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    29-30 in a 3s manual and mostly highway driving. :)
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    After 2,300 miles in my 2005 3s manual hatchback ...

    So far I've only used the car to commute to and from work between downtown and the 'burbs, with about a 50/50 mix of city and highway driving. But I must admit I frequently succumb to zoom-zoomitis, especially pulling away from toll plazas. That said ...

    27 mpg

    I'm looking forward to a long road trip in the mountains in the last week of June, so I can (a) gauge my mileage in an all-highway setting, and (b) push this baby through the twisties!!! (There's not one mile of Interstate highway on my 400-mile itinerary, AR AR AR!!!)

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    My last few tanks have been just over 19 MPG - mostly city driving.

    My high is 29 MPG on a 100% highway trip.

    A few tanks last summer I was only getting 16 MPG - this was right after I got my CEL problem fixed - something they did lowered my MPG.
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    With a 1 year old 5-speed, I just eeked out 35 mpg on a trip from Minneapolis to Chicago. Given normal mostly highway driving in the great white north, I get 30 or so to the gallon.
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    2200 miles on a '05 SP23 hatch (manual)...about 25mpg on 50/50 city & highway mix.
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    I've now got 2,700 miles on my 2-month-old 2005 Mazda3s hatch (5-speed) and got 28 mpg on my last tank. Again, a commuter's mix of highway and city driving. Big highway trip is only two weeks away ... more to come!

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    With my 2.3 Automatic Hatch to date I've averaged 22.74 mpUSgal on
    41%city/59%highway driving. Around town I get an average of around 18 mpg and on the highway around 28 mpg. I live in a small town with stop signs on just about every corner, poorly timed traffic lights and a maximum speed of 30 mph..all of which probably contributes to my terrible around town mileage and brings my overall average down significantly. Since buying in Dec. of '03 I've been through 2 brutally cold winters with temps. reaching -40F or colder for many weeks. This cold weather really hurts my mileage. In 2 different "all town" mileage checks in
    -30 to -40F temps I got 13.89 and 14.9 mpUSgal. On the other hand...in pleasant weather...I took a 2 hour highway trip at 55mph and got 35.66 mpg. My 3 seems to be OK on the highway but I am not happy with my city mileage as I've tried every trick in the book to improve it and nothing except warm weather seems to help. Please, when posting on the subject of gas mileage, be sure to mention your engine size, type of transmission and the approximate % of city/highway driving you do. Posts that do not include this information are a waste of time. If you have a 2.3 atx and get 25mpg in mostly stop and go city driving..that is great mileage. But if you get 25 mpg with your 2.0
    5spd with most of the driving being done on the highway at 60mph...25mpg is terrible. Both cars get 25mpg...but 25mpg is wonderful for one and terrible for the other.
    So far the posters on this thread are doing it right!!!

    BTW...I did a mileage survey on another forum...
    ...2.3atx owners were averaging 22.22mpUSgal city/27.19mpg highway.
    ...2.3 5spd owners averaged 23.89mpg city/ 31.18 highway.
    ...there were not enough responses from 2.0 owners to compile any data.
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    I've been through 2 brutally cold winters with temps. reaching -40F or colder for many weeks. This cold weather really hurts my mileage.

    Agreed! In fact, I would venture to say, that winter driving in Canada has a more significant effect on overall mileage than almost anything else you do to your car. The only way I can see that one could improve a car's overall mileage in Canada is by using a block heater.
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    I already did post all that. Go back a few posts -- it's not like 13 whole posts are going to take very long to read. My most recent post was just an update to my first one.

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    Meade...I know you did...which is why I said..."So far the posters on this thread are doing it right."

    It really irritates me when I read discussions on gas mileage and poster after poster will say they get a "lousy 25mpg" but don't mention relevant things like
    engine size, transmission, how much city/highway driving they do and how they drive (like a madman or a granny). Without this information it's impossible to determine if the poster IS actually getting lousy mileage or not.

