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Chrysler Pacifica Real World MPG

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
Please post your Pacifica's actual MPG here.

"Real World" Fuel Economy vs. EPA Estimates

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  • ms_mayorms_mayor Posts: 113
    Around town: (primary type of driving...I'm a stay-at-home mom who shuttles kids around) 18 mpg.

    Highway: (vacations, etc.) 23 mpg, averaging 65 mph
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    I get about the same.

    You can get the official numbers if you drive it kindly (engine RPM at lower than 2500 RPM).
  • okpacificaokpacifica Posts: 11
    2005 AWD Touring
    11mpg town
    22-25 hiway

    16 overall average
  • Wife gets about 16.5 City and we got 21.5 to 22 driving from KC to FL and back last spring.
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    I get 20.1 - 20.5 between RI and MD with the AC on, in my AWD 2005. It has 27k miles on it now. Speeds are variant. It typically uses 3/4 a tank to make the trip
  • tristan1tristan1 Posts: 39
    Hey guys, Just bought an 04 awd with all the options exept the 19" rims. That limited pac is awesome!!! I wanted to get one but my budget won't let me.I noticed the chrome window/pillar molding is pretty sweet. How's the fitting? I'm thinking about getting a set in ebay but not sure on how will it fit.

    MPG on mine a/c on cruising @ 70mph. is 23.2 On rush hour heavy traffic with a/c on is 10.6 I do used 93 octane. I noticed I burn more gas with windows open, it kinda gives a parachute effect.

    One more question maybe it's a stupid question but I bought my pac @ $26,700 it has 17k on it. All the options and runs very nice. You guys think it's a good price?
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    The chrome window pillar fit just fine. You just have to be careful when you put it on doing it very slowly taking your time to get it just right. If you rush it you will regret it. Good luck.

    As for the price you paid for your pac, I think its a fair price, but you may want to ask the people who are on the 'Prices Paid' board.
  • city driving.. we get 18.9 mpg.. :)
    really nice
  • pscdocpscdoc Posts: 91
    05 AWD Limited

    16-17 mpg - Mixed City/Highway
    22-24 mpg - Highway Only
  • klekle Posts: 3
    Hi Houston:

    We just returned from our trip and although we had a great time, our average gas mileage on super highways was only 18.8 mile/gal @ an speed of 75 MPH. It is beginning to look like we will be averaging much less than the dealers posted MPG. When we purchased the Pac, we expected less than the posted numbers but not this low. With the cost of gas on the rise, we would like to find ways that will improve our consumption. If you are aware of options, please feel free to suggest. Although we are let down with our miles/gal, we still remain pleased with our purchase. The DVD option took a good amount of stress out of our trip.
  • axr6axr6 Posts: 42
    For the 2000+ miles that I had driven my "05 Touring, I average close to 21 MPG. That is because I hardly do any stop and go driving. The last check was for a distance of 399.7 miles, about 80 of which was on hilly, winding country roads, about 20 in city and 300 on open freeways cruising at a hair under 70 MPH. That trip returned 22.1 MPG.

    My worst check was 17.8 MPG and the best 23.9 MPG. I use 87 octane gas.

    After reading some of the low MPGs from others, I am quite satisfied with these figures.
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    Gee 23.9mpg on a limited, I used 87 and the EVIC read as high as 23 - 24, but it ate gas like a hog :P , so I figured it was way off. Sicne I have been using 89 it has been very close to what I used. My last trip to MD I used 20 gallons for 369 miles 18mpg - a little dip, might be stinky gas or maybe those oil changes are really good and I am over the 3000 mile mark :confuse: . Or I could have hit it a little hard on the pedal. Overall still very happy with the PAC!

    Silver 2005 Touring AWD
    28500k and climbing!
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    Hmm, you make me want to try 87 again. With the sudden GOVT orchestrated, Oil company string pulling artificial Gas price increases, I may have to!

  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    SteelyDan, the posted highway mpg is not at 75mph, isn't at 55mph?. I have ranged from 17.5 to 21 mpg on a combo of street and highway. Lately highway, it has been 20.1, but I had a dip on my last trip down to 18 mpg. but my average speed was probablhy up therea little.
  • rodutrodut Posts: 343
    Me too I got better mileage when using cheap gas (87).
    No complaints !
  • locnardlocnard Posts: 3
    05 TOURING

    I bought a used Pac 15,000 on the clock. Now just over 20,000. I live in southern Cali and commute 90 or so miles a day. Was running 87 from Costco with no AC and mostly freeway. Getting usual 21.5 to 23. Tried Costco 91.Mileage went down to 19.1.Now with summer beach traffic I am taking more back roads and tried running Mobil 89 per manufacture spec. Back road twistys and ac full blast getting 23.5!! Mobile is about thirty cents more a gallon for the mid grade than Costco and the as Costco super. But I can see the diff. Maybe Costco is just that. Cheap Gas!
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    Well I think there is something going on with my engine. My Gas mpg dropped on the last few trips to 18.45mpg for some reason. I am gonna take it to Chrysler to get it checked out.
  • nuruc7nuruc7 Posts: 98
    You know i see the posts about bad gas. Maybe that is part of it? :(
  • miguel2miguel2 Posts: 5
    Hello there nuruc7,
    My name is Miguel and I am a Marketing Representative with the Chrysler Information Center. To clear up any confusion, I’d like to provide you with information on the EPA’s estimated fuel mileage ratings for the Chrysler Pacifica together with the respective speed at which the highway fuel rating is derived. In addition to that, I can provide you with some helpful tips on how to lower fuel consumption. Do you mind if I join the conversation?

