Electrical issues

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Well I've been reading about this, and I'm not seeing anything where anyone is reporting an actual"it's fixed".
So last Friday as I pulled in to work my car stopped running, put it in neutral and tried to start it back up,wouldn't click or turn over. Put it in park and it started,drove towards a parking spot and it stopped again. Got parked and in park and it fired back up and stayed running,left in idle a min or 2, shut it off and went in to work,couple people suggested ignition switch. Got out of work and it started right up but put my foot on brake and it stalled, refired and stalled again. Also at this point started having issues with the electrical. Changed ignition switch and alternator today, hooked it up to jump start it, headlights work, dash lights up w/message board, but no radio or dome lights,and it won't even try to turn over to start up. Opened the door to nite to get something and the radio lit up instead of the dome light, What is going on.....someone have this and fixed it? Please tell me what u did....
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