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94 ford ranger doesnt start

colej0807colej0807 Posts: 1
edited November 2016 in Ford
I have a 94 ford ranger with 159 miles that doesn't start, it started stalling at first and it just wouldn't accelerate it would be on for maybe 10 minutes than it would turn off I've change the spark plugs , every sensor you can think of , change the fuel pump ,and a mechanic told me it could be the catalytic converter took it off and now it starts but turns off right away anybody have any idea it could be ?


  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Posts: 4,836
    edited November 2016
    Trying to have someone guess and just tell you what is wrong usually leads to tossing parts that aren't needed and hours of work with no solution. What's worse is random parts replacement can result in inadvertently adding additional problems to the vehicle leaving you further away from the final solution than you were in the beginning. Diagnosing a start/stall, or hard to start isn't that difficult when done first hand by an experienced technician. You have to first prove what you have that is working and what is failing and from there why, which is why the first question is when it cuts out did you lose spark, fuel or both? Losing fuel could be because you lost fuel pressure, or because you lost the injector pulse. Losing spark could be a primary command circuit issue or a coil circuit issue. Losing both leads to testing primary inputs to the PCM. If you lost neither of those then you have to prove or rule out not just compression, but if the engine is pumping fresh air or not (hence the catalyst suggestion).

    If you can perform proper testing I can lead you through this. You must first test and then report whether you have spark, and fuel. How did you prove their presence/absence?

  • tdave2017tdave2017 Posts: 4
    I have a 98 ranger, gave a friend of mine a jump now it won't start please help!
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