Remote Starter Kit

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I was considering adding the remote start option to my 16 Corolla S. When you add this feature do you get a set of new remotes to replace the originals? My wife lost her keys (remote) and if you get two new remotes I could kill two birds with one stone. What would be a good price to pay for an OEM kit? Recommendmets on where to buy the OEM kit? (I'm in PA) Is this the sort of installation that you should take to a dealership to be completed or should a good local mechanic be able to do it? Any additional advice?


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    I'd prefer that the dealer do it because adding stuff like this (and alarms) have been known to cause odd electrical problems in a year or three. A dealer install is more likely to avoid warranty issues.

    That said, a local "stereo" shop probably has more experience with adding aftermarket stuff (and it wouldn't surprise me if your local dealer farmed the work out to them).

    Dealers and most shops frown on installing parts that a customer brings in. They want to avoid getting stuck if the part goes bad and then the customer looks to the shop for warranty coverage.

    Don't know about the fobs.
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