Accelerating from a stop

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When I am taking off from a complete stop, a thump is generated that is relative to the speed of acceleration. It feels as though there is slop in a u-joint or slippage in the transmission. I have inspected the u-joints and they are not the problem. It could also be a problem in the differential. any insight that could be offered is appreciated.


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    That's enough information for a tech to take the car for a drive, experience the symptom and then start inspecting/investigating the condition, but that is all it is. Things like engine or transmission mounts would fit into the list of possibilities but you don't want to just guess.
  • stanbzsstanbzs Member Posts: 2
    Thank you for the advice. That is a possibility I have not considered. It has been a great truck and I would like to figure this out. I will share what I find out. I don't often drive in a way that it presents but when it does, it is a hard reminder.
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