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Honda Pilot 2006



  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    I've noticed a little "buzzing" rattle on the drivers side by the seatbelt on the B pillar in my '06 EXL. I haven't found the source yet, and it's not constant. Just a little annoying. Sometimes these early rattles work themselves out over time. I'm taking my car in tomorrow and I'll ask the service guys if they know anything about this.


    PS I have been in rattle free cars- they just cost 2-3 times as much! :D
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    It's like a scavenger hunt getting to your idle-learn post with the pdf link, Gbrozen. :-)

    Here's a shortcut:

    qbrozen, "Honda Pilot Owners: Problems & Solutions" #731, 9 Aug 2004 8:58 am

    Steve, Host
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,947
    yeah, its my sad way of having fun. ;b

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

  • Steve,

    Thanks for the link. Hate to be ignorant, but are you telling me I should do the idle learn procedure and that it may not have been completed on the PDI? I'd imagine it should have been, but who knows? Also, is this the same procedure for the 2006, since it is drive by wire?

    I'll blow through two more tanks before I really am miffed. Plus I have yet to open it up (go above 3500 rpm yet). I'll wait til at least 600-1000 mi before I do that, but that is a month away at least.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Heh, if it hadn't been for Gbrozen popping in I would have simply told you to let the engine break-in for a few tanks before getting too worried.

    Dealers are a bit notorious for skipping pre-delivery items. Check your tires - if they are over-inflated that's another sign they may have glossed stuff over.

    Steve, Host
  • Hi tom,

    Please do let me know if they identify the source of the problem. I'll probably be back at my dealer in a week or so and will ask them also.

    Thanks, Brad
  • comancoman Posts: 11
    Thanks for the help. I didn't know about the trade-in forum. I'll see what the folks have to suggest there.

    Yes, I've thought about selling it myself but, in this market, it may just sit in front of my house and rust! Don't think the wife or the neighbors would appreciate that!

    Thanks again.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 25,947
    good question.

    well, i started searching around to find the answer, and the only bit of info I could track down are instructions for an accessory on College Hills Honda site for the '06 Pilot. Basically, after reconnecting the battery at the end of the instructions, one of the steps is to perform the PCM idle learn procedure. So, if these instructions are indeed accurate for the '06, then the procedure does still apply.

    '18 BMW 330xi; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '18 BMW X2. 47-car history and counting!

  • khoakhoa Posts: 64
    XM ready = wired for XM, you still need to get an XM receiver
  • sas1sas1 Posts: 19
    I read the complaints about gas mileage, Iam still on my first tank which appeared full when I got it. I have now 360 Mi and no empty tank warning has come on yet - Iam a couple of the fine bars above the red mark (1/16, give or take). My driving is somewhere between city and highway (never actually had it on highway, but live in a suburban area where you typically cruise along at 45-55mph with stoplights 1-3 miles apart.)

    A/C has been on most of the time (Tucson,AZ - still in the high 80's). 60-70% of the time I run on 3 cyl (ECO light ON) and I accelerate "normal" from stoplights, keeping with the flow. Brgds Tom

    PS. I noticed that the AWD is about 200LBS heavier than the 2WDR - no question that if you're heavy on your foot, this will make more of a difference than the nominal 17/22 - 18/24
  • I sent my 2005 Pilot EX-L to Warsaw, Poland and it's been on the road there for the past week. It will be registered locally but there are some issues that have to be resolved in the next month and a half. The headlights can be adjusted to euro standards, a rear fog light can be added, however, the taillights need an amber turn signal, and a few local shops said it would be challenging if not impossible.

    The new 2006 rear light covers would be much easier to modify and they can be ordered for $142 a piece. The delership in Atlanta is unable to give me a definite answer but the shape seems to be the same when I look at the pics of 2005s and 2006s. Does anyone know if these can be swapped? Should I get them?
  • Cracovian,

    From all accounts and brief inspeaction of the lights in a 2005 and 2006, it looks the same to me, but I cannot be 100% sure until I have tried fitting them myself.

    On eBay, you can find replacement (aftermarket) taillights for the 03-05 pilots that are clear and very similar to the 2006 versions.

    Here is an example: mQQcategoryZ33716QQitemZ8013244778QQrdZ1QQsspagenameZWDVW

    Hope that is helpful.

  • Thank you so much for the link! Those ebay lights look good, are much cheaper, and can be sent to Warsaw directly. This is the best solution - thanks again.
  • I will pick up my 4wd EXL with Nav this weekend. It does come with some kind of security system, but my dealer claims that honda has more advanced kind, that protects "better" He was not able to provide any details. Honda rep did not know anything about security system. Does anybody knows about different type of security systems.
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    It comes with an alarm and immobilizer chip in the key. There is no shock or glass breakage sensor- so the alarm doesn't go off unless you open a door.

    Basically if a professional thief wants your car, no alarm will stop them. If it's just some kids, the stock alarm will be fine.

