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I want to install a 3" liftkit on my 2000 extended
cab 2wd Silverado and still retain the factory
alloy wheels and tires.I ordered a kit from Fabtech
through Performance Products but the factory
wheels won't fit,so the kit will be returned.
Anyone know who makes a suspension liftkit for this


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    I didn't think that anyone made a "suspension" lift kit yet, because of the independent suspension and torsion bars. From all I have found, all the new Silverado kits are "body lift" kits. Is that what you are referring to?

    If you find a true suspension kit for a 99 forward Silverado, let us all know please. I am looking at replacing my totalled 99 Silverado and will be looking for a suspension lift on whatever I buy. Most likely another GM.
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    The show Trucks on TNN had an episode where they put a 6" lift on a 1999 Silverado. I don't remember if it was a body or suspension lift. Looked awesome when they were done.
  • bud_light_dudebud_light_dude Member Posts: 330
    Was all the suspension completely tucked up under the body or could you see the frame rails,etc.?

    If you can see the frame rails from a standing side view, most likely it is a body lift and not a true suspension lift. The benefit of a lift is more ground clearance. A body lift is only cosmetic and leaves the same ground clearance as before the lift. To me, it is a waste of money unless show is all you care about.

    Just my opinion.
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    I believe it was a suspension lift now that I think about it more.
    There were numerous new front suspension parts included in this particular kit.
    I don't remember the manufacturer of this lift though.
    I'll try to tape the episode when it is rerun again.
  • bud_light_dudebud_light_dude Member Posts: 330
    I would be extremely interested if it is a true suspension lift. Please do keep us informed if you find out.

  • bobs5bobs5 Member Posts: 557
    I did some searching and found the following, concerning the 6" lift as shown on Trucks on TNN.
    Click on the jan 8,9 show to see a pic of what they did. blue silverado "sinister silverado"
    The 6" lift is from Super Lift

    This is much more work than I would do personally but it looks interesting.
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    I got my petersons 4X4 magazine last night and on the very back cover, they advertised a 4" suspension lift for the 99-00 Silverado trucks made by Rancho. First I had seen, so it looks like they are available. This one even specified not having to change drive axles for the ones with Autotrac 4X4! I forget now what the price was. It was very late when I saw it and just went to bed, but I will check it out further and report back.

    Thanks for the above links and info. I will check them out.
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    Rancho makes a 4" kit that does not needthe new shaft. Trailmaster makes a 4" kit that also uses the factory shaft. The only 6" kit for the 1/2 ton is from Superlift, and you MUST replace the front shaft with a double cardan type. ($399.00!). There is a 6" kit from Rough Country, but only for 3/4 ton, no auto trac, no new shaft. All the kits range from $1,200.00 to $1,500.00. If I get the vibes in my Z71 fixed, I will be lifting also. Anyone seen any objective tests on these kits? I would like to hear about ride quality and suspension travel, as well as overall strength vs stock.
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    This weekend, weather permiting, i'll be installing Rancho's RS6545 4" lift.
    Keep you posted.

  • bud_light_dudebud_light_dude Member Posts: 330
    Please do! I am especially interested to see what the difficulty level is installing yourself, what additional tools you need, special little tricks you learned for yourself to make the job easier, etc.

    Thanks for keeping us informed.

    I get my company bonus in March and I am looking to do the 4" Rancho.

    What size and type tires are you going with?
  • jweimholtjweimholt Member Posts: 15

    I'm going with BFG AT/KO LT285/75R/16D on the factory alum wheels.
    Don't think my off-road use will require forged wheels.
    This kit does require differential and frame modification.

    1. The front diff lower frame mnt is removed.
    2. The upper mnt of the diff housing is removed
    as is some material from the left side of the
    diff to provide clearance for the lower control
    arm frame pocket.

    Some special tools required are:
    1. Torsion Bar Unloading tool J36202-A
    2. Ball Joint Separator J43631
    3. Universal Steering Linkage Puller J24319-B
    This one may be subd for with a Generic 2 Jaw
    Universal Puller.

    Looks like Great Weekend Wheather here in NWA.

    Hope to post Mon/Tue.
  • bud_light_dudebud_light_dude Member Posts: 330
    Thanks for the update. Good luck with the install!
  • gwyatt1gwyatt1 Member Posts: 22
    If a lift kit is installed, does this void the
    warranty. I would love to put a lift kit on my
    2000 Silverado if it doesn't void it. Otherwise,
    I can wait three years.

  • bud_light_dudebud_light_dude Member Posts: 330
    It will only void the warranty on the parts that are replaced or if GM can prove that the lift kit parts caused the failure of the part that is supposed to be covered, which they will not usually spend the time or money to do.
  • jweimholtjweimholt Member Posts: 15
    Well, after a weeks delay I finally found time to do this much "anticipated" install.
    It was certainly well worth the time and effort.
    Just had it aligned today. I think my truck looks pretty decent. Haven't had time to take it off-road but there's a good weekend coming up.
    I'll try to put together a post in the next couple of days.
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    I'm ready to order my new truck. Moving up to Z71 and want to consider a bigger tire than the P265 option. I don't want to give GM the extra $240 to $365 for the P265 upgrade, when I can probably do it aftermarket for that same price on a tire trade (at least I'm hoping). I've looked, but don't find a good resource on what my options are for tire size. I'm thinking I want a P285, but not definite. I don't figure I'll ever go as far as put a lift kit on it, but then again, may if it is the only option. Anyone know the biggest tire size I can use without modification on the Z71?
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    I have seen and spoken with someone that had 285/75R16 BF Goodrich A/T's on his Silverado 1500 with the Z71 package. No problems with rubbing, even when the front end was under compression.

