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Subaru Crew MPG-Real World Numbers



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    On a roll here, last 5 tanks' average:

    28.2mpg (with Bob driving to Valley Forge)

    73k miles and running nicely. :-)

  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    26mpg doing mainly 70mph with the AC in the hot Chicago heat. some traffic and mild wot runs (merging onto the Eisenhower).

  • njswamplandsnjswamplands Posts: 1,760
    but then again if your on a highway with cruise control, your not having fun with your xt :P
  • subearusubearu Posts: 3,613
    I'd have to say I'm having plenty of fun with my XT, I really enjoy driving it.

    IMO, Chicago traffic doesn't warrant safe use of the CC as you need to keep with the flow of traffic, which seems to speed up or slow down for even the slightest of curves or distractions. Forget about having a 2 second cushion between you and the drivers around you, it just doesn't happen on Chicago roads. I switched lanes frequently and was on boost (moderately mostly) during those lane merges. My average mph for the entire trip was 55.

    Only time I'd figure to get anything below 18mpg is during the extreme cold winter (and reformulated fuel).

  • twrxtwrx Posts: 647
    I just returned from a week long trip to Buena Vista Colorado. (elevation 7900 ft.) My Subaru Legacy 2.5i LTD wagon auto got 30 mpg for 3750 miles according to the trip computer.
  • hypovhypov Posts: 3,068
    30 mpg for 3750 miles on a tank? :surprise:

  • twrxtwrx Posts: 647
    I left one trip odo unreset for the whole trip and the other reset with each tank. My low was 27 mpg from Kansas to Colorado and my high was 34 mpg from Fairplay (elevation 9000+) to Canon City (elevation 6000). Talk about a downhill run!
  • stantontstantont Posts: 148
    28.8 mpg on a LOOONNNNG highway trip (1500 miles) all cruise control at 75 mph, a/c running full tilt (90-98 degrees outside).
    About 22 mpg around town, but city mpg is very hard to compare with others, because it is so dependent on trip length, traffic, surface street/freeway mix, etc.

    Under the same conditions, our '01 Accord v6 got 26.5 highway, 19 city. Even the same brand/model of tires (Turanza LS-H). The mpg penalty for AWD seems to be small...
  • blackbeanblackbean Posts: 100
    50k on 2002 Automatic H6

    Usual conditions:
    Commute (50%) - backroads at 30-40 mph, few stops
    Travel (40%) - highway speeds at 65-75 mph
    City (10%) - avoid it if I can! :-)

    Fule Economy:
    Average - 22-24 MPG (23.8 most recent)
    Worst - ~18 (winter, snowtires, full car and roof rack, very coldk, snow & ice conditions)
    Best - 26.9 (Summer highway driving at approx 50-60 MPH - no roof rack)

  • 54000k hwy 21-23

    town-- 18-20

    only 4 tanks just bought last week---will keep you posted!!!

  • hypovhypov Posts: 3,068
    38k miles
    215/45-17s @ F 35 /R 34 psi
    at least 50 lbs of what-nots always in cargo area.

    Daily 80 miles Average on Sunoco Ultra 94:
    Spring/Summer - 22 mpg w/AC
    Fall/Winter - 21 mpg
    CLF (all season) - 19 mpg

    10% Urban [15 -> 25 mph]
    5% Suburban [25 -> 40 mph]
    10% Highway at a crawl [5 -> 25 mph]
    75% Highway [45 -> 90 mph]


    CLF - Chronic Lead Foot.
  • cptpltcptplt Posts: 1,075
    98 Legacy GT AT - 23-24 in burbs
    06 Tribeca 19 burbs, 23hwy
    02 WRX MT - 23 usually, unless I'm driving it the way it was designed to be driven in which case it goes below 20!:-)
  • I got 25.25mpg on my first tank of mixed driving.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That is great news. It's very well documented here that milage improves after break-in. You probably have 27-28mpg averages to look forward to.

  • 16-18 in the winter (COLD starts), 20-21 in the summer (very little AC usage). I have a roof rack on in the summer.

    These numbers are for exclusively city driving, including lots of short hops.

    2 summers ago I drove from Anchorage to Seattle with the cruise control at 90 most of the way, then back up to Anchorage from Denver. I got 24-25 MPG with my mountain bike on top of the car.
  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    2006 Outback LL Bean Wagon H6
    5600 miles so far.
    Average MPG is 16.73855 after 28 tanks of gas. That also includes mixing between premium and 89 grade gas. Mostly premium though.

