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Paint problems--2016 Lexus RX 350--Anyone Else?

55chevyguy155chevyguy1 Member Posts: 1
edited November 2016 in Lexus
My wife and I purchased a 2016 Lexus RX 350 pearl white in color. After about 7 months we noticed spots mainly on the roof. The curious thing about the spots are that they are under the clear coat. We had the vehicle checked by a paint professional and we confirmed that it was factory paint. We are presently dealing with the dealership but I want to see if there have been any other Lexus owners that have had similar issues with the paint on their cars.


  • chuckfromlichuckfromli Member Posts: 249
    Yes, purchased a CPO ‘14 RX 350, and have the exact same problem. Lexus corporate had me bring it to a dealer to be inspected. Dealer stated that they think it was caused by a foreign substance, maybe bird poop, eating down into the clearcoat, rather than a problem that was due to a paint contaminant. As such, they refused to help at all in rectifying it. 

    I am considering an NX this fall for my wife. I may rethink that and look into another make. 

    Ive been driving 41 years, owned eight new cars, six used cars, and all were subject to the same rain and bird poop and whatever, and no other car had this defect. 
  • LawMcPhee2019LawMcPhee2019 Member Posts: 1
    Yes, we are having paint problems with the paint on the hood of our 2013 RX350. The car is emactulate condistion except for the hood. Looking closely, the paint, it is bubbling up from under the paint making little pimples, that then crack open. As the car was getting repainted due to damage from a valet service, I wont be taking it to the dealship.

    We did have a problem with the headlights fogging over. Cheap plastic lenes. I complained about materials and workman ship to no avail. The rear lights didnt fogg over. Why did the front ones? I used "New Wipe" and problem solved. Very disapointed with the dealer for not standing behind the product.
  • cmcdallas1cmcdallas1 Member Posts: 18
    No known issues with paint on my 2017 RX350. That said, the roof rails on my vehicle have a hazy film on them that started developing shortly after buying the vehicle new! You see it in certain lights such as in a garage and it's clearly a defect.
  • elisheva60elisheva60 Member Posts: 1
    Have a 2013 Lexus rx450 hybrid. About 2 years ago, the rear spoiler looked striped. I had it repainted.
    Now the paint issues are MUCH worse. Noticed entire roof and side plastic on window totally scratched up. I actually thought it was vandalism. Brought it to the dealer and a couple reputable body shops. The clear coat had cracked and it was going down to the metal. Rear hatch, doors, all starting same problem. Yes, the car is left outside. But there are plenty of other -- cheaper and older cars -- left out at the same condo parking lot. They are NOT peeling away!! The roof must be repainted very soon. Very expensive!
    Needs to be sanded all the way down. Rest of the car will need it as well. I love the comfort and mechanical reliability of the vehicle. But the paint job is atrocious!! Btw, my vehicle was manufactured in Japan.
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