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heater woes

shoebox2shoebox2 Member Posts: 1
edited December 2016 in Lincoln
Climate control system not working properly. I have checked the thermostat and flushed the radiator without success. With heat set to maximum (90°) I get full heat when set to maximum air. Obviously air-conditioning is not working, but that is not my issue. When set to direct heat to the floor, the temperature is cool and the airflow appears to be okay. When I switch back to maximum air I get heat. I can hear the blender actuator doors opening and closing and it properly directs the airflow to the defrost, floor, and air. So the problem seems to be a temperature sensor for the floor and normal heat setting. Any suggestions on what needs to be fixed? I'm reluctant to dive into the actuator as it requires full removal of the dash. Winter is coming that I need help as soon as possible as my feet are freezing.


  • nwraaanwraaa Member Posts: 177
    The blend door actuator has to be replaced. You are hearing the other doors in the system. This door is on the passenger side of the car, a few inches under the windshield. Remove the plastic kick pieces at the doors on both sides of the front seats, pull back the black door trim near the dash pad at both sides of the car, I usually remove the glove compartment, remove the plastic pieces from the instrument panel, disconnect the gear shift cable under the steering wheel, remove the bolts to lower the steering wheel so that it lays on the driver seat, remove the screws on top of the dash pad near the windshield, look under the instrument panel at both ends and remove the bolts, pull the dash board back far enough to remove the blend door actuator. It is a 3" x 3" flat white box under the windshield near the firewall. I usually break the wing that is under the windshield to get it out. It takes me about 4 hours to replace one.
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