    Worst mileage = 13.31
    Best mileage = 23.14 (on 48HRS run)

    My driving is a mixture between highway/city with LOTS of stop and go.

    Hoping for some improvement as the engine gets more broken in.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    You should see an improvement, she's still very green. My mileage did not reach it's peak until 15k miles.

  • bat1161bat1161 Posts: 1,784
    That's what I figure. I've also started driving a bit more conservatively. Also just keep the AT in "regular" drive. I noticed a mileage improvement from when I kept it in Sport mode (although not as much fun). Hopefully, in a few years, Subaru will have a 6MT H6.

  • tima3tima3 Posts: 6
    Just returned from a trip to Gatlinburg from Cincinnati...

    31.5 mpg. actual overall including a trip to Clingman's Dome in the mountains. 34.5 mpg on the road at 65-70 mph. I am a bit surprised at these numbers but they are real.... and I expect they will improve a bit(only 2200 miles on the car) The mileage drops significantly when having fun with the sportshift... :-0 oh well..... :)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Ni-iiiiice! :)

  • twrxtwrx Posts: 647
    tima3, those numbers are real. I have a 2005 legacy 2.5i wagon auto. I reset the trip odo B when we went to Cololrado last summer. I got 30 average for 5000 miles. I never reset it and the car now has 28,000 on it and for the last 17,000 I have gotten 25.8 mixed mileage. Recently I went to Terre Haute and back (220 mile round trip). The speed limit is 60 and I obeyed it and got 34 mpg. I get about 32 at 70 mph when I go to nashville. I am now getting 23 city. My good mileage began really at about 20,000. All three of my previous Subarus got their best mileage beyond 20,000.

    It's not a hybrid but I'm thrilled with the mileage.

  • I confess, although I bought the car because of what's under the hood, I drive like an old woman in order to get the best fuel economy. Although on occassion I will call upon the rocket power of this fine turbo engine, I'm usually very, very light footed with the accelerator. However, I don't corner like an old lady, and I do take advantage of my powerplant's torque in some aggressive cornering.

    I drive mostly country/rural driving and interstate highway (I live in the Northern Catskills/Mid-Hudson Valley region of New York). I rarely exceed 65 MPH on the interstate in an effort to increase fuel economy. On long downhill sections of roadways, I often shift into neutral to lessen the engine speed and gas consumption.

    My old lady habits pay off with good fuel economy. My vehicle is EPA rated 19 MPG city/25 MPG highway. I tend to average 25-26.5 MPG with 90% rural/country/highway driving. The remaining 10% of mileage per tank is often stop-and-go traffic in suburban New Jersey and driving in evening rush hour traffic in Manhattan/NYC. If my driving excludes NJ/NYC rush hours and is completely rural driving, I can get 26-27 MPG. On long highway stretches of non-stop driving using cruise control, I can usually get 28-29 MPG, once even 30 MPG, as long as I don't exceed 65 MPH. All of these figures are mathematically calculated. I find the car's computer is usually overly optimistic by 0.8-1.5 MPG.

    My car, in non-winter months, is equipped with Pirelli PZero Nero M+S tires which I usually have pumped up 2-3 PSI above what Subaru recommends, which for my car is 35 PSI front and 33 PSI rear. These tires have a fairly high rolling resistance, especially in comparison to the OEM Potenza RE92 tires (but they handle so much better!). I normally travel alone in the car without any passengers with the exception of my dogs. My winter fuel economy tends to be lower, attributable to the use of winter tires, winter fuel composition, and colder operating temperatures.

    I fuel my car with 93 octane fuel mostly, but when 91 octane is available (most Sunoco stations) I will often purchase that if it saves me a couple of cents per gallon (my turbo engine requires 91+ octane).
  • subi4obssubi4obs Posts: 32
    2004 Impreza Outback Sport 2.5L and 4 speed automatic.

    27 MPG for overall average (since around 10 to 15 thousand miles).

    Mostly rural/highway/freeway driving, very little stop and go. Only driver (me, of course) and some gear in car. Original tires (Potenza) usually kept as close to correct inflation as possible, 32/29 PSI F/R. Been using Mobil 1 synthetic engine oil since about 1000 miles on odometer, which is currently over 26 thousand miles. Run only 87 Octance regular gas, cheapest I can get-- annoying pinging included.