    Thanks in advance,

    Miguel M.
  • frankefranke Posts: 3
    Welcome, Miguel - Looking foward to any enlightment you can supply.
  • miguel2miguel2 Posts: 5
    Thanks franke!

    The EPA’s estimated fuel mileage ratings for the 2005 Chrysler Pacifica are as follows:

    Pacifica 3.8L SOHC 24V V6 engine with 210hp @ 5,000rpm
    2005 EPA estimated mpg (city/hwy)(FWD, AWD) 18/25
    4-speed transaxle w/AutoStick®
    Touring/Limited 3.5L SOHC 24V V6 engine with 250hp @ 6,400rpm
    2005 EPA estimated mpg (city/hwy)(FWD, AWD) 17/23, 17/22
    4-speed transaxle w/AutoStick®

    All vehicles are tested in a laboratory utilizing a dynamometer – a machine that simulates driving environment(s). These test(s) are performed by a professional driver who “drives” the vehicle through two tests – known as schedules – to simulate a “typical” driving experience. Driving statistics for every schedule are monitored on a computer screen located to the left of the driver. Essentially, the vehicle undergoes two major schedules that mirror city and highway driving respectively. The schedule for city driving, which starts with a cold engine, is representative of urban rush hour traffic with a high level of stop and go’s. The second schedule/test is for highway driving and is performed with a warmed-up engine at an average speed of 48mph. This test/schedule does not include any stopping or idling.

    Now, to the tips!

    There are many factors that play a role in optimizing your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Sometimes the markedly small differences can improve your vehicles overall fuel economy. For example, using the correct/recommended octane level of gas, refraining from using the proverbial "heavy foot" as much as possible and changing your vehicle's engine oil at or a little before the recommended interval are all valid factors that can sometimes be overlooked because of increasing gas prices, aggressive driving habits etc. In addition, one must also consider road and weather conditions as these things will in fact play a role.

    Maintaining your vehicle at the posted speed limit (I know that sometimes we all tend to run a little late). Observing the speed limit not only saves you money, it can save much more. Trying to remove unnecessarily heavy weight from your vehicle. Excess idling is also a concern; although seemingly harmless, how many miles per gallon do you get while the vehicle is just sitting there? And last, but not least, using your vehicles cruise control system whenever possible. Combining all of these variables together will undoubtedly boost your vehicles overall fuel efficiency. If there are any other questions that you may have, I would be more than happy to help!

    Miguel M.
  • I've had my FWD Pacifica for about a year now. It has 27k miles on the odometer. Gas mileage started out at about 20-21mpg and stayed in that vicinity until recently, when it dropped to 15-16mpg. I talked to the dealer's service advisor, and he told me that there is no known problem that would cause this drop in mileage. I'm really disappointed, because my last two cars (Ford Crown Vic and Mercury Grand Marquis) have been V-8 powered and both have gotten 26-27mpg.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to improve my gas mileage?
  • I have a touring AWD and depending on which gas station I use....on the highway, 80mph average - I got 24.6 mpg this weekend. In Atlanta day to day traffic, I only get about 16.8. I have tried different stations in the area and actually reset the calculation step with each and have seen a pretty good range in what I get. This has helped me determine which gas station is better for my money and mileage! I actually get less mpg out of Shell than I do from Kroger!
  • Well, we just got back from a trip so I can say definitely:

    16 MPG city (ugh)
    21 MPG highway (not L.A. highways - the open ones)

    Good thing I love the car.
  • So Miguel, you are telling us to run the car at the speed limit, load it lightly, and you are saying that the gas mileage test is done under optimum conditions. Okay, then it sounds like the mileage we are seeing 18 - 20 is actually what we should be seeing versus the advertised mpg :cry: . I seem to average 18 - 20mpg through most driving, and now with Gas being a lot higher than when I purchased the car, I am driving a lot slower and keeping my foot off of it as much as possible. I find that if I keep the rpm under 3000, the gas mileage goes into the 20's consistently.

    I have a question what is the Chrysler position on using synthetic oil? Can we run 6000 miles on the synthetic oil? :surprise:
  • anniec; how many miles do you have on that car?
  • I think you are definitely on to something as I notice a dip in mpg with certain gas stations too. Since I am running the same course at the same times and typically the same driving style, the variance should not be a large delta - 8 mpg! :cry:
  • Consistently get 23.5 to 24 mpg on our 600 mile trips to Tenn. from Chicago area including the mountains down I-75. Around 17 in town average. Close to 59,000 miles and still no major problems. Even the brake pads still have a lot of life but thats probably all the highway driving.
  • The other thing is to try to fill up early in the morning. The underground tanks have not had the sun beating down on them and the gas is actually more "compact" you will get more gas by volume when it is cooler!!! I am using the same station - and filling up at 6:30am. for the last two weeks I have gotten a consistent 18.4 on the EVIC - 18.2 actual!
  • You know I gotta try that. I can fill up at 6:30am and I will do that tomorrow morning and sede what kinda mileage I get. :surprise:
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