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Honda Civic Security Feature Prevents Starting Engine of 2016 Honda Civic EX (CVT)

alternatoralternator IndianaPosts: 628
edited November 2016 in Honda
The first time this happened to me was a week ago (after

1,000 miles of driving new car without a problem). I don't

believe anything I did before this was in any way an unusual

use of my security system.

I put my foot on brake first, then pushed Start button.

Nothing happened, but the brake pedal felt as if it was

absolutely frozen (it would not depress one millimeter). I

got in and out of the car. I used key fob to lock and unlock

doors. I tried remote starting. Nothing worked.

I called Honda Roadside Assistance and help arrived within 20

minutes. The mechanic said he's been called for this same

problem with Civics before. He said there is something one

does which causes the Civic security system to deny starting

the engine. He couldn't say what that "something" was.

To overcome the problem, he said to use the key fob to lock

then unlock the doors, push on brake pedal, then push on

Start button. That seemed to work for him.

Two days later engine again would not start. Brake pedal felt

frozen. I followed the mechanic's advice. No soap. I tried

all sorts of sequences (in and out of car, lock and unlock

doors, etc., without success). Finally, I went 30-40 feet

away from car, locked doors with key fob and started engine

with remote start button on key fob.

Is anyone familiar with this problem? Can anyone tell me what

sequence of events might cause the Civic Security System to

deny use of the Start button?


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