    Anyway...I made my original post in the hope that FUTURE POSTERS on this mileage thread provide all the information needed to make their post meaningful for comparison and discussion purposes.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Member Posts: 4,421
    Looking forward to next Friday and my first-ever long trip in my 2005 hatch! I'll be itching to finally post some mpg numbers in the 30s!

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    100I have a 2004 Mazda 3 I with a automatic transmission.

    For the first 10,000 miles (with Sams Club Gas), my Mazda returned ~21 mpg (in city). I have now started filling her up with Chevron Gas and after 15,000 miles I get ~27 mpg in city (AC off), 23-25 mpg (AC on), 30 mpg (city/highway mixed). In a Louisville-Chicago roundtrip I observed 35 mpg (100% highway).
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    I have a Mazda 3S Auto, sedan, with the sports package, rear wing, leather, heated seats, sunroof, 17" tires, with 500 miles on it. I just filled up for the first time(Dealer gave me full tank) and I am getting 27.8 MPG. I run mostly highway miles with the AC cranking 80% of the time on stop and go Chicago traffic. :shades:
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    2.0, Auto, GS package
    Last one was 24.8, mainly city. 20% air on, a bit of horse play with the auto-stick. Would bought the 2.3 Auto but expected it to be worse.
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    Just went on a trip from Atlanta to Chattanooga for the weekend. It was low 90's relatively high humidity.. did 80mph there and back with A/C set on 2 all the way there and back with some minor city driving and did 26.8 mpg.. Pretty cool.
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    I've been checking the mileage since I got my 05s and I'm getting between 26 and 31 mpg mostly in town, mostly w/o the air but windows down....I've got just over 3000 miles....I bought the car for better mileage than my V-8 dakota so I've been trying to keep the foot down mentality to a minimum.....I'm very happy with the mileage and I'm very happy with the cool air I'm getting without the air on....the dodge blew hot air right onto your right foot which made it impossible to drive w/o the air on....the (s) blows nice cool area down in that area. :P
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    Just got our car today but will keep y'all informed about the mileage, as it'll be mostly city driving...probaly 70/30. So far, we love our Mazda 3 S.
    Zoom Zoom!

    The Sandman :)
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    What is the point of having this discussion in the Mazdaspeed catagory. We dont even know what kind of milage the Mazdaspeed3 will get. Meanwhile, the future Mazdaspeed discussion is in the regular Mazda3 forum. Seems like those discussions should really be swapped.
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    I got 23 mpg. I checked with 2 gastanks that yielded about 240 miles each. I did mostly highway driving. I'm not overly happy with the current MPG. I have 2.3L engine, 5sp-manual transmission, hatchback model, with the beefier 17 inch wheels. About 4 weeks of use, with 1100 miles in odometer. My driving style is sportier, but I try to optimize the need for braking, by smarter use of lanes. I suspect the engine tuning is not correct, because the engine feels wet/moist. The engine sometimes stalls on idle, or requires a second key turn to start. There is a prominent flutter from exhaust on low rews, which I don't think belongs there. The exhaust pipe has quite a lot soot on it. I suspect that if i took the vehicle to emissions tests, it would not pass at this point. I'm waiting for more miles, to see if engine wears in.
  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    We just got the car last week and we love it. We got the manumatic auto tranny and was wondering if the mileage will get better after the 1st oil change or after about 5k miles? The 2.3 can really move when it has to and the shifts are unnoticeable and very silky. We got the Sunlight Silver after they couldn't get the Titanium for us. So glad now they couldn't find it as we both love the Silver color. They even put a darker gray pin stripe on it and it looks a bit classier!
    Zoom Zoom!

