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Chrysler Aspen



  • ...that, stylistic issues aside (it's not a bad-looking vehicle, but I agree that it reminds me of the Durango), in 2006 DaimlerChrysler has yet to roll out a serious hybrid-based vehicle. Even the Compass, which aside from definite fugliness, looked like a step in a positive smaller direction, from the review I read has mediocre mileage at best...barely 20 on the highway, if I read correctly.
  • beach15beach15 Posts: 1,305
    1) They haven't used a Mitsu-based engine since 2000, with the last of the old 3.0L. The 3.3L and 3.8L have always been Chrysler engines through and through.

    2) Good point about the AWD, though that was actual due to the MIDDLE row fold away seats. If they just did the 3rd row, AWD could have stayed like the Toyota, but with the middle row floor pan dropped for those seats to fold under--no room for the driveshaft anymore, or the other components. A tradeoff, yes, but it was such a slim market, more people would go for the seat choice anyway.

    That said, the Aspen still serves a specific purpose--tougher and more powerful, and suited for things like towing, and the T&C more for general family and stuff hauling, with better economy and more usable room.
  • Its too much like its sister the Durango...the exterior styling is nice but too much like the Durango, and the in terior is nice bit it should have a different design and high quality materials...would I buy cuz I'm getting the new M-B GL 450...
  • jrb4jrb4 Posts: 1
    I have had 2 jeep grand cherokees already. (96 & 2001)
    Never had a problem with either. My parents have had a 2000 and a 2004. Never a problem. My sister had a 2001 and now 2006 liberty. Never a problem. I now have a an 04 Nissan armada with loads of problems. Guess where I am headed. Back to the Chrysler / Jeep dealer to look at the Aspen and Commander. :)
  • Tried every car in the last 4 weeks. I agree with all the comments above... BUT this vehicle has the best front seat for the driver that I have been in...especially for a over 6'... it's too bad they can't put the seating system in another suv or car! Toyota & Nissan & BMW (Yes I owned a 530)and Lexus all need to copy it!
  • stew24stew24 Posts: 28
    How much money would it have really cost them to give this thing a more distinctive Chrysler grill? Why not give it quad headlights and a 300C grill? Those big single eyeballs on the edge of the fenders just look cheap and unimaginative. Is it really necessary for the grill to take up that much real estate?

    Why does Chrysler not put the effort forth to establish the Aspen as the owner of this design. What I mean by this with GM, .. The Yukon Denali came before the Cadillac Escalade, .. but with the public its the Denali that wants to be an Escalade, ... but with this Aspen .. its just an homogenized effort that seems to want to be a Durango?? Although I'm not an auto designer, I feel I have some good ideas. With the Aspen I would have given it chiseled LED tail lights, perhaps clear that turns to red, done in a destinctive Aspen way. I would have given it a special wider LED third brake light. With the front bumper which looks a plain and cheap as some of the stuff found on GM econoboxes, why not do some more sculpting for asthetic value? How about molding in some bumper guards or perhaps a two tone skid plate area ( Not for function, but for appearance). These recommendations couldn't break the bank for sure, but I'd bet they'd draw more buyers to the showroom. As it stands I wouldn't give it a passing thought if I were in the market for a larger premium SUV.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Thanks for your comments...I realize that many of the posters here (sometimes including me) just post to complain, so I see a lot of Jeep complaints...but, when my brother was looking at a Jeep a few years ago, as he drove past the service department, the bays were overflowing with Jeeps on the racks...does this prove anything???, not really, but when he looked into the Hyundai service dept, he hardly saw any cars at all, bought a Hyundai, and has never had a single problem with it in 50K miles...does THAT prove anything???, but his experience did seem to correlate with the Jeep complaints as stated here...even tho THAT does not prove anything, I still thought it was worthwhile for me to ask the question...:):):):):)
  • Does anyone know how I can optain a Chrysler EC or FPP discount number? I want to lease a new Chrysler Apsen and this would help greatly. I have the GMID for the GM cars, but would prefer to lease the Apsen instead. Any help would be appreciated.
    Kelly :)
  • What is EC and EPP? I would get the Durango instead of the Aspen. I just purchased a 2007 Durango Limited AWD and it looks so much better on the outside.

