Used SUV comparison Equinox vs Escape vs Sorento! Advice??

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Hello all. I'm new to the forum and am doing some research, I just thought I'd see if anyone has any first hand advice. In about 2 weeks I'm buying a used midsize SUV for my family and it will be my first new (new to me) vehicle buying experience. I've narrowed down what is available on the lot (going with a dealer that works with my credit) and is highly rated.I'm just curious what would be the best buy between the 3 vehicles I've narrowed down.
We're a family of 5 (man, woman, teenager, booster seat, baby seat).Tennessee area. 90% just light driving around town, and 4-5 trips yearly of about 800 miles to see family. I'm looking at:
-Longevity (this is important as these are used cars with some good miles on them)
-Comfort of roominess inside (theres 5 of us)
-Crash safety
The 3 SUVs I've narrowed down are:

2014 Ford Escape--78,000 miles

2013 Chevy Equinox--95,000 miles

2011 Kia Sorento--98,000 miles

These are all in the $13-$15,000 range and through reviews they all seem really similar in crash tests, reliability, gas mileage, comfort, etc. Any thoughts would be great!!! Thank you so much!!!


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    Sounds like you've done your homework and any of these would work well for you.

    I'd be partial to the Escape, if only because it's the newest year and has the least miles on it. It's probably not as roomy as the other two though.

    We have an appraisal tool here that you can use to check prices.
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    Maybe go a year older and get a CRV? A Sorento at a similar price to the others, but two years older - doesn't make sense to me (and the 100K warranty isn't transferable).
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    berri said:
    Maybe go a year older and get a CRV? A Sorento at a similar price to the others, but two years older - doesn't make sense to me (and the 100K warranty isn't transferable).
    A lot of people praise the CRV.  I haven't really checked one out but is it roomy? Particularly in the backseat? I have 2 car seats and a 14 year old to fit back there. It looks (on the outside and pics at least) that the backseat isn't quite as roomy for all that?? I've taken into account the warranties not carrying over but the dealership gives a 5 year 50k one so that made me feel a tad better. 
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    The backseat is roomier than you think and very efficient cargo. Check it out. It isn't #1 in that segment for so long without a reason. Then you can decide if it is right for you or not. But I think everything you mentioned may be a little tight in that entire segment. Good luck whatever you end up doing.
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    Give me some credit for not mentioning a minivan.

    Well, until just now. :)

    CR-Vs are very popular and are often the #1 researched vehicle here. Because of that, used prices tend to be a bit higher.
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    I think minivans probably depreciate faster also. Since they are looking used, that might be a very good idea for them.
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    Yeah Stever the lady doesn't like minivans lol. It was my first suggestion haha. I'm just not sure if a 2014 Escape with 78,000 miles is as good a buy as say, a CRV or something like that that is older like a 2010-2011 with 100,000. More miles but less miles per year?
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    Understand about your wife - that's a common reaction. We just happen to like them.

    I don't have any basis for my Escape prejudice among your choices, I just tend to prefer newer and lower miles. And yeah, may as well check out a CR-V.

    I'm trying to think if any VW would work for you since they make 'em down there (I lived in Chattanooga for ~3 years and have family there). Maybe a Passat wagon but I have the feeling you guys want a higher ride. Guess they still make Nissans there too but older Rogues have a poor CVT reputation.

    With any used car, getting a pre-purchase inspection can be cheap insurance. The extended warranties are okay, but it's even better to avoid the dealer in the first place.
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    The Escape has 3 engine options and several trim levels, so those can make a big difference, but I would rule it out because it is a size smaller than the other 2(considering needs to carry 5).
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    Agree, 2 car seats and a teenager means he needs width in the second row!
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    Makes sense to me. So now I'm in the Equinox court. Seems like they get reasonably good mpg for a big rig too.
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    Just got to worry about the oil maintenance
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    dexos. :)
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