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Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 through 2008



  • rszaborszabo Posts: 13
    G'day from Australia. Firts 1000Km up on our Suzuki Grand Vitara auto 4WD V6. Drives as smooth as silk on the Freeway. No complaints about fuel consumption. For those people not happy with their fuel consumption do a google on "Fitch fuel economizer". This unit has undergone some pretty impressive scientific testing. The local distributor of this (owns his own motor workshop and uses the fitch, and has actually tested it on his dynamometer with resulting increase in HP and decreased fuel consumption) He now uses on all his vehicles. I am in no way affiliated in any way shape or form with this product. Another dealer for fitch was saying that there are serious moves about making the fitch fuel saver OEM on all new manufactured vehicles. Anyhow worth a look, even if does start some healthy debate on this forum. Our suzuki is as tight as a drum. No squeaks, rattles etc. It is so silent at idle that I thought I hadnt switched the starter key on. At this stage my wife and self are very impressed and happy with this vehicle.

    Cheers all
    Ron from Downunder

    Will have to send you blokes some decent beer from Australia. :)
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    The Fitch fuel catalyst has some good write ups but I've always been skeptical about things like that. It would be a gamble to try one and you may end up with nothing. At least with gambling you may end up with more money some fun and of course, that free beer.
    I noticed there wasn't an application for the GV. At least not from the dealers in the USA.
    Glad to hear that you're happy with your GV. There's been some discussion on quality, power, etc., but when you consider the price of the GV, it's a darn good buy. I'm still waiting for the next long term test from Motorweek. The first 2 writeups were mostly positive.
    I'll send you my address for that decent beer. :shades:
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    G'day from the wilds of Canada! Happy you're so happy, and really what's not to like about this vehicle, vs. the competition? So why [non-permissible content removed]? For yrs. truly, it's because of a lack of model/features diversity, with the intro of the new GV. For instance, why no LESS COMPLEX 4 cylinder, more fuel efficient, distinct "Vitara" model? Yes, we know a 4 cylinder engined new GV is available in other parts of the world, but I've wondered, (and no doubt you did too?), just how would it haul around all that weight dressed up in it's fancy new GV "clothing"? Probably not too well.....

    Here's what we do know: the euro diesel with stump pulling torque, (a real Outback rig mate!), gets 36 US mgp, city/highway COMBINED, yet it seems only fox hunters in merry olde England can have one. Pray do tell Suzuki, why the hell is that....?

    Further, we [now] know the new Suzuki SX-4 "crossover" all wheel drive, (a Toyota Matrix fighter, due out here at the end of summer), paradoxically has at least one highly desirable fuel economy enhancing feature that the new GV does not. Namely, the awd feature can be disengaged for two wheel drive operation only. Why not in the new GV? So really we all ought to care ALOT about the fuel economy of the new GV in many world markets, vs. how vastly much better it is RIGHT NOW (with the diesel. Also, why not care too while were at it, that they didn't give it a part time 4wd system? I care.....

    The [AN INCONVENIANT TRUTH] of the matter, is, much as we ALL basically like, (if not loved to the point of rage?, when any "deviant ideas" are posed about any aspect of the new GV), IS, we NEED some green new GV options, world wide, (if not a smaller basic "Vitara" model too),

    A. S. A. P.

    if Suzuki wishes to hold onto at least this writer's 4wd brand loyalty. Other options? Even the Jeep Liberty has now begun to offer a diesel engine option. Further, if you really want to get out there to tie them roo's and crocks down mate, afterall, the Toyota FJ cruiser would FAR more reliably get you there and back, (for the same initial price of admission), with a scant 1 mpg city/highway mileage penalty, EVEN WITH THAT GIGANTIC ENGINE UNDER THE HOOD!