    The Sandman :)
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    6500 miles. Philadelphia city driving with stop signs and lights everywhere. I do very little highway driving and have been averaging around 17-22 mpg. The first 2000-3000 I got terrible mileage in the 17mpg range. Got better with time but never get close to 24 mpg city rating. A/C is used very little. I have the 2.3 5door with automatic. '06 models get 5 spd automatics which will hopefully improve mileage for those owners. I wish I could get a new tranny installed seeing as though mine shifts very hard (1-2 upshift) after the car sits overnight. Dealer says they can't duplicate problem (they also got me for a $42 oil change because of different oil filter and "O" ring).
  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    From what I've been reading, the 5 speed automatic will be an option for the S model. Can anyone confirm this? We also got a prepaid maintenance program and feel satisfied, as it coes with 15 oil changes and tire rotations every 6k miles. The price at our dealership for an oil change is now $29.95. They said that the oil change needs to be done at a Mazda dealer as it needs some special Mazda specific tool or something. Actually, with the dealer so close from our house, 1.6 miles, the convience is worth it to us and the fact that Mazda parts will be used makes us that much happier.
    Ready to take on any critizisum(?)...so let me have it guys!
    Zoom Zoom!

    The Sandman :)
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    I'm running in the mid 20s so far. 4800 miles on my car. The bulk of the miles are from two long round trips where i think I averaged 27-28 mpg.

    My Kia would average 30-32 for the same trips and 27 or so on my commute to work. My Mazda is averaging 25 for the same trip.

    And like chavis10 I also experience a hard 1-2 shift the very first time I shift in the morning.

    I love the car but the fuel economy is disappointing. I hope the new 5AT puts highway fuel economy above 30
  • chavis10chavis10 Member Posts: 166
    I found this info on the web. Makes me mad because I'd love some of these features. Bose, Driver info center, 5spd auto, variable wipers, LED taillights, heated seats, pollen filter, outside temp display, and automatic temp control. These new features will be available in top "Grand Touring" trim level. Read on:

    New Features for 2006

    The 2006 MAZDA3 is a carry-over model, but there are some exciting new features for 2006 models including the addition of variable valve timing (VVT) to the 2.0L engine, the addition of PZEV (for five states) to the 2.3L engine, and the addition of a 5-Speed Sport AT to the 2.3L engine. All models with air conditioning also contain a pollen filter and ambient (outside) temperature display in the center instrument panel. All 2.3L models add standard ABS and variable-intermittent front wipers. The new 2.3L “s Grand Touring” model (which replaces the successful 05MY Special Edition SP23) contains the SP23 features plus automatic climate control and a driving information system (trip computer) for around the same price as SP23 – a great value on a well-equipped car! There are two new exterior colors for 2.3L models: Copper Red Mica (replaces Lava Orange) and Whitewater Pearl Mica (replaces Rally White).

    Pricing for 2006

    The 2006 pricing is based on 2005 models with pricing adjustments for equipment changes. Estimated pricing for major equipment changes includes ABS ($300 MSRP), SAB/SAC ($500 MSRP), 5AT ($950 MSRP), Bose Audio ($400 MSRP), Manual A/C ($880 MSRP), Automatic A/C ($100 MSRP), Driving Information System ($50 MSRP), and Whitewater Pearl Paint ($200 MSRP).

    Build Combinations and Model Lineup for 2006

    In addition to all these great new features, the really big news for 2006 MAZDA3 is a reduction in factory build combinations from 110 to 50 MSCs which will help all dealers with production ordering and inventory management. Here is a summary of the model lineup and MSC changes:

    This MSC reduction is a direct result of dealer feedback regarding the need to streamline the MAZDA3 ordering and inventory process. The majority of the MSC reduction is a result of making previous 2005 model optional equipment (e.g., ABS, SAB/SAC, Xenon, TPMS) standard on certain 2006 models. Also, the Navigation System is now only available as an option on the “s Grand Touring” model, and Bose Audio is added to the Moonroof and 6-CD Changer option package on the “s Grand Touring” model.

    Feature Models for 2006

    The 2006 MAZDA3 advertising will continue to feature the well-equipped MAZDA3 4-Door model in Titanium Gray Metallic and the well-equipped MAZDA3 5-Door model in Winning Blue Metallic. The featured price leader model will continue to be the entry-level MAZDA3 i 4-Door with manual transmission, air conditioning, and D&D charge with an estimated “Starting At” price of $15,140 MSRP which is $50 MSRP higher than the 05MY MSRP due to the addition of VVT on the 2.0L engine and pollen filter and outside temperature display on models with air conditioning.