    I have a Silverado 2500 Extended Cab Short Bed 4 x 4 LT on order and due to arrive on 22 Feb at the dealer. I plan on driving it down to the tire dealer immediately and having 285's installed. I had the HD suspension package on mine and expect no problems from the tires. The total cost for the new tires will be $409.08 to exchange the stock tires for the BFG's.

  • jweimholtjweimholt Member Posts: 15
    Rancho's manual claims a 12hr install time. I consider myself mechanically inclined and it took me right at 23 hr. Granted I've never done a job like this and I didn't rush things. The service manager and I are good friends. They recently did a Rancho job that took them the same amount of time.

    Other than the tools I mentioned in my earlier post these will be needed.
    1. High lift floor jack. @ least 21"
    2. Large "C" clamps (9")
    3. Adjustable straps
    4. Reciprocating saw ( to modify frame and
    differential )
    5. Grinder/die grinder
    6. Torque wrench 0-250 lbs
    7. Bring everythig you got as far as 3/8 and
    1/2 drive sockets ( metric and standard ),
    extensions, swivels etc.
    8. Long heavy duty nylon wire ties. ( keeping
    calipers and hub/bearing assembly tied to
    the upper control arms )

    It is extremely important to replace torison bars, CV flanges, and front drive shaft/pinion relationships as original. Be sure to mark left/right, front/rear, and indexing of matiing parts before disassembly.

    Front end:

    Everything is pretty straight forward. When removing the ball joints use a hammer on the knuckle to break loose the taper lock while applying pressure with the removal tool. The bottom of the ball joint has a hex recess for intall of torque nuts.
    Help support the diff assembly while cutting off the front diff lower frame mnt to keep the saw from binding.
    I fabricated a cradle for the subframe that balanced on the floor jack. It was invaluable for me.
    Ah, the removal of them material from the left/driver side of the diff.
    This is to provide clearance for the lower control arm frame pocket.
    Rancho gave absolutely no guidline for the amount of material needed to be removed.
    It took me three tries of intalling the subframe before I removed enough.
    The "casted fins" are almost completely removed.

    Installation of subframe/diff:

    Also pretty straight forward. Did have to jockey the subframe to align mnting holes/bolts.
    Be careful when laying out the holes for the torsion bar drop down brackets. You will probably have to work on the holes with a dremel/die grinder. It's a pretty tight fit.

    I found that the torsion bar adjustment arms almost bottom out on the nut to maintain fender to spindle distance (25.5).

    Rear End:

    Four jacks stands are a + here.
    Support the truck so the entire axle is totally free.
    Installation of the spring pack is easy if the opposite side U-bolts are loose.
    The nylon straps are also neccesary for adding the new spring.

    4.5" backspacing is required on the wheels.
    Factory wheels are 5". They won't work. They interfer with the steering knuckles.
    I went with American Racing Silver Nitro/BFG 285/75 KO combo. They look great.

    Rancho is one of two, Dick Cepeck the other, suspension lifts I would recommend.

    Be patient when doing this job. You will be rewarded with one helluva good looking truck.

    I hope to have picturesof my truck soon.
    Any suggestions for websites to post to would be appreciated. I hope to be truck of the month on Rancho's site.
  • gnippergnipper Member Posts: 120
    To all - thanks for the information on the tire sizes. I was out on Saturday and saw a 2000 3/4 ton 4x4 - solid black, looked very nice, had great tires, and they were 285 75R16 - exactly what I thought I wanted, this confirmed it, perfect size for the truck. I know I was looking at a 3/4 and I'm buying the 1/2 Z71, but it was the look I want in a tire. I'm going to stop by a couple of tire stores tomorrow and see what they'll do for me on trade, then I'm headed to order the truck. But at least I'm not going to pay GM $200 extra for the 265's, I'll take that and a little more and get the 285's that I really want.

    I hope my ordering experience isn't as bad as others have expressed on these forums. The first day I looked two weeks ago, Sewell GMC here in Dallas, had their first 4 door truck arrive on the lot. It was exactly like I wanted with the exception of no heated mirrors. I may regret forever not buying that truck because it could take forever to order. I'm lucky enough to qualify for the GMO pricing and this will give me time to sell my '96 out right right. They wanted to give me about $3000 less trade than I really think its worth.

    But anyway thanks for the info on tires and I'll let you know how it turns out. I may consider a lift kit in a few months. But this is my first 4X4 and the Z71 package will be enough for now.
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    I am going to have a 6" Superlift suspension kit installed on my 2000 Silverado. Superlift says that the largest tire I can go with is something like a Super Swamper SSR 13 x 12.50R16 on an 8" wheel. A recent episode of TNN's "Trucks!" (Project Sinister Silverado) showed them installing Mickey Thompson Baja Claws 35 x 13.5-16LT on Centerline wheels. Mickey Thompson recommends a 10 to 12" rim for that tire. Superlift says this combination will rub. Does anyone know for sure??? I can not order my wheels and tires until I hear from someone regarding the above. Also, Centerline's wheels come in 8" and 9.5".
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    Please post your experiences. I too am going to lift my '00 Z71 with the 6" superlift. I think I will stay with the 33" BFG's only because I can't afford the gear change at the same time. ( Z71 = 3.73) I am told that 15's will work, and they are cheaper for the tires AND wheels, but it would be nice to know what you find out. I think the 10" wheels are a mistake. The GM's need too much positive offset to keep the tire/wheel under the truck, else you will defintitely rub. I might be wrong, but I think the TNN truck had a body lift also, and I know from experience that you should stay away from body lifts unless you have to have it, or need to stay CHEAP. Who knows, this may fix my vibration problem too.
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