    So just how does all this add up? I don't pretend to have all the answers, unlike at least one other poster to this site. Instead, I remain tuned in here to continue to try to see if the word GREEN might suddenly pop up on Suzuki's 4wd vehicles radar screen.....


    ps: Qutoe of the day: "Read books. They can be good for the [open] mind." Nwdsm.
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    PS: For comparison purposes:

    2006 Jeep Liberty Sport Diesel 4X4
    2.8L Common-Rail Diesel, 1-4 engine 295 lb-ft
    torque @ 1,800 RPM, (plus all the bells and whistles
    that are there on the new GV). Base model listed for the same price as the loaded new GV, PLUS in Imperial measurements:

    10.9L/100 km (26mpg) City; 9.5L/100km (33mpg) highway. However, the euro diesel "New GV" gets even better mileage.

    yrs. truly: Norwoodsmn.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    rszabo, you will notice that most of the criticisms come from individuals who don't actually own a GV and never will. It comes from READING too much about the GV and not really experiencing the joys and capabilities of the GV. I, too, am hoping for the perfect vehicle, but for now will enjoy what I HAVE.
    I can feel my front seat start to twitch now.
    p.s. quote of the day; drink beer, it loosens the soul.
  • rszaborszabo Posts: 13
    G'day Budman3 and Norwoodsmn from Australia. Prior to purchasing our V4 4WD Suzuki Grand Vitara I have had 3 toyota 4 cylinder pickups (all purchased new) my wife has her second toyota corolla. Surprisingly my last 2.7L 4 cylinder totoya pickup with only 10K on the clock was on par with the V6 Suzuki 4WD regarding fuel consumption. I have also noticed a definite decline in build quality of toyotas. I believe toyotas are now assembled in Thailand and South Africa, dont know whether this is the reason why. Diesel, here in Australia costs much more than petrol and diesel in Australia is of very poor quality. I was not impressed by the toyota Rav4, or the nissan Xtrail (notorious here for the ?transmission overheating in sand, and the motor cutting out until it cools down. I remain very impressed by our suzuki grand vitara. Having a beer or 2 for you budman3.

    Take care.

  • manojmanoj Posts: 4
    I just bought the XSport Package 2006, and I feel the Ride is very BUMPY; giving the feeling of the entire road as if the Vitara has no Suspension in both front and rear ; its that bumpy? Does anyone have the same feel ? Is it bcoz the tire-pressure pre-set by factory is very high compared to recommended pressure ?

    Can it a alignment issue for making it so BUMPY??? Even on Free-way I can feel each and very small bump invisible to the eyes too!

    How many here gave got their Vitara Front and Rear Aligned ?
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    I've been critical of aspects of the new GV, and last time I looked, there's an '06 JLX-L in my garage. I would think a forum like this is exactly the sort of place where owners, prospective owners, and other interested parties would gather, not just to sing praises of the GV, but to discuss shortcomings and problems also. If we restricted ourselves to being satisfied with what we have, we'd still be living in caves.

    I think anyone researching whether to buy a GV is intelligent to take the criticism in the context of all the other information.

    I have to note the continuing virtual absence of significant problems with the new GV. At this rate, it should rack up some impressive reliability scores.

    Norwoodsman has tilled some fertile ground. (acutally, norwoodsman, I thought you'd gone off to buy an FJ) My understanding is that the biggest obstacle to selling diesels in North America is our dirty sulphur-laden diesel fuel. I imagine the diesel engines sold elsewhere in the world cannot be cost-effectively adapted to this garbage. I also understand that legislation is on the books to force the refiners to make cleaner diesel within a few years. Yawn. (and expect the cleaner stuff to cost more.) Meanwhile I wage my own personal war on the vast stupidity of the oil companies by minimizing how much I drive. It's not hard to do, and improves your quality of life.

    I have seen a rumour on cartalkcanada that the Liberty diesel was just discontinued. After making the mistake of buying a Chrysler product, I won't do that again, which is why we never considered the Liberty, diesel or not.

    The FJ is not a direct competitor to the GV. I doubt the real mileage will be as close to the GV's as Toyota claims. The back seat is not suitable for adults. "4 REAL doors good, 2 doors BAD" And comparably equipped it is very much more expensive than the GV. For some, it will be a better choice. Not me.

    The Rav4 sold in North America is made in Japan.

