Mileage warrenty on tires

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I have a 2014 Elantra that I bought pre-owned in January of 2015. It has less than 25,00 miles, but tires look like they need to be replaced. How many miles does Hyundai guarantee on a new equipment on a car? I have the Hancook tires.
the car was previously leased and had 17,500 when I bought it.


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457
    Usually it's the tire manufacturer that provides the warranty on the tires on new cars, not the manufacturer (if you have the manuals, there's likely a warranty blurb in there).

    And the warranty probably says something like they'll prorate the tires, so if you buy another set, you may get 10 to 40% off the price.

    But if you don't like the tires, why buy another set of them?
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    Yeah, unless you have something in writing I'd just replace them. Even if you have a warranty, unless it gives you a major payment it might not be worth it because you'll be locked into another set of Hankooks, like @stever said. New car tires often don't last very long, 25,000 miles is pretty common. You can get better tires now.
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    As a general rule, the tires that come on new cars have no mileage warranty. There are some exceptions, but Hyundai's and Hankook's aren't in that.

    You have an additional problem in that you are the second owner of the car and even if there was a mileage warranty, it doesn't transfer.

    Barbie, your best bet is to call Hankook's 800 number and plead your case. But don't expect this to work. The facts are against you.
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