2016 Mazda6 Price

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Is $21,597 a good price for a 2016 Mazda6 Touring MSRP $26,340 or should I get a 2017.


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    I get a lower MSRP ($25,830) so you must be looking at one with some options. My number includes the $835 destination. TMV is $22,772 thanks to a $1,500 incentive so your quote beats that average price paid handily ignoring whatever extras the 2016 has.

    Looks like your quote is coming in around 18% below your $26,340 MSRP. That's an outstanding percentage off.

    The TMV average for a '17 Touring is $24,101 and around 8% off the MSRP of $26,080. If you could get a quote for 10% off that MSRP, you'd be at $23,500 and for a $2,000 difference, the decision becomes a little harder. Better percentages on the 2016 deal but in actual dollars, you don't have to pay much over the next three to five years of ownership for the newest model. But that 2016 may have some options that may cost you another grand on the 2017.

  • boyflyboyfly Member Posts: 23
    I got an offer of 23,000 plus tt&l on a 2017 msrp 26,080.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    That's ~12% off MSRP for the latest and greatest. For around $1,500, I'd go with the 2017, everything else (options, color, etc.) being equal.

    12% off is the upper range we typically see for deals on current model year cars.
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