    Let's wait and see what Suzuki does with the GV for the '07 models. But I'm not expecting a diesel for North America until there's cleaner fuel. Hopefully they'll have a model just for norwoodsman!
  • xostnotxostnot Posts: 232
    I think it depends on what you're used to. I was used to a '91 Pathfinder, so the GV is fine. The suspension is relatively stiff. The upside is that you'll never bottom out, the car sits in balance at speed on undulating pavement and on corners, and it's nice for off-roading. Not everyone's cup of tea. It would have benefitted from shock absorbers with two stiffness settings, as the Pathfinder came equipped with. But, anything like that shows up in the price.

    Ours came with 29lb tire pressure, and it's supposed to be 32. An alignment won't help suspension stiffness, and ours has not needed an alignment. The 17" rims with correspondingly low profile tires are a major culprit in transmitting impacts from pavement breaks into the car. I really dislike Suzuki bundling the 17" rims with the low range.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    I will offer my opinion on this one and hopefully it will help you out.
    I agree with xostnot, the alignment shouldn't make a difference. When we drove our GV home, we also felt every bump. The tires had 45psi from the factory. We adjusted them to specs and all is good.
    The front "toe" was adjusted to correct the knife edging of the front tires.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    "I think anyone researching to buy a GV is intelligent to take the criticism in the context of all the other information."

    I agree, but your key word is "buy".
    To constantly give the GV a bad rap doesn't prove any intelligence or useful research if it's only negative.
    Is the GV perfect? No. I hope they make some changes, but for now, it works just fine and maybe in a couple years I'll buy another one with all the improvements.
  • campdraftycampdrafty Posts: 10
    Just bought an '06 Luxury GV - this is my third Suzuki, having owned a '95 Sidekick and an '00 GV. The Sidekick was a rough rider, and the '00 GV was much better. Noticed right away that the ride our new GV was extremely bumpy. Thanks to an earlier posting to check tire pressure, we did and found out that the two front tires were measuring approx 50 lbs pressure, and the two back were about 44 lb each. My husband called the mechanic at the dealer, who said he's comfortable at about 41 all round, so we set each at 40 lb - ride is now so much better (could probably go down more yet). My husband called the dealer and let him know about the pressure - it should be standard practice when they prep a new vehicle to check tire pressure before the customer drives it off the lot. Other than the issue with tire pressure, we're extremely happy with this vehicle - we got a great deal and dealer was excellent to work with.
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    God luv ya campdrafty!, at last a [fellow] poster with a long time Suzuki ownership perspective! Are we really the only ones out there? Re: Bumpy ride, try 32-36lbs in those tires. Zuke shocks are, as you may recall from past "rigs"?, lacking in sophistication/durability, especially if you're out there in the Outback "givin 'er" with all but the kitchen sink onboard, (take note xostnot, and hi again). For instance, we replaced our Sidekick shocks fairly early on with aftermarket ones, and they reamain out there on "Rusty" even today as he nears his 200,000 MILE birthday.

    Ditto the Suzuki Esteem wagon. The blog site for same recommends KYB shocks which are available to we Canucks via US mail order sources. I need them NOW. So, replace your new ones on your new GV's with upscale aftermarket ones?, of course not. But just another attempt here to advise all who might be interested in knowing, there's ample room for the maturation of Suzuki's offerings, in a number of areas. But is it a "SIN" to say so, here on this site?

    Totally negative on the new GV?, nothing could be farther from the truth. It reamains a quantum leap forward for the brand. Yet, as I've stated before, by raising the bar so high [themselves] with this new model, owners' expectations, (expecially we long time owners' expectations), re: features and quality issues, likewise has every reason to move FAR up the scale as well... Got it Bud?

