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Mazda3 Real World MPG



  • jimwwhitejimwwhite Posts: 16
    OK, I'm thinking about getting the 2007 I3 w/AT. I'm replacing my '94 Volvo 850 with 342K miles on it. I get 30 mpg on it and I need more because I drive 120 miles roundtrip each day. The commute is at least 95% interstate with virtually no traffic when I go. I lock in at 65 mph from the time I hit the interstate until I get off and drive 2 miles to my office. I don't hot foot it or do a lot of passing, etc. I'm in the South so A/C will be on for six months of the year at least for the PM commute back home. What can I realistically expect for mpg on an I3 w/AT? Anyone out there doing something similar?
  • mscafmscaf Posts: 5
    Hey all i posted when i first bought my car (m3 gt w/man trans) first few tanks averaged 27.7mpg (according to the mpg computer).
    Now that the car is broken in i am driving it a bit harder and i'm averaging (again according to the mpg computer)-for the life of the car..28.7 mpg. Not too shabby i think, considering my mix is about 70%city. My ave MPH according to the computer is i think thats pretty darn acceptable. :) As for epa, i've always tended to get at least 2mpg better than the ratings..maybe i'm a slow poke? The only car i couldn't finnesse into better mpg's than the epa was my dads toyota sequoia (what a beast).
  • 05 m3, auto. mix of city and hw. average 20-23, with moderately heavy foot. a little disappointed bc most v6 mid-size cars average about the same mpg, what was the point of me buying a 4 cylinder? otherwise, love the way the car handles.
  • modockmodock Posts: 55
    From the mileage you are getting I assume you have the 2.3L and not the 2.0. Autos never get the mileage you want them too. And as you said you have a moderately heavy foot (read very heavy foot). From your info you are in New York, from this I read your city miles to be very stop and go. I would never expect to get anything near EPA from that description.

    As for why you got a 4 banger, you answered your own question
    love the way the car handles
    How many V-6 mid sized sedan can handle anywhere near what you 3 does.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    Modock nailed it. I have a 3i Touring (manual) and am averaging between 26-29mpg because of traffic, and the fact that I drive about 90-95% city driving. I have owned many cars, and typically find that I can get very close to the EPA mileage on the highway (within 2mpg), but am usually 3-5mpg below the EPA estimates for city driving...
  • aetiusaetius Posts: 2
    Hi guys.

    I have the 2.3L 2006 Mazda3 Sport GT(hatch) with the 5AT. Will complete 3 months on the 11th of this month and now have 2900kms on the odometer. Driving is almost 95% city driving with the long highway trip coming every other weekend.

    Up until 2000kms, I was getting 12.6 L/100kms. But recently, with a couple of long highway trips, it's now at 11.5 L/100kms. My style of driving is also mixed. Weekdays going to work is usually a LOT of stop and go traffic where I sit back. Weekends, I love to zoom-zoom.

    Is my car MPG doing what it should be doing?
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Is my car MPG doing what it should be doing?

    You may want to aim for an average of under 10L/100Km. That translates to approximately 25 mpg US. That is what Consumer Reports has rated the car and I have found that CR is realistic in their estimates. Also, expect mileage in the winter to be approximately 10% to 20% off this target, especially in a cold climate. For a comparison of your car against the Audi3, Dodge Caliber and Saab 92X (aka Subaru Impreza) see the latest issue of CR.
  • I have Mazda3 2.3L hatch manual and will complete 1 year next month. I used to be getting 24 mpg in city driving. Of late I am getting around 26 mpg. If I drive it with no hard acceleration I get 27 to 29 mpg. I drive around 20 miles every day and I noticed from my trip computer that if I drive less than a mile I get around 22 mpg. If I drive longer I get more mpg. Perhaps that could explain why there are so much variations in the mpg.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I noticed from my trip computer that if I drive less than a mile I get around 22 mpg. If I drive longer I get more mpg. Perhaps that could explain why there are so much variations in the mpg.

    True. As has been noted everywhere, short trips are very difficult on engines. The engine warms up to operating temperature and then is shut down as it's reaching its most efficient level or even worse it never reaches that point because the trip is so short. Highway cruising is obviously the reverse of this and that's the reason we get such great mileage.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    The EPA city tests assume that you are driving at least 7 miles with the A/C off with minor stop and go and zero to little wind.

    Reality for me is that I often take 2-4 mile trips with the A/C on in stop and go :)
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Filled up the Mazda3 for the first time since it became the go to school car for my daughter. School is 5 miles from home - plus this tank was also used for many other short in town trips. I think this would be the first time in a long time that NO highway driving was involved for a whole tank of gas.

    The result - 196.2 miles / 11.1 gallons = 17.7 MPG.

    I was getting a little over 20 MPG when it was used as the family car. Those duties are now handled by an Acura TL with a 3.5L 258 HP V6. Also filled it up this weekend and got 22.25 MPG.

