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317nicole317nicole Member Posts: 1
edited October 2016 in Chevrolet
This car goes into reduced engine power mode several times a day. I was told the code was the throttle body/sensor since it is one piece/part. Change it and it is doing it even worse now!!' I almost died on the interstate and an intersection because of this piece of [non-permissible content removed]! Replaced transmission in February as it blew three large holes and an insane popping noise. I replaced the gas pedal sensor /pedal 2014. I have read sooooooo many chevy problems with this mystery and Dangerous situation!!!! Chevy should recall all of those sensors and wiring!!!!! This car is junk! I am the only owner bought it brand new ans service it on time etc..... So now I have brand new throttle and it still doesnt work 500 later and tomorrow will be back to the shop for further diagnosis 3 days in a row!! My car also leaks water when it rains on my feet on the drivers side floorboard . Coming from the sunroof drains constantly backing up!!!! This car is a nightmare and they should be banned!!!!! Taken off the roads! They are death traps!!!!!!!! I told my family if I die in this car you better sue gm/chevy . My air conditioner has issues too and kicks in and out. No mechanic can figure out why 
. Changed the switch. Made it worse and it is holding a charge. Don't ever buy one. My door locks don't work. Both of my key fobs fell apart.


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