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tire rotation

choochoomanchoochooman Member Posts: 38
edited October 2016 in Toyota
I have 90,000 mile tires with 5,100 miles on them I put the spare on left rear do to flat( aprox 100 miles ago) that can't be repaired I got a free replacement tire which is now the spare I want to have the new tire on the rear with about 100 miles and the spare tire put on front but tire places are saying the new tires should be on the rear. would it be safe to do this? I plan on driving 5,000 miles before doing a 5 tire rotation this is a front wheel drive highlander


  • drivingdavedrivingdave Member Posts: 9
    New tires are placed in the back because the rear axle helps you maintain control in wet conditions; new tires have more tread than older, more worn tires. There is a process for rotating in a full size spare ( which I am assuming is what you have) so that all 5 of your tires wear evenly. It is recommended that you get them rotated every 5-10,000 miles so you still have a little time but if you are having the tire replaced it wouldn't hurt to do it now.
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