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imageUpdate on Edmunds Content | Edmunds.com

Buckle up, Edmunds shoppers, our content is on the move!

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  • greenponygreenpony Chicago, ILMember Posts: 531
    Truth be told, I stopped visiting edmunds.com regularly at least a couple years ago, after the site underwent some changes (more closely integrating the carspace forums with edmunds.com). This had two effects: (1) the relatively small group of edmunds.com regulars was now inundated with people from carspace, such that my interaction with the editors, photographers, vehicle testers, and contributors was diluted; and (2) I was required to re-login every time I wanted to comment on something. I enjoyed reading the new long-term road test blogs every day, but now these are infrequently updated. I enjoyed reading new news articles every day to keep up with the latest auto industry happenings, but now all I see are the same recall notices. It sounds like you'll only continue to narrow the scope on those two items. . . .

    I don't make any claim to represent your typical reader. I still use edmunds.com for research, but now instead of your site making up 90% of my research, it's now shared fairly equally with cars.com and CR, and a little KBB and C&D. You have a business to run, for sure, and if the majority of your internet traffic is people deciding which car to buy, that's the direction you have to go. Still, I sometimes find myself pining for a caption contest, or a contributor soliciting reader input, or subtle Star Wars references, or Takahashi in a trunk, or similar - just some playfulness and interaction.
  • goodbye1goodbye1 Member Posts: 1
    Dear Edmunds,
    What a shame. You daily news updates were fun and informative. First Autoweek stopped being weekly, then the New York Times discontinued its car section, and now Edmunds has thrown in the towel. Like the manual transmission, so long, you will be missed.
    It was a great service you provided.
  • slayerripsslayerrips Member Posts: 1
    The quality of the content and flow of information within Edmunds is not good. The Youtube automotive wannabe journalist have now surpassed Edmunds as a better source of meaningful car information. Which is not a very high bar. I sincerely hope Edmunds regains its footing as an informative website.
  • natschampnatschamp Member Posts: 22
    For ten plus years, I checked "What's Hot" and "Long Term Reviews" on a daily basis. Then , two months ago Edmunds changed. I don't Instagram, Tweet, or Facebook . That said, I won't be checking daily anymore ; which will likely mean I'll fade away.
  • guttersn1peguttersn1pe Member Posts: 8
    For months...promises of new content while maybe posting one update every couple of weeks. Here are more promises. Just update already. Without new content, this site is worthless. I come here to get information and updates from automotive journalists. I don't need consumer reviews - I can get that on YouTube. I hoped things would turn around here but I'm disappointed in the lack of forward progress.
  • igve2shtzigve2shtz Member Posts: 12
    I have checked "What-Hot" and previously, Inside Line daily for 8 years. I have always liked how your long term tests were up-to-date, and were a collection of thoughts from many different editors who all picked up on something different. I continue to use Edmunds.com for all my initial car research, and supplement with information from other sources as needed. However, I noticed changes several years ago where you started stressing "clicks" more than functionality. You are neglecting your bread and butter website while you try to increase your social media presence as you try to increase your lustful "follower" rating. Call me an old school millennial (I think that's what they call me now), but I prefer all my information in web form, in one easy to access, all encompassing format. I don't want the instagrams, nor twitters. I don't want to look in 3 places for information. The website should always be the center for information ... not social media. I have skipped renewing my automotive print magazines (after 17 years of ownership) for this reason ... too many stories are rushed to print, with a footnote that wants me to go online, or watch YouTube or download an app. Your decision is no better in my book. I may not totally stop reading edmunds.com, but if this format continues, it will not be on my daily lunch break must read list.

    Also, the work IT department blocks twitter, facebook and instagram. So, you just cut off access to most of your readers.
  • fandswfandsw Member Posts: 37
    As others posted above, I've also been a daily Edmunds reader for InsideLine, What's Hot, and Long-Term Reviews for years. You keep making changes, and not for the better. I now maybe drop by once a week, and the time between visits continues to grow as the quality and speed of your content continues to go down the drain. What is wrong with putting good timely content in one place on a website just like you used to instead of making viewers search all over multiple media platforms to find what they are looking for?? Seems like less website hits means less advertiser hits means less income for Edmunds, but what do I know.......Good bye Edmunds, been fun while it lasted!!
  • inkycatinkycat Member Posts: 9
    OK, so there's no Inside Line or Long-Term Road Test updates anymore. But the rest of the content that should be their bread and butter isn't getting updated, either. As an example, the 2018 Odyssey was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show six days ago, but you won't find any info about it here. The "review" for the 2017 Odyssey is six months out of date, with predictions about what the new Odyssey would feature based on spy shots. If you Google "2018 Odyssey trim levels", you'll find lots of info from Motor Trend, Car and Driver, and Autoblog - but no link to Edmunds. I don't want Edmunds to go away, but at this rate, how can it survive?
  • wasabi911wasabi911 Member Posts: 53
    I completely agree w/ all the commentators here. Good to know I'm not the only daily visitor who stopped visiting and misses the old edmunds format. And what happened to all the reviewers whom we've followed for years? It seems like many are no longer w/ Edmunds :(
  • majordudemajordude Member Posts: 6
    You really need bring the inside line format back. Especially the frequent long term reviews. This once a month stuff is weak. Now I only come to the site once a month instead of every day.
  • yusuf3845yusuf3845 Member Posts: 1
    The frequent long-term reviews are really missing from this site. I used to come here every day and now it's only once a month, which leaves me wanting more information on what is going on with the company as well as how their goals may be affecting my investments in them!
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