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Engine failure 2011 Lacrosse - 60,000 miles

treeves1treeves1 Member Posts: 1
edited November 2016 in Buick
2011 Buick Lacrosse (60,000 miles - properly maintained) broke down on vacation in Knoxville, TN - Buick begins to stall and the engine light came on (was flickering and no acceleration). We stopped immediately at a gas station and called AAA - who towed us to a certified AAA repair/tow company. We initially suspected it would be the fuel pump or filter . Mechanic in Knoxville who is a ASE certified mechanic for 40 years said it wasn't the fuel pump so he put his diagnostic tester and determined there were more problems and started to take apart the engine....and found the main valves were broken and fell into the pistons. ENGINE FAILURE and he said in his 40 years this had happened only 3 times but not on a 2011 car with only 60,000 miles. He said if we would have continued driving, the whole engine would have blown up.
Called the local Buick dealership and found out no recall, nor did we have the extended warranty (a big mistake - we loved the Lacrosse thinking it would last a long time). Looked up blue book value - worth $11,000 (with running engine) and a new engine would be approx. $8,000 and would take a week to replace. Sold the car to the mechanic and purchased a new Toyota Avalon in Knoxville. General Motors NOT UP TO PAR!
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