    Individual dealer ordering and sales history for 05MY should be used as the basis for 06MY ordering; however, please refer to the 2006 MAZDA3 Spec Decks and consider the following points when placing your orders:

    Ø 2.0L 4-Door “i” model

    o The 15” alloy wheel option is no longer available.

    o The ABS/SAB/SAC package is now available on entry-level 4-Door models with A/C. Please consider the increasing popularity of this option (over 50% take rate nationally for 05MY) and the expectation that key competitors will offer standard ABS/SAB/SAC for 06MY. The MAZDA3 ABS/SAB/SAC will be competitively priced for 06MY.

    Ø 2.0L 4-Door “i Touring” model

    o The core 2.0L 4-Door “i Touring” model replaces the “Power Package with 16” alloys” and both the equipment level and pricing are similar to that of the 2005 model.

    o Standard equipment: “i” model plus air conditioning with pollen filter and outside temperature display, power door locks/windows/mirrors, cruise control, keyless entry, driver’s seat tilt/height/lumbar, 16” alloy wheels, 205/55VR16 tires, front tweeter (2) speakers.

    Ø 2.3L 4-Door and 5-Door “s” models

    o Carry-over 2005 model equipment plus pollen filter, outside temperature display, and variable-intermittent wipers. ABS is now standard equipment on all 2.3L models.

    o Options include the all-new 5AT, the very popular Moonroof & 6-CD Changer package, and SAB/SAC package (on 4-Door model).

    Ø 2.3L 4-Door and 5-Door “s Touring” models

    o Making key sport and safety equipment standard on the “s Touring” model and simultaneously limiting options results in a significant decrease in build combinations.

    o Standard equipment: “s” model plus 17” alloy wheels and side sills (4-Door model) and standard SAB/SAC. Options include 5AT, Moonroof/6-CD package, and Leather Trimmed Seats.

    Ø 2.3L 4-Door and 5-Door “s Grand Touring” models

    o Builds on the popularity of the well-equipped and highly popular SP23 (with black leather interior and eight available exterior colors) while reducing build complexity by offering only three options: 5AT, Moonroof/6-CD/Bose Audio package, and Navigation System.

    o Standard equipment: “s Touring” plus leather trimmed seats, heated front seats, automatic climate control, driver info system, auto on/off headlights, rain-sensing windshield wipers, Xenon HID headlights, tire pressure monitor system, security system, LED taillights (5-Door).
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    Too bad you have to get leather to get Bose.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Member Posts: 4,421
    Glad I got my non-ABS 3 while I could!

  • x5918x5918 Member Posts: 30
    Got 245 miles with a tank full of gas. A/C is always on, driving 10 city / 90 highway mix. Mostly 50 to 65 mph (3s hb, mt, 17 inch wheels).

    Drag coefficients: 0.332 / 0.346 (4 door vs 5 door hatchback, with 17 inch wheels)

    The hatchback model has somewhat higher drag coefficient, and cross section area than the other Mazda3 models, which could explain the mediocre/poor gas mileage. Still, the highway mileage for this model is declared as 32 mpgh (the dealership sticker said 30 mpg) - the gap is simply too big :lemon: .

    Maybe somebody could get a class act lawsuit started, against Mazda for disclosing too favorable gas mileage? Did anybody feel they got violated?

  • cticti Member Posts: 131
    It's the governments fault (and possible your driving) that is causing you to get fuel economy numbers that don't match the stated numbers.

    Write your Congressman and Senators and demand they update the EPA mileage tests to more accurately reflect actual driving. Of course, they never will because that might mean autos will have their mileage ratings downgraded. And that would cause companies to miss mandated fuel economy standards.

    BTW, how many gallons was your "full" tank of gas? I am still trying to figure out how much gas I really have left when my fuel gauge is on E.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Member Posts: 4,421
    My big highway trip a few weeks ago was quite favorable, gas-mileage wise!

    Despite the fact that my car was loaded to the ceiling from the front passenger seat to the tailgate (and I'm not lying) with several hundred pounds of camping gear, two (full) coolers, 150 pounds of radio equipment, and other stuff, AND my trip was mostly on two-lane, twisty (i.e. fun) state highways in the mountains, AND I used my A/C almost the entire time, I still managed to pull off 30.3 mpg over my 500-plus-mile odyssey.

