FIAT 500X---Clunky transmission biases. Simply it's untrue.

johnotisjohnotis Member Posts: 1
edited November 2016 in FIAT
I started this thread to address the biased comments that the 9 speed auto trans in the 500x is clunky and confused. It's not the case. If you drive will fight back..perhaps that's the issue, driver input error. The 9 speed debuted in the lackluster Chrysler 200 to less than stellar reviews and I think this alone taints the commentary in relation to the 500x. Mine is smooth and has not once hesitated or left me feeling the car wasn't performing as Fiat intended. I drive both city and highway and love it. In fact I often just joy ride weekend mornings with the dual pane roof open.
Bottom line... This car gets dissed before people even take a look. Do yourselves a favor, go try one. I'm willing to bet you'll be impressed. I find the 500x to be a better value than even Mazda, whose option packages do offer high content and electronicslike navigation , but tip the scale price wise beyond the Fiat msrp. Remember one pays msrp. That's much to think about.
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