Instrument Cluster, battery drain and Radio Skipping

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edited November 2016 in Plymouth
Hi everyone,
I will make this straight and to the point. Instrument cluster is not working, battery drains in two days and radio skips stations on fm, usb and bluetooth, factory did it and now an after market pioneer bluetooth stereo.
I know it has to be a ground issue but cannot resolve it... Im hoping to get someone with experience to assist with this...
Already have done: Checked the wires under the battery and all ground points in the engine compartment, Resoldered the cold solder points on the cluster and climate control module, replaced the bcm Body Control Module and clock spring, Checked all fuses and relays including the hazard fuse. Checked and cleaned headlight switch. It all started after a deep freeze last year. Now im also getting an iac code even though i have replaced the iac.
As you can see i have tried everthing i have been able to find during my research and need someone who has knowledge to help me resolve this please...
I hope this works,
Thanx in advance, Ed
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