    BTW, I just crossed 5,000 miles on my 3-month-old 2005 Mazda3S hatch. (Wow, do I drive THAT much?!) I'm still averaging 27-28 mpg every fillup (except the one above), where my driving is mostly commuting and weekend shopping with the wife and kid. And yes, like many of you I too suffer from the frequent urge to smear the crap out of other cars leaving toll booths, traffic lights, etc. And I tend to drive 65 in a 55 zone and, well, I've been up to around 90 in a 65 (hey, the traffic was going nearly that fast -- we're talking I-95 between Richmond and D.C.).

    Just FWIW, I've had the car up to just under 100 one day just to see what it felt like after reading about Mazda's desire to make this car handle reassuringly at speed.

    Know what?

    They were right.

    This car is MUCH more firmly footed at 90 than my 2000 Protege was! Mazda has turned what used to be a white-knuckled experience into an enjoyable high-speed cruise.

    Good thing I'm related to two of the judges in my county!!!


  • x5918x5918 Member Posts: 30
    It has now become apparent to me, why I will never have the chance to meet the EPA highway mpg. Why would anyone drive 48 mph on a highway! (inconsiderate and outright dangerous). The solution, would be, for the Environmental Protection Agency to introduce two more mpg's called "freeway" and "expressway". How about this: highway = 48 mph, freeway = 58 mph , expressway = 68 mph. All three mileages would be quoted, together with the nominal speed. End of confusion.
  • autonomousautonomous Member Posts: 1,769
    You're not the first person to be disappointed by failing to meet the EPA heights for fuel economy. Personally, I use them as relative rather than absolute numbers. In other words, compared to a Toyota Corolla the Mazda3 is a less fuel efficient vehicle and the EPA numbers as well as a test drive will prove that. If you were aiming at reaching the EPA figures you would have to be driving very conservatively (under the speed limit, with minimal short stops and avoiding a host of other gas wasting activities). You can try changing your driving style or, like me, learn to love the borg.
  • mdaffronmdaffron Member Posts: 4,421
    A car getting 3 mpg more than mine will go maybe 36 miles more on a tank of gas, or about a gallon and some change. These days it costs me $26 to fill up my Mazda3, so an extra 36 miles per tankful would put about $2.75 back in my pocket. What would you rather have -- a car that's BORING AS HELL, or one less Big Mac a week?

    I'll give up the Big Mac and keep on Zoomin'!

  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    Filled up the Mazda3 today - the low fuel light came on just as I pulled up to the pump - 12.7 gallons - 227 miles - 17.9 MPG!

    The Mazda3 is NOT a Performance car - NOT a Sports car - NOT a Luxury car - and with 17.9 MPG NOT even an Economy car.

    My full size SUV gets better MPG -
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    bill - You might want to get an emissions test. If the car is out-of-spec Mazda would have to fix it, and this could be related to the lousy fuel mileage! (just an idea)
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    If something was wrong with the emissions wouldn't a CEL come on?

    The engine seems to run fine.

    The only thing that I have changed is my tire PSI.

    The dealership told me that I had 35 PSI - in all of my tires - they adjusted them to 32 PSI.

    I check the tires every few weeks with a digital gauge - and always set them at 32.5 - I checked them when I got home from the dealership and got 29.5 PSI - so I dug around and found 3 more tire gauges - they all read 32 - seems that my digital gauge is off by 2.5 PSI.

    My tires are now at 32 PSI - I know that tire pressure can impact MPG - but didn't think 3 PSI could make this much difference.
  • damien3damien3 Member Posts: 1
    I was averaging similar mpg figures as you with a MZ3s 4 spd sedan (strato blue 17s & leather/moonroof) until it hit approx 10,000 miles. I then started to notice improvement. I am now at 13,800 miles (after owning the vehicle 11 mos. - 4 oil changes). I tracked the mpg on my last fill-up. I let it run down to 1/4 tank @ 260 miles. Fill took a little over 10 gal. I'm averaging 25 mpg's with 60/40 highway to city driving under average load.

