2017 Toyota Rav4 Versus 2016 Honda CRV

richard_h88richard_h88 Member Posts: 7
edited December 2016 in Toyota
I like the CRV touring package with all the blind spot, braking mitigation ...etc features.
For the 2017 Rav4, it seems to be standard even for LE and XLE with the pre-collision features...etc. The Rav4 360 degree camera seems nice.
1) I wonder if I can get a CRV and put an after-market 360 degree camera with similiar performance like Rav4. Maybe for less than one grand ?
2) Since the 2017 CRV is not out yet, probably this might be a good timing to 2016 CRV with the strong competition pressure from the new 2017 Rav4 ?


  • thecatthecat Member Posts: 535
    Obviously there are different opinions on this subject. As a friend once said - some people don't like chocolate ice cream. I don't understand that.. but it is certainly true.
    I just purchased a 2017 hybrid limited rav. Seriously considered the crv but the hybrid option pushed the rav over the top. Just filled up for the first time today 360 miles an 9.2 gallons. If that mileage stands up color me happy.
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