2000 Silverado Center Seat Console

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I have a 2000 Silverado with the basic trim and
cloth seat. The most aggravating item of the truck
is that the center console won't fold down. The
base 2000 GMC's center console will fold down and
has a compartment. I am looking for an aftermarket
folding console that would fit. A GM part would
probably cost $$$$$$$. Anybody seen one that would
work? Thanks.


  • bud_light_dudebud_light_dude Member Posts: 330
    Stylin Concepts. www.stylinconcepts.com

    They are usually cheaper in price than a lot of others also.
  • dansa2dansa2 Member Posts: 28
    im buying gmc truck, i live in south fla. dont understand differance in rear gears. want 5.3 engine. will tow periodically a small single axle
    trailer, maybe 21'boat some day. advise choosing rear gears even 4.3 vs 5.3.
  • dansa2dansa2 Member Posts: 28
    buying 2000 gmc x-cab im confused obout the 4.43 and 3.73 gears. i live in south fla. will periodically tow a single axle trailer maybe 20' boat. would like larger 5.3 engine. so whats with the gears?
  • jkaniajkania Member Posts: 40
    get the 3.73 gas milage is the same, and you get more power for pulling
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    Gas milage will be very different with thos ratios. 3:73 and 4:10 would be close...but not 4:43's.
    The higher the gear the better pulling power...not the lower gear.
    3:73 will be the best around town gear when not loaded....but will not have the pulling power of 4:43.
    You sure it's 4:43?....That sounds wierd.

    - Tim
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    I have a Pickup (no names here) with 351 cu.in. engine. It has the 3.73 rear end. I pull a 26' Fifth Wheel w/slide out. Going over the Bitterroot Mtn. to Montana, I can go about 38 in 3rd gear. It is a 5 spd, OD. But on the flat I can cruise at 55 with everyone else. The 3.73 is usually the all around gear for pickups.

    But it's your choice....

    Have a nice day :).
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    Sure seems like all of these posts belong somewhere else.
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    You being a flatlander from FLA, any rear will work for towing your 20 ft boat. The standard 3.42 should be fine for any of the truck motors. The 4.8 is way strong enough (I have one and it pulls hard) but you could drop to the V-6 since it's a strong motor itself. If you're getting the extended cab I'd suggest the 4.8 for power and resale. In no way do you need the 5.3 and extra $800-900 expense (at least you don't need it for towing the boat you have now). A locking rear end is a good option since a pickup tends to spin the rear wheels on a slimey or sandy ramp. For $250 it's a bargain.
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    pick with no name...hmmm...who makes a 351...Ford maybe...

    4.43 is weird. Chevy only list a 3.42, 3.73, and 4.10 for 1/2's and 3/4's, don't know about the old style trucks though...
  • rshornsbyrshornsby Member Posts: 200
    Right on..except that is off topic so I didn't mention it by name.....

    Have a nice day, image

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    ... with a centre console question. The bench seat console has space for cd's etc. and has a flat top. The book says the top opens and turns to make a desk -- no way that I can see. Has anybody noticed this in the manual and made any sense of it? I'm not really bothered one way or the other, but it would be interesting to know how this is supposed to work.
    Thanks, Al
  • wilmacwilmac Member Posts: 27
    The top of the cover cover contains a built in clip board that lifts up toward the dash.
  • dmr3dmr3 Member Posts: 119
    you wrote: The top of the cover cover contains a built in clip board that lifts up toward the dash.
    hmm, I'll have to work on this more. I see the inside has a band..but darn! I can't get it to flip, or turn, or anything!
  • al2al2 Member Posts: 73
    in my truck is a clipboard with an elastic strap and a large clip at the bottom. It is simply the inside of the console top and opens upward to the rear of the truck, not to the dash. A desk to me is something you can write on and you sure can't write on this!

    We need Roger to get his truck, have a glass of wine and figure this one out for us. By the way Roger, I got the 5100 brake controller installed --thanks for the advice.

  • number1number1 Member Posts: 71
    I have seen a center seat console in one of my truck parts magazines that does have a flip over writing surface. I had the same problem with my 4dr 2000 Silverado. The nearest I can figure is that they intended to include the writing desk option but had a problem with it and neglected to change the manual.
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    I have a base 2000 Silverado and got a flip forward arm rest/console from Pep Boys. It is the "contractor style" for about $80. It is a big storage area and writing area, but you can't use the pull out drink holder in the dash because the console sticks out too far toward the dash. What I don't like about the stock center console is the skinny area to rest your arm - better on the bench seat that the bucket seat - but still not very big. If the stock center console is not useful, maybe I should stick with the base model.
    Any thoughts?
  • al2al2 Member Posts: 73
    I think the console on the SLE Sierra is great. I'm 6' tall and the door arm rest and the console allow me a very comfortable sitting position. My wife finds the passenger side is equally great. We have a bench seat and it is excellent. Although the centre portion of the console is lower and unpadded, in effect your arm does not rest on the plastic portion, only on the padded fabric.

    We have had very good experiences with Toyota cars and a truck over the past few years, but the miserable arm rest and upright back seat sold us on GMC over the Tundra. Also Toyota Canada ascribes to Henry Ford's old sell --you can have black only with all the expensive options or nothing.

    Cheers, Al
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