    I live outside of Manhattan but commute daily and sometimes have 1-3 members of my family with me. They love the 3, in fact, were split between the sedan/5 dr. Fortunately, we all agreed on the color & ultimately, I decided on the sedan.

    P.S. It's OK to track your fills/mpg's, but be careful not to run the tank down too often. It puts a burden/wear on the fuel pump.

    Enjoy the car. For the money, it can't be beat. Have no regrets. Was researching and test driving for months before my purchase last August @ Smith Cairns up on Cenral Ave. in Yonkers, N.Y. (they were great). If you've read the boards you'll see the pros/cons, but all in all, this is a terrific little car for the money and such a pleasure to drive. It's the best ride in the compact category and can compete with many vehicles a "step up." I test drove those too, during my search. The bottom line is, I think we should just say THANK YOU MAZDA.

    By the way, this is my first message on these boards, but I've been checking them out for the past 12 months or so and would like to extend my appreciation to those who participate. It has been very informative.

    Special hello and thank you to Meade. What's up Meade (:>)
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    If something was wrong with the emissions wouldn't a CEL come on?

    Well, it should, but as we always say at work, "should is the key word here". ;)
  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    It's been 3 weks since we got our 3s sedan and we're very happy with the car. It's really a blast to drive and it does feel more upscale than the Corolla, Civic, or even the Sentra which is my ride. I checked out the Protege back in '03, but the price I got for my Sentra was to good to pass up.
    Hopefully the mileage will improve at about 5k miles or so, but that's my only complaint up till now. I think I might end up with the 3 within the next 18 to 24 months.

    I'd be very happy to get it!!
    Zoom Zoom.

    The Sandman :)
  • mdaffronmdaffron Member Posts: 4,421
    You are using more than just 1st gear to get around, aren't you?


  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    I normally just put it in reverse and drive backwards every where I go!

    My low MPG is still Mazda's fault - they should have designed an auto tranny with more that one reverse gear!
  • heelundtoeheelundtoe Member Posts: 5
    First, how could anyone interested in an economy car or a sporty car choose an automatic?

    Second, and more importantly, do you, like 99% of drivers, accelerate toward red lights? If so, do you run toward obviously locked doors? In the latter's case, at least you're burning calories; in the former's, I guess you think burning more fuel is worth the fun. If that's the case, then don't complain about mileage.

    Third, have you noticed the maddening climate control issues that thwart good gas mileage? For example, the air conditioner comes on when the vents are directed to the floor, the floor and defroster, and the defroster only. In other words, if you want to run the fan and not have the air conditioner come on, you have to choose the dash vents or dash and floor vents. Ironically, when the default a/c is on, the car automatically brings in fresh air; this is strange in that, in winter, it's much more efficient to recirculate the newly warmed air (albeit re-dehumidifying it).

    We also own a 1998 Sienna, and I'm just now getting used to the defroster turning on the air conditioning by default. Still, there are times when the passenger compartment's air doesn't need dehumidifying and warm air will clear the windows. At least in the Sienna, I can choose floor/defroster and keep the windows cleared and the car warm without running the a/c and wasting fuel.

    In the Mazda, the only way to warm the car (i.e. including your feet) without wasting fuel is to choose dash/floor. That means, to clear the windows, you have to run the a/c.

    The worst thing about this phenomenon is that the 3 doesn't even let you know that all of these over-rides are taking place. If the default a/c is on, the a/c indicator light doesn't even illuminate! One day, we were driving with the windows and moonroof open; I decided to turn on the floor fan to push any hot air from the floor to simply cool our feet with blown air. My wife noticed how really cold that air was. We also noticed really cold air wafting out of the defroster vents. I looked down at the a/c indicator light, and, nope, it wasn't on. Still, I noticed that our engine power decreased. It was only after thoroughly reading the driver's manual that I understood what's going on.

