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Good Deal for '16 Odyssey in WI or IL?

spiegelmspiegelm Member Posts: 9
edited December 2016 in Honda
I purchased a 2007 Honda Odyssey back in December of '07 after quite a bit of research on this forum, and did pretty well with my OTD price. That '07 has served us well, but is beginning to show signs of being well loved. One automatic door is no longer opening automatically. The leather is starting to wear in areas, and it has over 150,000 miles on it. We are hoping to get a new 2016 EX-L with RES before the end of the year.

I returned to the dealer that I purchased our last one through, but have been given the run around (the sales guy we used last time is no longer there). Can someone give me a good idea of what a decent OTD price would look like for either WI or IL (we are on the boarder of southern WI). Our current van was purchased in IL as that is where we could get the better deal.

We currently have six kids (we are foster parents so the numbers sometimes change). Right now we are using all six seats in the back and although it is tight (three are in car seats, and a fourth in a booster), we aren't quite ready to make the jump to a 10 or 12 passenger van. I really like the EX-L model as the leather makes clean up after the kids easy, and the RES keeps them entertained. Advice welcomed!


  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Good to "see" you again @spiegelm.

    MSRP is $38,550 and TMV is coming in about $700 under the invoice of $35,331 for a Chicago zip. So TMV is about 10% below MSRP. The typical "good deal" range is from 8 to 12% off MSRP for most cars. For the year end, I'd aim for 15% or more below MSRP. Around $32,750. That may be doable especially if you aren't picky about the color. Not sure when the 2017s will arrive.

    You'll have to add in your taxes to get to an OTD number for your target.

    My numbers include the $900 destination btw.
  • spiegelmspiegelm Member Posts: 9
    This is super helpful @stever! Thank you!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    You're welcome, let us know how it goes and good luck!
  • spiegelmspiegelm Member Posts: 9
    I went back to the dealer I used last time in IL (zip code 60532), and they are offering a used 2016 Touring Elite with about 5,000 miles on it for just over $34K. My husband loves the elite with all of the gadgets. They are unwilling to negotiate the price more than $100-$200 (or at least that's what they said when we reached that part of the game). I have a salesperson that is very unwilling to negotiate over the phone which is disappointing to me. Last time I purchased, I was directed towards a specific salesperson from the forum and the deal was all done via internet/phone. I just went down and signed the paperwork and then picked up the vehicle. I was in and out in less than 2 hours--best car buying experience.

    They have 4 or 5 2016 EX-L w/ RES left on the lot (2017s have not arrived yet), and they are all $35,900-$36,500. Tried to negotiate with her on that as well and she wouldn't budge. At this rate, we will be carless. Or maybe it will just be better to try a different dealership in the Milwaukee area (actually closer to us). We've purchased multiple vehicles in the Mke area (Accords), and have always had to go onsite and do the haggling in person which I detest because we are hauling 4-6 kids with us.

    I'm going to do some additional research tonight to see what Milwaukee dealers have on their lots and what their prices are. I appreciate your comment though @stever, as it's a good starting point for me. :-)
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Hm, sounds like you need to grab all the kids and stop by Baskin-Robins and get a good sugar buzz going. And then hit the dealer. They should be begging you to continue the negotiations by email after five minutes. :)

    You could try calling and asking for the GM and tell the GM your OTD price and how it's hard to get to the dealership.
  • spiegelmspiegelm Member Posts: 9
    That has definitely worked for us in the past. After additional research last night, we are even more uncertain. Our current Ody is worth less than $5k has it has 160,000+ miles on it. One of the automatic doors is now no longer working "automatically," and we have had some issues with spark plugs and other minor maintenance issues. Thankfully, my husband is pretty handy so he can do a lot of the work on his own, but blah. Discouraged this morning after hunting through more info last night. We'll see if we can make it work.
  • spiegelmspiegelm Member Posts: 9
    I emailed the sales manager today. I will wait for a response. I also emailed a dealer that had good reviews here on Edmunds. They gave me a quote and then rescinded it several hours later saying that it had incorrectly been approved by management. The price difference was $700.
    Sale Price is 31999.00
    Destination 900.00
    Doc fee 169.27
    Dealer Cash 1250.00 ( added to be taxed)
    taxable amount 35518.27
    Taxes at 5.5% 1953.50
    drive away plate 10.00
    Dealer cash <1250.00>
    grand total 36231.77
    College grad <500.00> if qualifies
    new grand total 35731.77

    Is it "normal" to have a customer pay tax on dealer cash? I'm not very familiar with dealer cash or how it works. I asked for the manager's name who made the mistake. So far, I haven't heard anything.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Yeah, most states charge sales tax on the full purchase amount before the customer cash rebate is applied. (link)
  • spiegelmspiegelm Member Posts: 9
    Okay @stever, I'm finally making some progress here in WIsco. After looking at our budget AGAIN and crunching all of the numbers AGAIN, we decided we can't swing the EX-L with RES. Now we are looking at the EX-L without the RES. Here is what I was offered today:
    Base Price: $31,477
    Taxes (state and county 5.5%): $1731.24
    Doc fees: $219 (I know, that's insane)
    Lein fee (we have to finance that) & license plates: $174
    OTD: $33,601.24

    Thoughts? This is for a dealer in the zip code 53816.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Small town, surprised there's a dealer in that zip. :) I may have cruised through there though, know I've been to Prairie du Chien and went to Decorah not that long ago via Madison.

    Looks like your "base price" is ~$2,400 under the invoice of $33,856. TMV is $32,218 and MSRP is $36,950 (all numbers include the $900 destination).

    And your quote is about 15% under the MSRP.

    So you're looking good. And we certainly see crazier doc fees.

    With the savings you can grab a refurb iPad or two for the kiddos.
  • spiegelmspiegelm Member Posts: 9
    We are going to go and grab one on Thursday. I'll let you know how it goes. I am waiting on one more dealer in IL to get back to me with a quote, but I'm pretty stoked about this one. I also have a college roommate who married a guy who does whatever you want to vehicles, and he said he will put a bigger DVD system in for us for $350, and my hubby qualifies for the $500 new grad promotion Honda is currently doing. Woot! I'm really hoping this is going to work out for us.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Good luck!
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