    I expected a drop in MPG - after all it was all city driving - but am a little surprised that we are getting better MPG in the TL (all 4 tanks so far have been 22 or better) compared to what we use to get with the 4 banger Mazda.

    The TL is rated 20/29 - so we are only getting 2 MPG more than the EPA city rating - no big deal.

    This is really normal for us - all other vehicles we have owned over the years - have gotten just over the EPA city rating in our overall combined driving - all except the Mazda3 that is.
  • Are you driving in heavy, stop and go city traffic or is it just city driving with lights and stop signs but not a lot of prolonged idling?
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Hondas make among the best engines in the marketplace; the new Accord hybrid is a welcome sign for the future of high performance engines. In comparison, Mazda engines seem far less efficient. In my opinion, it is no longer sufficient to generate high output engines without engineering them to be true performers, that is high output and high efficiency.

    I would give the Mazda3 a few more tankfuls before deciding on its fuel efficiency average. It seems from your posting that the city/highway ratio is 100/0, is that right?

    What would you say the city/highway ratio is for the TL?

    Are both cars using manual or automatic transmissions ?

    Are you driving the Mazda3 or your daughter? Driving style can affect fuel efficiency, especially when comparing a sixteen and sixty year old. ;)
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    The Mazda3 has 24K+ miles - its a 2004 2.3L with the 4 speed auto.

    Most of these miles were what I would call city stop and go - drive a block - stop at a ed light - drive a block stop at a red light.

    My 16 year old drives very slow - she is not the lead foot type. I know I DON'T know 100% what she does when I am not around - but while teaching her to drive - and also riding with her all summer long - I had to tell her at least 100 times - SPEED UP - its a 35 MPH zone (most people drive 45) she would be doing 30 MPH!

    I am not 50 yet - and although I drive under control -almost never get passed -

    The thing that sticks out - and the reason I posted it - is the TL replaced the Mazda3 for our daily driver - used for the same trips - same traffic - same weather. All summer long we got around 20 with it - now we are getting better MPG out of the Acura TL - plus the AC blows ice cubes. Just a guess - but city / highway would be 65% city 35% highway. Only took one small (200 miles) highway trip with the TL - and got 32 MPG - best the Mazda3 ever got was 29.
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 214
    Don't quite know what to say, z71bill. I have been reading about your bad experience with the Mazda3 for a long time now. If I had your experience, I'd probably have sold the Mazda by now. I wonder how much having an automatic may have to do with it? And stop-and-go doesn't help either. But you are living in another world than I am. For my Mazda3S MT, 2004 with 33K miles, the most recent fillup was 438.4 miles and 12.0 gallons. And, as I think you are aware, that wasn't much different than the typical mileage I enjoy. Your gas tank doesn't have a leak? Clutch fully engaged? Brakes not dragging?
  • z71billz71bill Posts: 2,000
    Actually things are not that bad - most of the problems have been fixed - I lost track of how many trips to the dealer it took - maybe 16 or 17 (over 2 years) I was at 12 dealer visits in the first 12 months. The weak AC is still an issue - but even that has improved some.

    Looked at new cars this summer - considered trading the Mazda3 in on a Civic coupe - could not find one in the color we wanted - plus the EX with nav was rare in any color - and we thought that our daughter should get a year of driving in before we get her a new car.

    She is only driving about 100 miles a week - so the MPG is really not a big issue. By the time she graduates the Mazda3 should have a little over 30K miles - and still have 6 months of warranty left - will be a good time to trade it off.

    Maybe a 2008 Mazda3! I wonder if they will have all the bugs worked out by then?
  • Some summer tank fills with Mazda 3 2.0 manual to 6,000 miles. Lower figures reflect local driving with air conditioner on. 35.21, 34.5, 32.76, 34.5, 35.9, 33.71, 32.8, 31.59, 27.83, 31.87, 31.62.
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Posts: 214
    We do share the weak A/C issue. Mine has also improved some.... from non-existent to adequate at max. settings in moderate conditions. But living at 7500' elevation in Colo., A/C is not important. We had the heat on in our house today (which does not have A/C).

    Glad to know you have found some "peace". The next car we will be shopping for is a new SUV.
  • yes, it was all city driving, only a few miles each way, with the ac blasting. temps were really high for those few weeks. i have had better mileage lately commuting further with a mix of 50-/50 city/ hw. about 24 mpg. and,i do have a moderately heavy foot. read: moderately heavy foot. which means i use at most 3/4 throttle, occasionally, when the traffic clears. but, that's not very often in nyc. i'd feel like a yoyo if i were to floor it and then slam on the brakes every block.
  • dc_driverdc_driver Posts: 712
    I now have 1200+ miles on my 3i Touring (manual, purchased in late June), and I just got 28.5mpg in mostly (90-95%) city driving. This is with running the AC on all the time, and taking many short trips in stop and go traffic. I was previously averaging about 16mpg-18mpg in a 05 Mazda Tribute (V6+AWD), and 19-21mpg in an 02 Nissan Altima SE (V6).

