer waits on me like hand and foot.
  • cali_guycali_guy Member Posts: 2
    Just wanted to reply since i live in the Orange County area. My girlfriend and I search high and low for a scion Tc. Called about 15 dealers from southern california all the way out to thousand oaks. Finally ended up placing an order for one arriving in about 1 week. Scion of Rancho Santa Margarita was the location where we placed the order since they are giving free sirrus radios w/ 9 month free sub. in all there scions. We figured since your going to pay the same amount everywhere might as well get someone free. The staff at Santa Margarita was terrific. Gave test drives answered all questions and even informed us of the college grad incentive. Just wanted to suggest this dealership since is was a great experience. :)
  • tbooth2tbooth2 Member Posts: 33
    I too live in the So. Cal area (Riverside). I called four different dealerships and like the others, no TCs in stock although expecting some "soon." They all wanted a $500 deposit and said 2-3 weeks for any color but flint mica which would be 3-6 weeks. I visited a 5th dealer, Moreno Valley Toyota and they had two TCs on the ground that had just arrived, one auto, one stick. I test drove and knew this was the car I wanted. FYI, the two TCs that were there that day sold within two hours. This dealership alleges an allocation of 2 TCs per week. They happened to be expecting a flint mica in within two weeks and said that they could option it out the way at the port -- no $500 deposit required. The car arrived as scheduled. "First come, first serve" is the motto of this dealership - this prevents "bidding wars" between customers. Fortunately, my salesperson was a tenacious and saved the car for me. When I left the dealership, there were 4 other sets of people all wanting the blue TC that arrived that morning and the sales manager didn't want to sell it because he needed to have something for people to look at and test drive. There are just not enough TCs being built to satisfy demand right now. So I got a flint mica TC in 2 weeks vs. the 3-6 from everyone else. I stayed in frequent contact with the sales dept. to keep my name fresh in their minds so that when the car arrived, they called me first. I still recommend MV Toyota and now I know why they don't ask for a $500 deposit - they don't need to. Paid same as pricing on Scion website. No dealer markups on options. Just stay in frequent contact with your salesperson and get there as soon as the car does though.
  • bull_flagbull_flag Member Posts: 1
    I ordered my Silver 06 with side and knee airbags 4 weeks ago from Beaverton Scion in Oregon. I was told that it would not take more than 2weeks to get one. Its 4th week and I am still waiting. I dont know if its the dealer or the factory. Should have tried other delaerships before placing the order... :(
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