  • EC is the employee discount and FFP is the discount for Friends and Famliy.
    You may like the look of the durango better, but I like the look of the aspen much more. To me I see more class. The durango is beefy. I am looking for class not beefy. Everyone has their own opinions and mine is that I love the look of the new Aspen.
  • I forgot to add, did you test drive both the durango and the aspen? I did and saw a huge diffence between the two in how they drive. The durango drove more like a truck, and the aspen drove like my husband's 300C. :)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • Hello

    I ordered my Durango in August and it came in late September. The reason for ordering is because I could not find one that had both electronic stability control and side curtain air bags and was not white. The cost is lower in 07.

    I could not have driven the Aspen. I find the ride to be good and I have no complaints about the vehicle.

    Good luck with your Aspen.

  • american brands, especially the BIG 3, seem to not getting the message, BLATANTLY REBADGING doesn't WORKED!!!!!! people aren't stupid, well maybe some are, like Aztek buyers. Chrysler should be smarter than that, they are the 300 creator after all.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    A national news magazine is looking to interview consumers who have recently (within the past three months) purchased a large SUV and would like to talk about your decision to purchase that car. Please send an e-mail to no later than Wednesday, November 8, 2006 by 2:00 PM PST/5:00 EST containing your daytime contact information.

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  • I’ve been cruising some blogs about ASPEN, and all I am hearing is kids crying and whining about the length of the front bumper, size of the grill, stop lights…and other crap…all I can say is GET A LIFE, if you don’t like this car move on and pick one you like…it shouldn’t be hard, as we live in big all USA where you can buy a car and drive it off without spending a dime!!!

    Does anybody have any idea on how much residual value is on fully loaded HEMI Aspen?

    This is great car offered at great price, and for us who are 6' 3" and over, and over 250 lbs. we need this I look like a dush bag in those minivans...OK?

    So let's get some tips on how to get into one of these babies...I personally can't wait to sit my a** in black HEMI Aspen...

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    We'll put a request in for a Leasing and Prices Paid discussion for the Aspen for the Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences board. Stay tuned!
  • Steve...that's great...thanks...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Kyfdx was especially fast tonight; must be trying to work off some turkey and dressing :shades: - enjoy:

    Chrysler Aspen: Prices Paid & Buying Experience

    Chrysler Aspen: Lease Questions
  • I love my Aspen. Great to drive. Fully loaded. Great price. Flexfuel. It looks a little like the Durango, I get alot of second looks and compliments. Had a Lexus hit my bumper, my damages were 800.00, his were 4,000.00. I'd say it's pretty sturdy in a crash!
  • We researched several SUV's with certain options that we were looking for and we bought a FULLY loaded Aspen that we are very happy with. The ride and interior are plush, the 8 speaker Alpine system with subwoofer and 368 watt amp is powerful and crystal clear. We have the remote start, DVD Nav, Video entertainment, 20 inch chrome wheels, power liftgate, sunroof, towing package, etc. There was no other SUV on the market that could give us all that we have for the price.

    The exterior is a matter of personal opinion. We think it looks great and with all the compliments we have gotten, we must be right. It is a great looking SUV. Let us not forget that the 300 was considered ugly too by "experts", and look at the sales of that car. We bought one of those too.
  • thjattythjatty Posts: 14
    I just ordered a fully loaded Aspen today from my local dealer. I researched the heck out of all suvs for 3 solid months. On lux side, I've owned a Landcruiser, Porsche, tricked out Z71 suburban, and some very nice VWs. I've researched like crazy; considered the following:
    Acura MDX (not crazy about new body style)
    Mercedes Benz G320CDI (nice but just too darn expensive. I could buy one, but I just wont shell out that much for a car)
    Lexus GX (no fold flat and it's a smaller version of my LandCruiser)
    Acadia and Outlook (too pricey for what you get), and have decided to go with the ASPEN. It fits my needs best; family cruiser, 4x4, nice, lux. I want to keep this for a long time. My wife has a Pacifica which we really enjoy. We take it on trips everywhere and its great for the family. So...
    I should have it by next week as it is coming from another dealers inventory. the bang for the buck factor is the clincher for me.
  • All big SUBs and trucks need big grills to cool off the big engines. I'd consider a minivan if they came with 4WD and could tow my 6,000 lb. camper over the moutain passes.

