2017 Honda Accord LX, how can the battery be maintained on a seasonally used new car

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I have a 2017 Accord LX which sits for months at a time. Previous vehicles, I could disconnect the battery to prevent the battery from draining but new vehicles do not allow this due to the number of programs running and computer chips. The car is left in a car port unattended and I'm not comfortable with leaving a trickle charger plugged in. The manufacture almost needs to provide a shutdown button like on a computer that would preserve any critical data prior to disconnecting the power. Currently thinking of having someone start the car bi-weekly for 30mins to help prevent the battery from dying. Any other suggestions?


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    Why 30 min??? Do a bi weekly 3-5 min start . My 2013 R-spec Genesis sits in my garage in S.C. for months at a time without being driven. So far no problems with battery.. Just had it tested recently.

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