    As an esoteric, likely fruitless excercise, to try to understand Bud3's perspective, I'd have to take myself all the way back to my Whistler days with the Samurai, (1988). Incidentally, dinner on the restaurant patio atop the Gondola, was great/spectacular this past Monday evening! Good to revisit our 2010 Winter Olympics venue locale, and test neighborhood for the new GV! Sorry to digress. I guess I'd have to go back to when Consumer Reports (was it?) mounted those 40 or 80? pound weights on the end of long outriggers attached to the sides of the Samurai, to help "prove" it was susceptible to rollovers, to recall as being so upset at anyone criticizing my beloved Zuke of the day, as Bud seems to be now when I say something he finds [personally] "disparaging" about HIS new GV. LORD dude, rub mesquite bush on you're skin there twice a day, maybe it might thicken it up a bit?! But so few people had a Zuke back then, that I thought why even bother explaining that, well, "it", (Sammy), also could get you up right onto the side of the volcanic cone of Mount Garibaldi there at Whistler, (in 4wd, low range 1st, with it's 5 speed manual box), and really, that that was what the little bugger was designed for. So ya, I WAS PO'ED, (deeply), that anyone would criticize my [personal] choice to have bought that particular model. But it didn't go quite so far as "Bud's" level of misunderstanding as to what lies at the root of some items on my personal "wish list" for the new GV. So a quid pro quo, proprietary interest in Suzuki's [here],
    (do I have that feeling?), and what I want [from them] NOW in return for retention my long time brand loyalty, are those items loomin' large on my personal radar screen?.... Ya got it mates, and I make no apologies for same, (even to you, Budman3), just kidding of course, as so many times you've reconfirmed we'll never ever see eye to eye on certain points. Again ones seemingly attacking your personal credibility, since you've bought one, while I of course who haven't [yet] therefore have little business even presuming to bang the keys here on this site, right? Sorry, [almost], you just don't get it Bud, and never will.

    But I've belabored alot of dark horse points here, (like the preceeding), it seems. Soul searchin' really, trying to understand where Suzuki wants to take us on down the road [together] with it's one remaining OR capable 4wd product, (sold here in North America), the new GV.... To me, it reamains true, the world can potentially be Zuke's proverbial Oyster, should it show a willingness to begin to embrace, for instance, CONCEPTS GREEN in future products development process. Instead, (to me), where did on hell of alot of their, (our), money go concurrent with the intro of the new GV? What about all those concept idea vehicles? Just what did that cost, and what pray tell my buds, did any of that have to do with the [once] true mission of these vehicles, namely performance in all conditions out there in our respective "Outbacks"? I resent that, and I further resent, (and am worried by), this aparent demphasis of the OR 4wd performance abilities of the new GV, vs. this incongruous "tuner crowd" marketing glitz. You too? I hope so. Quirks with Zukes?, you bet, but we still love them. It's just that "in this day and age" we need to demand more, not the least of which being MORE from our fave auto maker of choice.

    So I remain, hopefully not TOO un-intelligently awaiting further developments along with EVERYONE else on this site, it seems, to see what's up Suzuki's sleeves next for it's 4wd SUV, the new GV. But on the other hand, if a majority of folks choose to just sit on 'em, raise the flag on high and therreby fail to demand MORE, well get used to what you've got, long term, as with those new model sales figures, from one perspective, why should Suzuki do ANYTHING at all to expedite the evoloution of this [mostly] fine new model?

    A squeaky wheel here, you got it Bud....

  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Norwoodsmn,You win. Friends? Bud
  • norwoodsmnnorwoodsmn Posts: 168
    Of course!, now we've reaffirmed we're here for the same reason, (we dig 'em)! Fair dinkum down there in Aus too, eh?

    At the risk of [over] "lightening up", let me add I'm still waiting to see someone do a Lo-rider version. All together now: "All my friends own a lo-rider...." Why not for a bit of levity, some one must have done one, Suzuki? Back to you there on Palm Boulevard, (if you're still putting up with "us"?), I always liked those shots of your "rig" too. Still yet again, whereforeartthou oh Zuke, re: one for we backwoods types? Seems only yesterday we used to count for something, (in numbers there on your balance sheet), don't we AT ALL anymore?????

    Sure, those Zuke concept rigs look fun, but oh Lord what I and many of us wouldn't have given to have seen all those copious AD gimick bucks plowed instead into other areas like further initial product development/refinement for the new GV. If you agree, and seriously want to do it in the dirt like many of us?, hey, let's all keep fighting the good fight here, [together] and stand up to be counted. We all should benefit on down the road.

