Winter Tires Recommendation for Honda Civic 2015 SE?

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I'm a bit of a car noob, so I appreciate everyone having patience with me.

First, any recommendations on what Winter Tires to get? I'm thinking of either the Michelin X-Ice or the Bridgestone Blizzak.

Next, what size of tires should I get? I went to Discount Tires and entered my car information (Honda Civic 2015 SE), and got this: 195/65-15. Is this accurate?

After changing the tires, what happens to my normal tires? Do I just put them in the car and store it in the garage when I get back? And I assume the shop I purchase it from will swap out winter to all season tires for no charge after winter?

Lastly, any recommendations on where to get them? I'm thinking either Costco or Direct Tires, and they come up to $500ish, all inclusive of installation, etc....


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    You should expect to pay mounting and balancing charges every time the tires are changed. Some people elect to purchase additional wheels and leave the winter tires mounted and that makes the change over more efficient reduces the stress that mounting the tires causes after they get a few years old. The cost to do that ends up being a toss up after four or five years.

    It's common to go slightly thinner than the original tires when purchasing winter tires. A thinner tire does work better in heavy snow than a wide tire which would tend to ride on top of it. Both of the tires you are looking at will greatly improve traction in poor weather conditions. It is advisable to switch all four tires since the winter tires will grip a lot better than all seasons.

    Get some large garbage bags to store the tires in. When marking the tires as they are taken off, use identifiers that show where they need to go back onto the car allowing for normal rotation patterns and that will help extend the life of both your regular tires and the winter tires too.
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