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So driving down a small hill to go get a trailer my truck threw a Check Gauges light although all gauges we're fine I shut off the engine to check it. After checking oil, etc I tried restarting it and it started and ran really rough and then quit. Now the truck will not start unless fuel or Start fluid is put in the throttle body. When i start the truck sometimes random lights will come on without me even turning them on, i charged the battery overnight because I drained it from cranking and wanted to see if the alternator was putting out good so after I charged the battery I started it and took off a terminal and the truck automatically quit. So I went to Advance got a new alternator and installed and still the same ordeal. Now when i start the truck it will rev up to over 2 grand only in park or neutral and after i shift into drive it will idle back down but still has not even enough power to turn over on gravels. My engine light is on but have yet to get a OBD reader to see what it is throwing, will soon thought. Please help, any suggestions???


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    Try turning the ignition key on/off three times ending with it on. That will have the system display codes if it is capable of doing so. If it does, what code was displayed?
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