    Again Suzuki, get real Please pay some due respect to your roots on this side of the pond, (historic customer base), and give we hard core types back a stock basic bush beater model option, (skid plates availability, etc.), and make it literally and figuratively "Green" while you're at it, eh? Even this woodlands troll couldn't [non-permissible content removed] then.

    Cheers, nwdsmn.
  • rszaborszabo Posts: 13
    G'day all from Australia. Trust you are all well. Our new Suzuki Grand Vitara 4WD V6 rides like a dream. It floats over bumps, corrugations, indentations on the highway and side streets. I havent checked my tyre pressure but at a rough look/guesstimate it wouldnt be anywhere near 50 psi. Our tyres are 16" bridgestone duellers. I don't know what brand your tyres are over there. The brand of tyre, inflation level can make one heap of difference. In all my years of owning numerous cars (and heaps of motorbikes - during a misspent youth)and pickups I would venture to say that the ride in our new Suzuki is the best out of any car I have owned. My suzuki 2006 came with a bog standard clarion CD (not MP3 included) and today I had it replaced by a car audio specialist. It was somewhat frustrating to find that the local Suzuki dealer did not stock parts such as a under head unit radio pocket. It appears that Suzuki parts availability may be an issue - ditto with no companies here making steering wheel audio control adapters for non suzuki factory audio head units. Other than this extremely happy, as is the wife, whom sneaks off with the Suzuki 4WD, at every opportunity, despite her having a 1 year old toyota corolla. I certainly hope that Suzuki do not go the way of soft SUV's. If Suzuki pulled their finger out then they would corner the market in its current class. This vehicle has a lot of potential - I just hope that Suzuki, Japan listens and learns and does not attempt to economize by cutting corners/features. It would be interesting to compare the Australian Suzuki Grand Vitaras 2006 (which are fully manufactured and assembled in Japan) with the ones sold in the US and Canada to compare the quality/finish.

    Cheers all
    Take care

    Will toast your health with a few aussie beers.

  • tim66tim66 Posts: 22
    We are pushing 5000 miles on our GV and very satified. We swapped in a 2003 4cyl Vitara and there is a world of difference in ride and handling. Our tires were also overinflated when received(48psi).Maybe the factory should check calibration on their gages. My only complaint is the MPG readout on the dash. What good is it? Talked to my sales rep yesterday and he told me Suzuki has a small pickup in the works. This sounds interesting.
    Happy motoring... :)
  • manojmanoj Posts: 4

    Our new Suzuki Grand Vitara 4WD V6 rides like a dream. It floats over bumps, corrugations, indentations on the highway and side streets.

    If I can ever achieve to float over the indentations on the highway if not over the bumps; I will be more than Happy! :) What is your Tire pressure rszabo ??? Does anyone also have a floating GV like rsZabo

    Meanwhile, I have some tyre brand called: YoKoHaMa! :mad:

    Has anyone soften the Suspension on the GV or is everyone with the factory's Stiff Suspension :confuse:

    I am never going to go Off-road with GV; so will the dealer soften it! :)
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Suzuki inflates the tires to max psi for shipping purposes. The dealer (dealer prep? yea, right$$$) is supposed to adjust the pressure to specs. Ours rode extremely rough until I adjusted mine to 32psi. The tag is on the inside driver's door jamb. We have the Yokohama's, too.
    I won't say ours "rides like a Cadillac", but it's very comfortable and handles great, although it does get thrown around in heavy winds.
    Maybe rszabo's GV is loaded down with that great aussie ale. ;)
  • bj9996bj9996 Posts: 7
    budman3 & manoj, I suspect(beside the pressure) that it should be the 16in wheel which is making rszabo's GV to float. This is due to the higher profile tyres (which should be fitted) which will be more absorbent to the bumpy rides as compared to ours which is on 17in wheels and lower profile tyres. However, the downside of a higher profile rubber will be lower connering stability due to the higher flex of the rubber.

