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Oklahoma Sales Booming, So What's Up With Texas? - AutoObserver

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imageOklahoma Sales Booming, So What's Up With Texas? - AutoObserver

New-vehicle sales in Oklahoma and North Dakota are booming, which is understandable as those states are flush with new oil-and-gas development these days. Equally sensible is what new-car registration figures tell us about the awful economies of California and...

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  • leem4leem4 Member Posts: 2
    Well I can tell you personally why Michigan is not selling cars. That is when I moved to Michigan from North Carolina a couple years ago. My car insurance more than tripled. It's because Michigan has a No-fault policy which is basically to cover the people who don't have car insurance. Also I have a perfect driving record but still my car insurance more than tripled. So the end results. I have my home listed and I getting out of that money grubbing state. If you Google the states. It says that Michigan is number one (the most costly state to own a car) It costs more to own a car in Michigan than even California. So why don't the people wake up in Michigan. I don't care because while their sleeping I will be moving back to North Carolina. I am so sorry I moved to Michigan in the first place. The cost of living in high. The main reason I am moving back though is in the State Capitol there is so much corruption. The cost of license plates are expensive, renew your driving license same thing. There is no doubt this is one of the most corrupt states in the union. MICHIGAN RESIDENTS IF YOU CONTINUE TO DO WHAT YOU ALWAYS DONE,, YOU WILL CONTINUE TO GET WHAT YOU ALWAYS GOT.
  • leem4leem4 Member Posts: 2
    Yes there is something I left out about money grubbing Michigan. The cost of new cars are 3 times higher than some of the other states. I done research on a 2017 car 4 door sedan. I compared it to other states and I was fair. I even used the exact color of the interior and exterior. The cost of the same exact car was almost $3000.00 more to buy it brand new in Michigan than some of the other states. So it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out why Michigan is in the shape it's in. Michigan deserves everything it has got, simply because the people are allowing that so-called government in Lansing a government. What the people are basically doing though is paying taxes to a house of corruption.
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