What should my target price be for the 2017 Rav4 XLE? I'm in the 32703 zipcode in Apopka FL.

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I am not interested on adding any packages or options.


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    The trick with Florida is avoiding the excessive fees. See Earl Stewart Toyota for the low down. You could even get a quote from them but they are a one price dealer so their selling prices aren't as good. They have to make a profit somewhere and they do it by marking up the cars instead of the fees.

    Invoice for your zip is $26,277 including destination. I say for your zip because there's a $251 advertising fee that I don't think you should pay.

    MSRP is $27,770 and the True Market Value average price paid for your area is $25,072. Those numbers include the $940 destination too.

    Since TMV is an average, I'd aim for $23,600. That's 15% off MSRP (about $2,400 off my "adjusted" invoice) and probably isn't doable, but you may as well make it a target. Odd things happen at the end of the month and sometimes dealers scramble to make quota since that can easily add $500 to every sale that month from the manufacturer. And they may be dealing for the Black Friday weekend.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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