    So, if you want good mileage, slow down and only use the dash and dash/floor vents.
  • x5918x5918 Member Posts: 30
    I have also wondered why soo many people begin a seemlessy pointless, and energy wasting race towards a traffic light already turned red. I myself try to coast slowly towards the light in the hope that it will turn green again. In about 30% cases I can continue on 2nd gear. My explanation to the red racing is that these people are so very much annoyed by the obstructionists running in front of them for the last 3 or 4 lights, that they are trying very hard to get a better karma.

    From own experience, I can tell that consistently passing 1 or 2 cars between each traffic light controlled intersection makes a huge difference. Very often I see myself as the last car going through the green wave, when a whole bunch of cars behind me are stuck on amber and red. Maybe they just enjoy spending time traffic?
  • z71billz71bill Member Posts: 1,986
    First of all the Mazda3 is not a sports car.

    I understand that a manual will almost always give you better MPG & performance - but since this car is also used by my wife and will soon be taken over by my 16 year old daughter - plus we drive in real crappy traffic - stop and go - on a good day - stop and slow on most days - the auto was A BETTER CHOICE FOR OUR NEEDS. The manual VS auto has been debated many times before - not much anyone can add to that. I have nothing against a manual - have owned both cars and trucks that had them - but I buy what fits my needs.
  • herrkaleuherrkaleu Member Posts: 62
    @heelundtoe: that AC phenomenum is really bad.... especially since I use the defroster when I start the car in winter and the coolant is still cold. the AC would make it even colder... Also, I like to blow air to the windshield all the time. So it doesn't fog and the air is distributed more evenly. since that would mean with a Mazda 3, that mileage would be even worse, I almost tend not to buy one. I really do like it... the only disadvantage compared to a civic or corolla is the mileage. And Mazda makes it even worse with the AC. Even cars with auto-climate control allow an economy modus w/o AC. Is ther eany way to turn that automatism off? some cars have secret ways to reprogram (i.e. by pushing buttons in a certain order etcetera).
    I currently own a Seat Ibiza (which is a VW.... I'm still in germany, but move to te US in August). That AC DOESN'T turn on when when outside temperature is below 5°C. but it never turns on without me turning it on. just the way it is supposed to.
    I hate when designers make the car more expensice (with that AC control) just for the designins sake... and make the car worse....
    don't your windschields fog in winter when the air only goes to the dash and the feet?`
  • heelundtoeheelundtoe Member Posts: 5

    I said "sporty," not "sports."

    I live in one of the top-10 traffic-congested cities in the US and I still wouldn't get a slush-box.

    I would never dictate what tranny a person should choose; I am just saying that if you want a "sporty" car, or if you want better fuel economy, get the stick.

    I will say, though, that although (i think) Mazda claims 5th gear is an overdrive, it's more like a true fifth gear. The car needs a 6-speed.
  • heelundtoeheelundtoe Member Posts: 5
    Herr Kaleu,

    I don't know of an over-ride, but if you find one, please post it!

    I live in the northern US (probably where you're moving, given the number of Germans we have here!), and I haven't had to test the climate control system in cold weather; but, with my experience with our Sienna, I think I could keep the windows cleared without running the defroster. The only exception is usually after running or skiing, when warm bodies require the a/c be on.

    It will be interesting if you have the same concerns about fuel mileage, err, I mean economy, when you get here. The Germans here are typically so surprised by the relatively cheap gas prices they run out an get a pickup or SUV!
  • smariasmaria Member Posts: 279
    Somewhat off topic, but my 2002 Honda Civic Coupe does the same thing. It's impossible for me to blow air onto the windshield without the A/C automatically coming on. I thought I was the only one who was annoyed by this, since it lowers gas mileage and doesn't allow any manual control of the A/C system...glad to hear that other people hate this "feature" too.
  • jmillsjmills Member Posts: 77
    26 MPG mixed City Hwy avverage
    29.9 MPG Max Interstate at 75 MPH

    2004 Mazda 3 5 door with automatic.
  • sandman46sandman46 Member Posts: 1,798
    At what mileage did you start getting those figure? Our 3 S 4 door with automatic is not near your figures yet. But we've only got about 1500 miles on her.

    The Sandman :)
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