    My insurance company has given me the maximum discount with the stock alarm- it's like $20 per year. I added an antitheft gps system called mobile guardian which lets me track the car whenever I want and will tell me if the car exceeds a certain speed (like if you have kids!) which I though would be fun, but not really necessary.

  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 13,729
    your mention of speed guardian brings back some (bad) memories for me. since it was not a honda, it is not techically on topic, but maybe it will be ok to post about.
    back when i was in high school, my dad had a buick electra 225 (455 ci engine). it had a pointer on the speedometer that could be set to buzz if you exceeded the mph it was set at. kind of like setting your alarm clock.
    my cousin from out of town was visited us for the weekend, and it was decided my best buddy and i could drive her back to school.
    we started out and about a mile from home the engine started making a rattling noise. on the highway, the engine overheated, and we limped to a gas station. my friend and i attempted a repair which was a total failure, so we ended up calling my parents and telling them the car broke down and we were stranded.
    bad news for me was that at some point, i turned the speed alarm all the way up to 120 mph. this is the first thing my dad looked at. the ride home after dropping my cousin off was not pleasant. so dad, up there, 30+ years later, i really wasn't messing around with your car. my friend dave will back me up.
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    My mom had a Buick station wagon with that feature back in the 60's. Every once in a while one of us kids would set it for 38 or some other low number and scare her when the alarm buzz would go off heading out of town.

    Steve, Host
  • Thank you for the input
    Where do you get mobile guardian?
    HOw much does it cost. I found their website, but no prices or dealers in where I live.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTPosts: 13,729
    LOL!!! darn, i wish i thought of something like that. i still think i got in more trouble. :sick:
    2017 Ford Fusion SE 2017 Ford F-150 Limited
  • dtos01dtos01 Posts: 22
    Anyone who has one please let me know the features of the Navi as far as tracking the status of the car and specifically MPG. Thanks!
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Sorry to open old wounds. I hope you've forgiven your dad though. :D
    I guess this is the modern version of that old buick!

  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    You're welcome. I bought it through the dealer. It was $799 installed. The dealer dropped the price on everything I added on but this. It's neat. You go on the internet and can locate your vehicle at any time. If it get's stolen the police can track it.

    Best of all, it's transferable. So you can move it to your next car.

    Maybe you could order it through the company and get your dealer to install it?

  • Alexasha,

    I concur with the other posting here. The immobilizer "chip" is a passive security device that supposedly does not allow starting (or running) the vehicle unless the chip matches what is pre-programmed into the vehicle. It is not impossible to get around.

    The "alarm" that comes with the car is very basic and covers opening of doors only without the key. The upgraded alarm can also detect glass breakage and jacking (rough movement) of the vehicle.

    Alarms are good for visual and auditory deterrent, but won't work a lick if no one is there to pay attention to it (or to stop the offenders). In most cases, they are sufficient to stop most amateurs.

    I, for one, like LoJack or Mobile Guardian as it is completely transparent and the police have a much better chance of recovering your car than with almost any alarm.

    I used to be in the auto security business, so I do have some practical experience with this.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks
    I guess I would not upgrade to advanced honda security, but will save money for Mobile Guardian
    Thanks again for the good advice
  • pazupazu Posts: 5
    I have a question regarding of 3rd row seat seat-belt....

    I fold down the 3rd row seat and un-attatched the seat-belt...

    the problem is right side 3rd row seat belt is longer than left side seat belt causing

    touch the plastic part when car is shaken while driving sometimes....

    is there other part to attach the belt other than 3rd row seat? to secure that?
  • I have the same problem with the third row seat belts when disconnected. Anyone have a solution? Also, as others have mentioned there is some sort of rattle in the door columns, probably the seat belts. Any solutions for this problem also?
  • topgun7topgun7 Posts: 412
    Does anyone know if the nav in 06 pilot handle blue tooth cell phone as well? I am shopping for a small to mid-size suv (or glup! even minivan) that have a good nav and blue tooth. So far RX seems to be the only one that have it..Any other?
  • I just got a new '06 EXL AWD/NAV. I passed on the cross bars for the roof rails, as the dealer wanted $288.00(installed). I knew that I could get them for about $150.00 with freight on the web. Now I am looking at the install instructions and am not sure. I'm not a klutz, but I'm also no mechanic. Has anyone taken on this project and if so,just how difficult is it. I can just see myself gouging the paint on the roof with a screwdriver! Advice please.
  • Acura MDX and Infinity Q56 does have this feature. Or you can install aftermarket bluetooth adapter in a much cheper car (Parrot). I was itching to get MDX with bluetooth, but in all other features pilot is as good, if not better. Bluetooth is not worse several thousands difference
  • tsytsy Posts: 1,551
    Hi Brad

    Finally got my car back after 2 days. They put foam tape in the B pillar somewhere and the rattle seems to be gone. We'll see if it stays that way though.

    Good luck with your rattles!

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