    Almost forgot to add... I'm a heavy user of Cruise Control.
  • rangnerrangner Posts: 336
    Interesting, I have a 2000 Outback wagon and though I buy name-brand gas, I've also been having trouble with pinging. Has your OBS always done this or only recently? I think it might be the switch from MTBE to Ethanol.
  • subi4obssubi4obs Posts: 32
    It worried me a lot at first because I discovered the manufacture date was Feb. 2003, as stated on a doorframe plate, which I somehow overlooked when checking out the car before buying it off the lot. I got the car "new" in Sept. 2004, so that seemed a very long time, odometer read 28 miles after a short test drive.
    After realizing that the car must have spent a long time on the lot (actually came from Nashville, TN, about 100 miles from local dealership) I drained the gas tank to get any trapped bad gas out of there (are two sides to these, as you may or may not know, so that meant opening two different plugs). Then I changed the fuel filter. Well, I finally noticed the car will ping most when the gas tank gets below 1/2 full and especially if only at 1/4. Gas treatments were tried but I hadn't found any remedy by doing that. I think maybe higher octane helps but I only gave that a try twice.
    I almost always get gas at either Raceway or Pilot near home. Haven't checked into what percentage of other stuff might be mixed in. I think the majority of pinging-- aside from that caused (supposedly) by the tank levels-- happens only during acceleration and steady uphill climbs.
    Oh yeah... another thing too... there's also occassional high-pitched plunk noises during sudden decelerations (just once each time). Doesn't happen everytime but enough to be a bother to me. Sounds like a metal sheet being hit lightly under the car. I've found out that's possibly something about extra gas igniting in the exhaust pipe near the catalytic convertor, maybe, which is something I need to talk with the service people about when I take the car in for its 30K mile checkup.
    Another thing I had a lot with this car is the awful sulfur smells, another thing said to be about catalytic convertors having trouble with burning fuel cleanly enough or whatever. I don't know much about it, just what I've read or heard said. Luckily those are few and far between anymore, yet seemed to happen a lot during the first year or so.
    Thanks for asking Eric, hopefully not too much info given. :confuse: I really need to get a look at the Ethanol, MTBE stuff when I'm at the gas stations!
  • rangnerrangner Posts: 336
    I don't know if I've screwed up the math or not, but my wife drove the 2000 outback to nashville on a full tank of gas and when she got back I filled it up again taking 9.21 gallons. She drove between 70-75mph. Oh, and tire pressure was 32-33psi cold.

    With a round trip of 328 miles I figure 35.6 mpg?!! This is on shell v-power premium gas. Usually on regular I get 24-25mpg. I switched to premium because of somewhat regular pinging. Now it doesn't ping anymore and gets incredible mileage. I'll keep checking it to see if this mileage keeps up or not. I couldn't be happier! :)

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    That's great if your next tank doesn't average less than 20. Did you use the same pump? Some fill more than others, due to air pockets and other factors.

  • rangnerrangner Posts: 336
    No I didn't. I'll check at the next fill-up using the same pump--if I can remember which one.

    But the needle pegged at the same place it always does...
    I'll wait and see what it does on this tank.

  • jim314jim314 Posts: 491
    There is a simple conversion between mpgUS and L/100km: divide whichever one you have into 235 to get the other. To convert between mpgUK and L/100km divide whichever one you have into 282.

    1. 8.0 L/100 km ==> 235/8 = 29.4 mpgUS

    2. 8.0 L/100 km ==> 282/8 = 35.3 mpgUK

    3. 29.4 mpgUS ==> 235/29.4 = 8.0 L/100km

    4. 18.8 mpgUK ==> 282/18.8 = 15.0 L/100km
  • Not many posts going on here so I'll mention my change from 87 octane (almost always cheapest found) to 89 octane.

    It apparently dropped from 27 MPG to 24 or 25 at first. Now after 3 tankfuls it's back again to 27.

    I almost never buy gas from places like Chevron, Exxon, Shell, etc. so it's usually Murphy USA, RaceTrac (or Raceway), Pilot, Wavaho.

    I remember when I tried Shell premium once (only once) and I think the MPG increased to 28. But that was a couple years ago so I can't say that with absolute certainty. I'm considering paying a little more for awhile and see if it helps stop the engine knock I've been plagued with.

    For now I'm still getting the gas at the cheaper places and I might move on to the expensive stuff at least temporarily to find out what changes happen. I'd have done this sooner if not for the bad timing of price increases.

    Interestingly, the car is rated at 21 city, 27 hwy. I probably only drive in city traffic 10% of the time so the gas mileage must be what's to be expected.
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