    Somehow, the minor exterior changes vs. the Durango make it a nicer looking vehicle in my opinion. I have a 2002 Durango and will probably be buying a new Durango or Aspen this summer.
  • vrbkavrbka Posts: 1
    Am looking at the same rig for my wife. What was the msrp on your rig? The one we are looking at is $45,326. Can you tell me where you got it, and as much as I hate to ask, what kind of deal did you get?? Thanks p.s. how's the gas mileage with the mds hemi???
  • blue05blue05 Posts: 42
    I just purchased one nice vehicle my only compliant is the back end jumps around over some bumps . The mileage isn't bad at all if you keep the R P Ms around two grand 20-22 mpg highway can be achieved . If you like the rumble of the exhaust and the sound of the HEMI you will have no problem getting single digit gas mileage.
  • I have a 2007 Aspen 2 weeks old and 420 miles on it and yesterday it cut off in the middle of the road failing to restart . I tried to do a vehicle systems check with no success the lights and radio worked .The ring around the D in drive disappeared . This is my first Chrysler product and last when you spend 40,000 plus you don't expect it break down after 2 weeks ,420 miles ,and still have TEMP tags on it. :mad:
  • Every state has LEMON LAWS, you should have 30-days to register a complaint with the could entitle you to a new vehicle or money back...check it out.
  • blue05blue05 Posts: 42
    I contacted a lemon lawyer in the state of Maryland and was told the dealer has 4 times to fix the problem or 30 days in the shop within 15 months or 15,000 miles . The vehicle was out of service for 17 days .Here is what really PISSED me off was i had 420 miles and a full tank of gas when it was towed in . I was told my vehicle was ready so I went to the dealership and waited for them to bring me my truck . I got in to find 1\2 tank of gas and 334 added miles put on my vehicle . The long and short i asked about my gas the excessive miles we had to do this ensure the problem was fix and can't reimburse you for your gas . The Front Control Module was the problem . :mad:
  • buddytdbuddytd Posts: 1

    I just got an essentially brand new 2007 Aspen from Orange County Jeep
    in Costa Mesa CA. I live in Oregon, and saw their demo (21 miles) when
    we were down there in February. I took it for a long test drive and
    thought about it. It was fully equipped with essentially everything
    you can imagine - 120v inverter, heated second row seats, second row
    console, towing package, entertainment system, gps, rear parking
    assistance, all kinds of stuff. They took almost 10K off the price.

    When I got back to Oregon, I couldn't find a deal even close. So I
    called them up two weeks later. They still had it, and we came to a
    great price. They shipped it up to me for WAY less than it would have
    cost me to fly down and drive it back. Altogether a great experience.

    I surprised my wife with it - she had no idea it was coming. So, it's
    actually her car.

    I have one immediate difficulty. The one item they didn't get was the
    automatic controls for the heater air conditioner. Instead of the cool
    digital controls, these are all mechanical, just like the controls on
    our eight year old van.

    I called two dealers and was told it was going to be impossible to
    change out the manual controls with the electronic ones. I get the
    feeling that neither one of them wanted to do the homework. I even
    called the Chrysler hotline in the owners manual, but they referred me
    back to the dealer.

    I haven't tried the selling dealer because they are too far away. Even
    if they could do the work, it is not going to be possible to get the
    car to them to do it.

    So, here I am. Open to any and all suggestions.

    Bud Izen
    Mineral Gray 2007
  • toprotortoprotor Posts: 1
    I live in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and spend many hours on the roads and freeways. I leased a 2007 Chrysler Aspen with the 5.7 Hemi one year ago for a three (3) year period. I am satisfied with the performance other than the 13 mpg figure. Since then I have seen exactly five (5) other Aspens throughout the area. Other than terrible gas mileage, is there a clue in here somewhere?
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