    Very happy. Pretty sure I can achieve 30mpg once it is broken-in..
  • Mine is 5 speed hatch, with only 17200 miles. I run Mobil 1 changing it every 4K or so. I was getting 27-28 mpg until recently. With the increase in gas prices we decided to drive more conservatively and have gotten 31-32 mpg in mixed driving over the last 6 fill ups. The car is still fun to drive with a little less zoom zoom and now the game is to try and drive as smoothly as practicable. I also believe the engine may have only recently become fully broken in. I am generally pleased with the balance of fun and economy.
  • that's it, i can't get any better mileage than this. just drove a week, first half was all hw-70 mph. second half was to the city with moderate traffic-not the usual stop and go. no ac usage either. i didn't even rev the engine past 3000 rpms while accelerating. got nearly 25 mpg over the 250 miles. i guess i can go back to my old habits if all i'm gonna save is 3 mpg trying to drive like a grandpa.
  • nofeernofeer Posts: 381
    since you have the trip computer could you do me a favor? would you do a 5-10 mile stint at 65 with ac. i have a new job that is 62miles one way(yipes) but it's only 5 days out of a 20 day work month.
    i'm going to lease, the gas is my reponsiblity, so i want the best hwy mileage i can get and try try to get something that is a hoot to drive getting to that speed (you are not a cop are you??)

    thanks for any help you can give me. but for others that have the trip computer maybe we can post our own test for 45, 55, 65, 70 and 75 mph and associated mileage.
    and a city run, stop and go.

    i also find consumer reports to be the most accurate of any site, since they also give, city, hwy, 150mile trip and overall to address most situations EPA is a 30 year old joke. but i can't seem to find CR eval for a 2.3 manual which i will buy (seems to have a slick shifter, unlike the mustang--cramp city.)
  • everfebeverfeb Posts: 115
    '04 hatch 4spd ATX bot Dec 11 '03. Only around 13,000 miles on her now.
    Last 3 tanks average is 24.86mpg on 51%H/49%City. EPA #'s for 51H/49C would equate to 26.31 mpg based on 29H/24C. So I'm only 5.51% lower than EPA suggests. Very nice weather. A/C not on for more than 10 min over the 3 tanks. Not bad considering my city driving is very stop go with signs or lights my first 10 blocks. The bulk of my highway driving is single lane at 50-60mph (deer and wildlife) for frequently only 5 mi one way...on occasion 18mi one way. By the time I hit the highway going out engine is warm from putting through town.
    Return highway trip engine is stone cold after sitting 4-5 hours so not particularly fuel efficient the first few miles of return trip I would think.
    The nice number above will be drastically lower though when cold weather sets in.
    My last all highway trip (200mi) was 29.4mpg at 60-65 mph.
    Anyway...haven't posted here for a long time...used to be chronic mpg complainer but mpg is slowly getting better.
    Maybe because I drive so little it's taking even longer than normal to break in.
  • Just FYI - I've got a trip computer in my GT and it's consistently 1-1.5mpg lower than my actual mpg as measured by miles traveled and fuel dispensed. I wouldn't trust any readings from it, especially for short 5-10 mile stints.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    '04 hatch 4spd ATX ... average is 24.86 mpg

    Sounds like you are right on the money. An average of 25 mpg is what :
    - Consumer Reports tested for the Mazda3 hatchback with ATX (automatic transmission);
    - my Mazda Protege5 (predecessor to the Mazda 3) hatchback with ATX is getting.
  • everfebeverfeb Posts: 115
    Can your computer show you the mpg you are (supposedly) getting when you drive 40mph, 50mph, 60mph, etc.?
    At a steady 40mpH would it show you are getting 40mpG
    At 50mpH would it show you are getting 35mpG. At 80mpH-22mpG.
    Just curious if the computer can do this type of thing?
    I'd like to know what kind of mpG the computer says one would get at 40mpH compared to say 80mpH.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    only have about 750 miles on the car so far. Three tank fulls 29,26,28 so far. At this point i am one happy camper with the mpgs. And as far as the computer says im averaging like 26mpg. I use the miles divided by gallons to figure out those numbers.
  • After about 900 miles, I'm seeing 22.3 MPG by both the on board computer and also by calculating manually at my last fill up. I'm a lead foot and do about 80% city driving, with a very short daily commute. Ironically, this is about the same that I saw on the 98 V6 5 speed Firebird that I just traded in.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    :( I have a 2004 Mazda3 Hatchback, auto shift -- build date October 2003. City mpg has varied from 13-14 and highway 17-19 mpg. Six visits to dealer has gotten no satisfaction whatsoever. Any suggestions? Any others with this problem, especially with this build date. Thanks.
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