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Volvo CX90 - when to buy the 2016 model?

starscotstarscot Member Posts: 1
edited October 2016 in Volvo
I had been looking at 7 seater SUV's and had been considering the CX90 , Arcadia and Explorer.

I have been put off the Arcadia and the Explorer as i have been told with new versions arriving on the market in 2017 i will loose money in the long run ( 4/5 years) by buying a 2014/2015 now. I have always admired the volvo and i am now looking at the CX90 as an option as the new model came out in 2016 therefore will be around for a few years yet.

My questions
- is this correct i would be loosing comparatively in the long run buying a now discontinued version of a Explorer or Arcadia or you think the "older version" will still be a good option?
- If i want to by a 1 year (used) Volvo when is the best time to discuss this with a dealer?


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  • inthelouinthelou Member Posts: 1
    Hyundai and Kia are putting some of the best vehicles out right now with Kia in the top 5 of initial owner satisfaction (owned by Hyundai). You can get a Hyundai with every option of a Volvo and they will back it for another year (5 years bumper to bumper to warranty) versus Volvo (4 years bumper to bumper warranty). Then your maintenance cost with Volvo at 30 and 60K is also going to run you about $800. Percentage of value and cash spent are two different things.
    I can spend a 100K on a totally loaded 7 passenger Volvo XC90 and it will be worth 50K in four years (very high estimate guess). Your out $50K, as I say, forget the percents.
    I can spend 45K on a totally loaded 7 passenger Hyundai Sante Fe and it will be worth 20K in four years (but still has a year of bumper to bumper warranty left). Your out 25K. Double your spend over four years? GO DRIVE AND DECIDE

    Spending another $2500 for a B&W stereo after shoveling over near 70-90k for the Volvo is criminal.
  • brian125brian125 Member Posts: 5,244
    edited October 2016
    Very true.................. Gotta pay to play. Expensive cars r Financially the worst investment in the world with depreciation costs, most vehicles are.

    The smart shoppers are buying a 2 / 3yr old model.

    MY Bmw X-5 cost me 76k. In 4yrs I'll trade mine in for a new Santa Fe :angry:

    23 Telluride SX-P X-Line, 23 Camry XSE

  • brian125brian125 Member Posts: 5,244
    Just one note thou....... I drove both XC90 and the 16, Santa Fe....... There is no comparison

    23 Telluride SX-P X-Line, 23 Camry XSE

  • brian125brian125 Member Posts: 5,244
    Best resale value on all midsize Suv's goes to The Toyota Highlander

    23 Telluride SX-P X-Line, 23 Camry XSE

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