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Odd Situation with Purchase/Lease - Dealer does not know what they are doing ......

tsak31324tsak31324 Member Posts: 10
edited November 2016 in Land Rover
We are in an interesting situation. We signed Lease papers for a 2016 LR Discovery Sport in September 2016. We took possession of the vehicle, paid down payment (dealer has the money and cashed the check). Since the pay we signed the Lease documents, the dealer has contacted us to resign the papers 3 times, because Land Rover has rejected their paperwork, because of errors they continue to make on paperwork. Fast forward to last week ... Dealer contacted us again, and is requesting us to sign another set of documents, stating that Land Rover has still denied funding them for the vehicle. They are extremely apologetic, and are offering to pay our 2nd month's payment (which would be due, but Land Rover does not have an account for us -- we contacted LR Financial/Chase). Vehicle has not been titled/registered in our state, and we still have the vehicle. Dealer keeps sending us temporary tags for the vehicle. The most recent agreement they sent us to sign has amounts in the Lease crossed out and hand written amounts entered.

We are wondering if anyone has been in a situation like this, and what would you do?
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