    Any other ideas?
  • manojmanoj Posts: 4
    I think I have the 16inch alloy wheel since I own the xSport Package, and i think its the Luxury package that comes with 17inch wheel.

    Anywayz I only got appointment for Wednesday just to do alignment check on the car! I guess I can myself adjust the tire-pressure or shud i get it done from the service center itself.

    Plus I hv read that u shud check reading of tyre PSI after only 1 mile run or after 3 hrs of standing in the Manual to get the accurate reading.
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    I would think every model GV has a slightly different set up in suspension and components(help me norwoodsmn),i.e.; 2 or 4wd, auto, manual, 16", 17", etc. They might all have unique driving qualities.
    I have the Luxury 2wd with 17" wheels.
    Air pressure should be checked when cold. The more you drive, the more heat and the more the pressure will increase which is normal but don't lower your tire pressure when the tires are hot, you will end up with lower psi when cold.
    Tires can be a pain,but are a crucial part of maintenance to avoid tire failure. We see it all too often here in the heat of the desert.
    I would rather be drinking a beer or reading a book than changing a tire. :D
  • rszaborszabo Posts: 13
    G'day all from Australia. The tyres on our grand vitara are 16" bridgestone duellers high profile. Regarding cornering I havent had a problem with body roll etc. This is one fine vehicle. I suspect those people having a problem with their ride need a different brand of tyre/and or tyre pressure. Yokohoma tyres over here are a very stock standard tyre - when my factory fitted tyres wear out I wouldnt consider yokohoma tyres as a replacement. Budman do you know how to get the bolts/fasteners out of the guard underneath the engine to get at the oil filter? Do they just pull out/levered out with a screwdriver? The beer is on its way Budman.

    Cheers all from Downunder
  • budman3budman3 Posts: 187
    Good evening to all on this hot day, about 110*F.
    Those plastic fasteners are easily removed by prying/levered with a screwdriver on the center little button until it pops out, then the entire fastener comes out.
    The oil drains quickly when you remove the plug, beware.
    Be careful that the engine is not hot when you reach up to spin off the filter. You will touch the engine(as I have done,ouch! :sick: ). It's a small area to get to the filter and quite messy. Take your time and reach for a Bud.
    I will be on my doorstep anxiously awaiting my delivery. :D Thanks, Ron. G'day
  • rszaborszabo Posts: 13
    G'day Budman. Thanks for your help. That's worth a carton of aussie beer.

    Take mate.

  • I am very close to buying a new 2006 GV Luxury AWD, but the only reason I've hesitated is because of the lackluster performance of the 2.7 L motor. Is anyone aware of any way to improve performance by using any type of after market accessories or engine power improvement modules?

  • roach1roach1 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone cant seem to find the plug for the block heater
    can anyone help? I own the JLX Leather model.
    Tks from Montreal Canada
  • shlomozvshlomozv Posts: 5
    hello guys'
    i just have received my new GV 2.0 2007 (one week ago)
    and I feel some sort of vibrations in Steering wheel (and also in the car) when the speed reaches 80 m/h. I have got the wheel balance checked . The vibration appear also if the THE CAR STOPPED AND THE gear is in (N) MODE ,PUSHING DOWN THE GAS TO REACH 2200 rpm ,THE STEERING BECAME VIBRATED AT HIGH FREQUENCY IT COULD BE TESTED EASILY , THE VIBRATION IS IN HIGH FREQUENCY SO SOME PERSONS WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO FEEL THAT

  • bearsgvbearsgv Posts: 19
    Tried with my GV when idle & in N, I can't feel the vibration you are talking about.
    Haven't gone as high as 80m/h, speed limit here is only 100km/h(about 62m/h). Has gone as high as 125km/h (77m/h) & didn't feel the vibration.
  • shlomozvshlomozv Posts: 5
    Thanks BEARSGV
    I wonder what kind of GV you got?have you reached 2200 rpm in the idle mode?and another question ,haven't you feel any different of felling on the steering between zero rpm to 2200 rpm?
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